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Education in Belarus: colleges, universities. Where to go after 9 and 11 classes

Education in Belarus is aimed at the special training of professionals whose knowledge will be relevant at the present stage of society development. What are the features of the education system in the country? What universities are considered the most promising? We will answer these questions further.

Level of development of education in Belarus

The adult population is almost 100% literate, and secondary and vocational education received more than 90%. According to statistics, which covers the level of admission to school and universities, the number of pupils and students in Belarus reaches the indicators of developed European states. Every citizen of the country has the opportunity to study. The presence of higher education in Belarus is prestigious, but at the same time it is accessible.

Policy of the state

The development of the school and higher education in Belarus is under the control of the state, whose policy is officially aimed at the following principles:

  • Education in Belarus is managed not only by the state, but also by society.
  • Equitable and free access to training is provided.
  • The quality of education must necessarily increase.

Higher education in Belarus

Any university in the country (state and private property) must obey the ministerial administration. To date, education in Belarus is provided by more than 8 thousand institutions of different types and levels. More than 400,000 employees work in the training system. At the same time, education (both secondary and higher) receives more than 3 million people.

Such a question as "where to enter Belarus" should not be acute, because eight universities in 2015 entered the 4 thousand of the best in the world. At the same time, the country joined the Bologna Process.

The higher educational institutions of Belarus, despite being prestigious, are accessible to the public. The universities are credited to the results of the contest, which is held through state testing. Higher educational establishments take on day, evening and correspondence forms. All graduates of Belarusian universities have the opportunity to obtain a state diploma.

Higher education of the country develops using world practice in this field, modern trends and international treaties. All institutions are divided into types such as the classical and profile university, academy, institute, etc. Education in Belarus is also developing through international cooperation.

Belarusian State University

Currently, the Belarusian State University (or BSU abbreviated) includes twenty faculties, five postgraduate organizations, four research institutes, thirteen research centers, more than forty scientific laboratories, 180 departments in various faculties, and four museums.

Students can get education in more than 60 directions. Belarusian State University is a prestigious educational institution with its own traditions, which provides quality training and further employment. Today BSU is considered to be the leading university in the republic.

For several years at the university, students have been trained under a state-controlled program that is aimed at training specialists in nuclear energy. You can become a graduate student in more than 100 areas. The Belarusian State University cooperates with other higher educational institutions in the country in the field of methodological support in a variety of specialties and disciplines.

Statistics of BSU

At the Belarusian State University today, more than 30,000 students are educated, of which about 20,000 are in full-time education, and about 10-on correspondence courses, about 800 people study at the graduate school. In 2012, the volume of doctoral studies was fixed - 20 people. Every year more than 3 thousand pass the stage of retraining, and about 6 thousand - the upgrading of qualifications for various programs of BSU. The university staff includes 2,500 teachers, of which more than 200 are doctors of science, and 1,000 are candidates. The number of BSU researchers is measured at 600 people.

The university employs specialists from other Belarusian higher educational institutions, in particular about 100 of them are doctors of science. At BSU today teaches 15 academicians.

Baranovichi State University

The university was opened not in the capital, but it is one of the most promising higher educational institutions in the Republic of Belarus. This is due to the fact that the state has set a goal to bring the university environment closer to the society in the regions. In addition, it is also necessary to make the higher school more adapted to the needs of Belarusian citizens, especially those who live in the village.

Baranovichi State University has five faculties, namely the Faculty of Engineering , the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy, Economics and Law, Slavic and Germanic languages, and the Faculty of Pre-University Training.

Back in 2009, for the first time this higher educational institution graduated students, and there were more than 2,000.

To date, the university receives an education of about 10 thousand people.

Military Academy of Belarus

This university occupies a special place in the system of higher education of the country. This is the main organization that deals with the professional training of military specialists in the country, under the control and patronage of the state. The higher educational institution is one of the largest in the Republic of Belarus, while it has a special license that gives the right to carry out educational activities. That is why it should be called among the prestigious universities of the country.

The Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus includes 7 divisions. Students study at the All-Arms Faculty, Faculty of Communication and Automated Control Systems, Aviation Faculty, Internal, Missile Forces, Air Defense and Military Intelligence. Professional training goes in total for more than 30 specializations.

The process of training in the military academy

Cadets become officers after four or five years of training, which always depends on the specific profession. Higher military education for a start is obtained in order to replace primary posts and get the rank of lieutenant. One of the most important areas for training future professional cadre military personnel is considered to be physical exercises and combined arms training. Students in senior years (cadets from 3 to 5 year of study) can live in hostels. At the same time, twice a year (in summer and winter) they are allowed to go on vacation for a period of two weeks (in winter) and for a whole month (in the summer).

The Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus is housed in different buildings. In those that are designed directly for training, there are classes and lecture rooms for lectures, there is the availability of special laboratories and offices where there is computer equipment and automatic equipment. In this institution of higher education there are necessarily sports simulators that meet modern standards.

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