The best tour operators in the Dominican Republic in Moscow: rating, features, tips

The Dominican Republic is a country of fantastically beautiful nature, an eternal tropical summer, huge golden beaches, picturesque coral reefs. First of all, this paradise in the Caribbean attracts lovers of exotics, classical beach rest for the highest category and total relaxation in the style of "Bounty." Let's see what kind of tour operators in the Dominican Republic in Moscow are able to organize a magical vacation in this country.

Why do tourists choose the Dominican Republic?

The advantages of rest on the eastern part of the fabulous island of Haiti, where the state of the Dominican Republic is located, can be listed endlessly. It is an elite world-class resort. The richest natural tourist resources, magnificent climate, snow-white beaches, warm and tear-like sea with various coral reefs, picturesque nature, interesting flora and fauna. In addition, in recent years, the tourist sector of the Dominican Republic has become a fundamental budget-forming sphere of the economy. Such growth was facilitated by the development of infrastructure, the construction of a wide network of hotels of different categories, the improvement of service.

Despite the tourist boom, the Dominican Republic remained a country with an amazing Caribbean flavor. Dominican rum in narrow circles is valued even more than rum from Jamaica. The country grows high-quality tobacco, in many cities and towns there are cigar manufactories where cigars are twisted no worse than in Cuba. Coffee and spices from the island of Haiti also often take pride of place among the souvenirs that tourists take home after resting in this marvelous place.

Among other things, the Dominican Republic is one of the burial places of Columbus. In fact, it is not known where the remains of the discoverer of the New World are now, but in the capital of the Dominican Republic there are a couple of places where his body can be hidden. This is the Columbus lighthouse or the cathedral in Santo Domingo. Many tour operators on the Dominican Republic in Moscow organize excursions to these interesting places for those travelers who lack only beach rest in the spirit of all-consuming laziness.

Also in the country there are rich gastronomic traditions, the wonderful spirit of the epoch of "great geographical discoveries", unsurpassed pirate color. And an exceptional soft tropical climate, this country of eternal summer, but without the unbearable heat and heat.

Tourist public in the Dominican is a mixed-race, consists mainly of Americans and Europeans, they are partially complemented by Japanese, local residents, Russians there is a very modest amount. Fans who do not meet "relatives" on vacation should definitely pay attention to the Dominican Republic.

Why do not tourists choose the Dominican Republic?

The resorts of the Caribbean coast - this is not an expensive pleasure for a Russian tourist. This is because of the enormous geographical distance from the native continent. The most budgetary version of the flight to Punta Cana from Moscow devastates the tourist's pocket for 30 thousand rubles in one direction. The flight itself takes more than 13 hours (if not transplanted). And those who do not want to test their spine for endurance for 13 hours pay an additional $ 300 for business class. The difference with Moscow in time is 7 hours. So, no matter how beautiful the Dominican is, many Russian tourists can not afford it.


For Russian tourists who have laid eyes on the resorts of the Caribbean coast, the Dominican Republic is most attractive. All because for a trip of less than 30 days for citizens of the Russian Federation, you do not need a preliminary visa application. At the same time, for leisure in Mexico, Cuba or on the east coast of the United States, our compatriots need to pass a procedure that is not too pleasant, full of paperwork.

Tour operators on the Dominican Republic in Moscow. What is the situation on the market?

Naturally, assessing the service of operators of nearby tourist destinations, those of Egypt and Turkey, the main accent is the average client or manager makes on the "price-quality" ratio. And, taking into account the very "tasty" prices for vacation in these countries, you can sometimes turn a blind eye to the lame service in some travel companies.

But the quality of services in such areas of recreation as the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic), tour operators are simply obliged to polish in full. The fact is that the resorts of the Caribbean are chosen mainly by travelers, for whom there are practically no compromises in terms of the level of service.

All the salt is that monoprofile companies that work exclusively with the resorts of such a small island nation in another part of the world, like the Dominican Republic, do not exist. The operator, who would specialize in organizing tours exclusively in this direction, would be known as the best tour operator in the Dominican Republic in Moscow. But this is an expensive and therefore not very popular trip, and to provide a solid tourist flow, working only in one unique direction is almost impossible.

