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OOO "Rusbiznesavto": feedback from employees and customers

Finding a good employer is not an easy task. Before you pass an interview in a particular company, you need to collect as much information about it as possible. In Russia, this issue is given a lot of attention. Further, it will be told what the company is called under the name "Rusbusinessauto". Feedback from employees, customers and general information about the activities of the corporation will help to judge the integrity of the firm. What do you need to know about everyone who wants to work for RusBusinessNavto? What are the employees happy and upset about? How well does this company provide services to the public?


To begin with, we have to understand what kind of organization we are talking about. What does "Rusbusinessauto" do?

This company is the largest Russian distributor of cargo, passenger, utility and road construction equipment. A variety of vehicles, as well as accessories for them (for example, trailers) are sold in this company. In addition, "Rusbiznesavto" is a corporation offering services for repair and modernization of large vehicles and vehicles.

The organization being studied is one of the largest dealers of the KamAZ and MAZ plants. A rich assortment of the above equipment allows customers to choose what they need.

Distribution by country

Reviews of employees about "Rusbiznesavto" are different. And customers, too, on the whole have a mixed opinion about this company. Nevertheless, all are satisfied with the scale of the company. They allow you to be sure that you will have to work with a real company, and not with scammers.

As already mentioned, "Rusbiznesavto" is the largest dealer in Russia of lifting equipment and other large vehicles. This organization is widely distributed throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. You can find its branches in almost every city. This means that "RusbusinessSavto" is a real company. It does not lead any fraudulent activity. So, you can find employment here and use the services of the corporation without fear.

About vacancies

Only have to take into account some of the features of cooperation. "Rusbiznesavto" employee feedback is not the best for the job offer. There are usually a lot of them, but they are all the same.

In general, ordinary people are recruited for work in the company. There are practically no free leadership positions. Therefore, coming to the interview, you need to be tuned to build a career in the company from scratch.

Most often in "Rusbiznesavto" they recruit:

  • Sales managers;
  • Workers of service centers.

As a rule, vacancies are always available. Because of this, some applicants say that "Rusbiznesavto" is not too well on its feet.


The next rather interesting moment is the interview. It passes without any features. Feedback from employees about "Rusbiznesavto" indicates that all applicants will have to fill out a special questionnaire and pass an oral interview with a future employer.

Managers in the recruitment of personnel in this company are polite and pleasant people. They will tell you all the details of the cooperation. Many people say that during the interview the organization promises:

  • "White" and high earnings;
  • Flexible working schedule;
  • Career development and professional development;
  • Friendly team;
  • free education;
  • Full social package;
  • Registration on the LC RF.

It seems that "Rusbiznesavto" is really a conscientious employer. But is it really so? Or are some promises not really respected?


"Rusbiznesavto" in Yekaterinburg reviews of employees is not the best. In the same way as in any other city of the Russian Federation. Many workers say that they will have to work unofficially. Obtaining clearance for TC RF is problematic.

At the same time, many reviews say the opposite. That is, "Rusbiznesavto" cooperates with all its employees officially. The corresponding entry for employment will be entered in the work book. No deception or informal labor.

Inspections of "Rusbiznesavto" showed that this firm does not welcome "black" labor. Turning here, you can hope for an official registration at work.


OOO "Rusbiznesavto" reviews employees is not the best character gets for a busy schedule. Regardless of the chosen position, the employee will have to work constantly and remain overtime. And this despite the fact that the interview promise a flexible and convenient mode of work.

Only some people say that the schedule is normal. In "Rusbiznesavto" work will have a lot, but in a conscientious attitude to their tasks, you can go home on time.


In Nizhny Novgorod, employee feedback about "Rusbiznesavto" is also left ambiguous. Often you can see claims to earnings in the company. Employees complain of low pay, delays in payments and fixed fines. To achieve increase, increase or justification of this or that punishment will not work.

At the same time, one can see opposite opinions. Employee feedback about "Rusbusinessauto" sometimes indicates that this employer really pays to his subordinates. Often not so much as employees expect, but payments come on time. It is possible to make good money in "Rusbiznesavto" only for some - it will have to work hard for it. Only in this case, the salary will please. Come to "Rusbiznesavto" to work and get a decent salary for it will not work.

Career and development

Many people come to Moscow to build a career. Feedback from employees about "Rusbiznesavto" indicates that this company does not suit careerists. Here, as already mentioned, it is impossible to achieve an increase. In addition, with employment, you can apply for only ordinary posts. In "Rusbiznesavto" there is no any career growth.

But professional development takes place. Especially among those who plan to earn good money in the company. Every day, employees sharpen their skills in one area or another. All this helps in time to do the job better.

Team and superiors

"Rusbiznesavto" reviews employees gets different. Many cadres distinguish among the positive aspects of cooperation with this employer a friendly team. The company employs people of different ages, but they are all friendly and open. For some, "Rusbiznesavto" became the second house because of colleagues.

But the bosses of the firm are not responding in the best way. The bulk of subordinates assure that the managers of "Rusbiznesavto" are unjust people who consider their employees as slaves without rights. They are constantly fined, punished and loaded with work. It is impossible to achieve justice from the leadership of "Rusbiznesavto".

Only occasionally you can see that some people say that in this company the bosses are good to conscientious and industrious workers. If responsibly approaching their duties, then the managers of "Rusbiznesavto" will always meet the subordinate.


Despite all of the above, almost all employees of the company allocate a huge staff turnover. People come to "Rusbiznesavto", they work for a while, and then they leave. Some people do not like the lack of career growth, someone can not find a common language with their superiors, and some want to earn more.

The bulk of people leave the "Rusbiznesavto" because it really needs to work. Some employees think that this employer can simply go to work and get paid for it. In fact, this is not so. In "Rusbiznesavto" have to give all 100%. Therefore, the staff turnover in the company is large. But this is not an excuse to refuse employment here.

Service Company

And what does "RusBusinessCenter" get from customers? How does this company manage its work well?

The bulk of customers are satisfied with the cooperation with the said corporation. People say that "Rusbiznesavto" quickly and politely serves visitors, does not impose additional services and offers a wide range of goods. The specialists of the organization work together. The quality of equipment and vehicles is also encouraging.


Now it is clear what "RusbusinessSavto" is. Reviews of the employer this indicate that the firm as a whole is a good place to work. But here you have to work hard to achieve any success.

Among the clients of "Rusbiznesavto" receives mostly positive feedback. This company has been cooperating for many years with different people. It fulfills all its promises qualitatively and on time. You can rely on RusBusinessSavto!

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