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So before the scandal in the team is near. In Japan, there are special rooms in which human life-size figures are made of soft material. Going into such a room, you can beat this figure from the heart and, having come to a normal mood, return to work. This practice subsequently began to spread and in Europe, but then it was replaced by a more elegant version.

Souvenirs under the promising name "anti-stress" quickly conquered Europe. By the way, they justify their name. Such souvenirs are made of soft materials, which do not lose shape under any circumstances. They can be crushed, crushed, twisted at an unthinkable angle - a return to the original form is guaranteed to happen. If the anger inside boils and bubbles, such a souvenir can be thrown a couple of times against the wall - nothing will happen to him, but anger and irritability will quickly subside. They are distinguished by a variety of colors and bizarre forms - souvenirs-antistresses are made in the form of any objects. Among them you can find anything - balls and balls, vegetables and fruits, alarm clocks, animals, sweets - the imagination of designers knows no boundaries. However, there are more strict forms, which are quite suitable for keeping in the office and perfectly fit into the working atmosphere.

Of all the variety of souvenirs for calming the nerves, you can easily pick up antistresses in bulk as a gift to business partners, based on the direction of their activities. For example, employees of the company engaged in import-export of fruit, present a souvenir in the form of a bright orange orange or a juicy apple. A company for the production of sports equipment will fit balls of all sizes and styles. There are also universal souvenirs. It seems that anyone will like the souvenirs to relieve the stress in the form of a dollar or euro sign or in the form of a bundle of money with the desire to have more real bills. However, close people can give a souvenir in the form of a heart or other gizmos.

Interesting souvenir-antistress in the form of the so-called "decision-maker". It is a cube with rounded corners. On each facet of such a cube are written certain actions-decisions, such as "agree", "resolve", "refuse", "start cooperation," and the like.

The company "Verfus" produces quality souvenirs-antistresses - bright and cheerful. Employees of the company will put on such an accessory a logo of any complexity, with the choice of font, color and other nuances only at the request of the customer. Having presented such a souvenir to a business partner, relatives and friends, or distributed as an advertising campaign, you can be sure that your company will not be forgotten exactly, moreover, they will be remembered with huge gratitude, since the utility of this accessory in the business world can not be overestimated.

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