So tourists should choose among the companies working at many resorts, among which there are Dominican: Tez Tour, Pegas Touristik, Coral Travel, Tourbook, Holiday, Natalie Tours, "Biblio Globus Tour", ICS Travel Group. The list can be continued for a very long time, but it is the leading tour operators in the Dominican Republic from Moscow.

Tez Tour

It is an authoritative tourist operator, which organizes individual and group tours to the Dominican Republic. For several years the company has already firmly established itself among the leaders of this business line. Such laurels are not given for nothing. High quality of services, qualified managers and guides, an emphasis on the safety of tourists, a flexible system of package tours and a crowd of satisfied customers. Tez Tour is such a status participant of the market that it sets a number of requirements for the number of sales of tours for agencies that intend to cooperate with it. Other tour operators in the Dominican Republic in Moscow provide services that are cheaper, but a large number of tourists prefer to contact Tez Tour for arranging their vacation.

Coral Travel

One of the most popular tour operators in budget travelers. The assortment of hotels with which the "Coral" cooperates is very large. In the direction of the Dominican Republic, he organizes package tours with a flight from Aeroflot.

Pegas Touristik

Pegas Touristik and "Biblio Globus Tour" - tour operators on the Dominican Republic in Moscow. The list of their directions contains more than 50 items. "Pegasus" specializes in exotic resorts and popular destinations. This company also "keeps the brand", is popular both with budget and VIP tourists. The operator has great authority among the agencies that cooperate with him. To be able to build the right professional-trust relationship with the retail network of agencies can only be a worthy company. Tourists prefer to use the services of Pegas Touristik for the correct approach to the organization of charters (the company has its own brand Pegas Fly), for the opportunity in practice to well staff individual tours and for the tolerance of guides. The operator received a huge number of awards, including a tourist award called "Guiding Star" in the nomination "Outbound tourism".

Natalie Tours

This is a tour operator in the Dominican Republic in Moscow, which provides its services in other cities through the retail network of agencies. This is one of the few operators that can organize corporate trips and MICE events at the level. Has a positive reputation, has been working since 1992. And in 2014 won the Best Tour Operator award for Disney Stars Live Experience.


This is a tour operator in the Dominican Republic, whose rating is off scale in Moscow. The central office of the company is located in the capital. It provides services like a normal tour operator. For all other regions of the country the company has created an Internet platform Tourbook. On the site every tourist has the opportunity to get advice on the choice of the tour, help in booking it. Also in online mode, the company accepts payment, issues all necessary documents (vouchers, air tickets, insurance policy, service agreement). This approach to customer service eliminates the need to create a whole network of travel agencies by region and "unfasten" them indiscreet 10-15% of the cost of the tour.

ICS Travel Group

An authoritative company, a member of the association of tour operators, a diversified firm with a huge list of services. Is engaged not only in the sale of package tours to the Dominican Republic, but also in the design of wedding ceremonies, the organization of extreme tours. As with all other operators, permits for the ICS Travel Group are based on regular flights.

Batch or independent rest?

The tradition to organize your holiday on your own becomes more and more popular. Discussions between fans of batch and "self-made" tourism do not stop. Still, the situation is very ambiguous. Council does not apply to the services of a travel agency, and organizing a trip can be either genius or stupid enough. Everything depends on the country and the particular place of rest.

If it is a resort completely occupied by Russian tourists such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, where the whole service is focused on our brother, it is better to fly rest through travel agency. Why? Because in such directions operators most often organize charter flights, in these countries the most experienced guides work, the companies make group discounts, divide the transfer, form burning offers. Independently booking a ticket for a regular flight and hotel room, taking a taxi from the airport will be more expensive.

But for long-distance visa-free travel operators rarely charter flights, and it is unprofitable for them to maintain a huge staff of guides on unpopular resorts. In such cases, self-organized rest usually implies a good economy. In order to implement such a plan, in fact, a minimum of body movements is necessary: book a room in a hotel or apartments on special sites, order an e-ticket and arrange an insurance policy.

And if you need to organize excursions at the place of rest, to help the tourist local tour operators of the Dominican Republic. The ratings and reviews they have are quite good. How to find a representative on the spot, you can find out at the reception in the hotel or ask the tourists. If you have a good command of English, and especially Spanish, you can go on excursions around the Dominican Republic on your own.

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