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St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Psychology: feedback, entrance exams, passing grade, address

Created by the decree of Peter the Great, the St. Petersburg University since 1724 occupies a special place in the history of Russian psychology, since it was here that the first lectures on this subject were held in secular educational institutions of Russia. It was here, in St. Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Psychology began teaching this science. Much later, graduated from this university and remained in it to work the famous IP. Pavlov and I.M. Sechenov, who more than others influenced the development of both domestic and world psychology. Although as an independent part of the structure of the St. Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Psychology met the first students only in 1966, the scientific glory of this domestic science rattled for about a hundred years.


Modern psychology in Russia began with the formation of the field of practical psychology and the development of all its branch disciplines. First in the St. Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Psychology was engaged in engineering, and then social psychology. The centers of academic psychology quickly found their practical hypostasis, which helped the university to shine in scientific research and prepare excellent cadres.

The scientific potential quickly accumulated, the external conditions ripened to expand the field of professional tasks, because the psychological problems in society were growing and multiplying. Inside science, separate and often new directions and areas have been differentiated to adequately reflect the processes of public life in the training of specialists who are called upon to remove these problems. There were new departments and specializations, so that the faculty of psychology could continue the glorious traditions of the alma mater in St. Petersburg State University.


Psychology as a science has entered a new field of human knowledge. Practically this is reflected in the fact that the Department of Psychological Support of prof. Activities and the Department of Political Psychology were already open by the beginning of the 90s of the twentieth century.

In addition to these absolutely new disciplines in science, many others have appeared: in the St. Petersburg State University, the Faculty of Psychology receives feedback on trained specialists in social adaptation, both in personality correction and psychophysiology. Such changes in the human soul as behavioral anomalies, psychology of crisis situations, ontopsychology are also being studied here.


Now it's not just the faculty of psychology of St. Petersburg State University. It is an educational and scientific center, whose tasks include many conditions. Necessity of basic training of highly qualified psychologists for pedagogical, research and practical work. Obligation of constant improvement of professional skill, preparation and retraining of scientific personnel for carrying out of researches in all basic directions of domestic psychology.

And, of course, the coordination of scientific works on pedagogical psychology among the universities of the country. The work takes into account not only domestic experience, but also widely used information about achievements in the field of psychology universities in the United States, Britain and Germany.

Bachelor's program

The professional activity of bachelors combines practical and research. The sphere of psychology is disclosed in institutions and health care, and education, in business structures, public and social organizations, in government, consulting firms and research, and very often - in private practice. Graduates will receive a bachelor's degree (qualification), having mastered the corresponding program, and the quality of education is guaranteed by the psychology faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

Passing points for admission to undergraduate programs (as, indeed, for the training of a specialist) is not established, therefore, only the successful competition can guarantee the entry. Based on the result of the USE, a ranking list of applicants is drawn up, and for admission, the entrant who wants to participate in the competition must have at least the minimum score for each subject. Bachelor's program at this faculty has two profiles: psychology and conflictology, with the form of training only full-time, four-year.

Minimum points

According to the profile of psychology in 2016, the set is planned in the number of fifty people, plus twenty-five will be taken on a special quota. Minimal scores of future psychologists: biology - 55, mathematics - 50, Russian - 65. Future conflictologists: social studies - 65, history - 65, Russian - 65. Successfully passed the competition entrants will be waiting for the Faculty of Psychology in St. Petersburg State University. Entrance examinations are the same, but only certain categories of entrants are handed in - all in writing, and these tests are conducted by the university independently.

The level of professionalism of the teaching staff for enrolled lucky ones is exceptionally high: twenty-nine professors and one academician, ninety-four associate professors. They teach students using the newest educational technologies: business games, trainings, case studies. Teachers and students closely cooperate, conferences, scientific schools, master classes are held. There is a program for international student exchange. Audiences are perfectly equipped with multimedia and computer installations, there is a video class.


Students in the process of learning receive theoretical knowledge about the methods of studying and describing the patterns of development and functioning of the psyche, about psychological categories and phenomena, about the basic programs and approaches to psychological intervention at the levels of the community, group, individual. Favorable feedback about the work of the graduates of the faculty comes from both employers and grateful clients.

Certified psychologists firmly learn the principles of the organization of educational and educational processes, learn about the basic principles and standards of psychodiagnostic techniques, their design and application. There are also purely practical skills: a characterization of the mental process for various activities, psychological diagnosis and counseling, correction of the mental state, prevention and many others.

Educational disciplines and practices

In the responses of students, the names of professors are listened with gratitude, they easily and enthrallingly made their wards feel psychological subtleties. In addition to general psychology, students study both experimental and social, clinical, and in addition the most interesting studies are devoted to psychodiagnostics, counseling, developmental psychology and education. In total, there are more than twenty subjects in the program that deal only with psychology.

Practical students are also very interesting, they for four years of training are of three types: pedagogical, production and training and familiarization. It takes place on the basis of such enterprises as Gazprom, CJSC VTB 24, the Museum of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Pavlov Institute of Physiology, the Petersburg Real Estate Agency and many other interesting places await the trained psychologists. In St. Petersburg State University, the faculty of psychology, whose address is worth remembering to any entrant, knows how to interest those who have entered - studies, practicing - work, and graduates - employment. So, the address: the city of St. Petersburg, house number 6 on the Embankment of Makarova, one of the most beautiful places of the city on the Neva.


Opportunities for choosing a place of work each graduate of the faculty has a completely unique, where the most quickly occur professional self-realization and career growth. For any psychologist, any sphere of activity is suitable - where there is a person and the relationships of people, there must be an active observer of this process of developing relations. Who, if not a psychologist, is more suitable for this purpose?

The former students of SPbU work in PR and advertising agencies, in the security services (FSIN, MES, MIA, FSB), naturally in healthcare, education at all levels, in publishing houses, in major business companies such as Coca-Cola "," Megaphone "," Ford Motor Company "and many, many others.

Master's Courses

In St. Petersburg State University, the faculty of clinical psychology is absent, but at the psychological faculty there is such a specialization - a broad profile that solves the problems of diagnosing diseases, their prevention, risky behavior, public and individual mental health, the problem of helping even healthy people in a crisis, harmonizing the development of children in Mental equilibrium.

Specialists of this profile are engaged in research, psychodiagnostic, consultative, psychotherapeutic, expert, teaching activities. In the magistracy training lasts two years. Together with the bachelor's degree it turns out six years. They are employed in medical and scientific-research medical institutions, in consultative, rehabilitation and crisis centers, in departmental psychological services of the FSIN, FSB, MES, ATC, in sports teams and clubs of different levels and in social services.

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