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The service of renting an excavator and its advantages

Special construction equipment is used in various industries - construction, industry, production. However, its cost is quite high, especially when it comes to new modern models characterized by high performance and functionality. Great demand for today is used by excavators, as a practical, reliable and multifunctional type of equipment. But to perform one-time or periodic work, their acquisition is irrational, and some companies simply can not afford such costs. The optimal solution in such situations is renting an excavator in Dmitrov or other areas.

Service advantages

Choosing a rental excavator, you get the following benefits:

  • Significant savings in finance for the purchase of special equipment in the property;
  • Absence of expenses for the maintenance, repair and storage of the excavator;
  • Absence of expenses for introduction of the excavator and maintenance personnel into the driver's staff;
  • The ability to get the required equipment quickly, at a time when there is a need and in any quantity, that is, it is a real opportunity to rapidly increase production capacity;
  • The possibility of testing special equipment before renting;
  • Possibility of hourly, daily or long lease;
  • Professional team guarantees high performance, efficiency and safety;
  • Serviceability of equipment provided for rent, its safety during operation;
  • The possibility of obtaining an excavator strictly in the agreed time for any period.

Why is the rental of special equipment popular?

The demand, which is used excavator services, is not accidental. It is distinguished by its versatility and wide application possibilities in various production sulfur. Thanks to a wide range of different attachments, special equipment can replace a whole range of highly specialized equipment - from jackhammers and loaders to drilling rigs.

Excavators are classified according to several parameters. By type of running gear they are:

  • Caterpillar;
  • Wheeled;
  • Walking.

In terms of mobility, these models are distinguished:

  • Self-propelled;
  • Semi-self-propelled;
  • Full turn and incomplete rotation.

According to the type of actuator, excavators are selected:

  • Mechanical;
  • Hydraulic;
  • Diesel-electric.

Crawler models are characterized by high cross-country capacity and can be used for land works practically on sites with any type of soil. Wheeled excavators are highly mobile, which allows them to be used effectively in several areas.

A wide range of work is achieved by changing the nozzles. They can also be rented. Therefore, if the company already has its own excavator, then to perform a certain type of work, it can use the service of renting attachments. This is another possibility to regulate financial costs and save without loss of productivity.

How to rent special equipment?

The service of renting an excavator is quite widespread today. On the conditions, cost and other nuances can be found on the website of a specialized company.

A positive moment is the possibility of preliminary testing of equipment. This will help the customer determine the optimal type of excavator, which will quickly and efficiently perform the required amount of work.

One of the main advantages of leasing is that the customer pays for the actual volume of services for a certain time - no extra costs that increase the cost of production!

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