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Oil and Gas University of Tyumen: address, branches, faculties, specialties

The oil and gas university of Tyumen is known to all entrants who are planning to link their lives with the extraction of minerals. This sphere is very profitable, which is why the number of students entering this university increases every year, but there are fewer vacancies on the budget, unfortunately.

Why in Tyumen?

It is in the Oil and Gas University of Tyumen that many yesterday's schoolchildren, who dream of working at large state-owned enterprises engaged in the extraction of minerals, aspire. Tyumen was not accidentally chosen as the location of this university, it is in this and neighboring regions that the development of gas and oil fields is constantly taking place.

The Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrugs, as well as the Tyumen Region, are in the sphere of the interests of the government and various departments involved in the export of oil and gas. It is here that new roads and railways, settlements and all the necessary infrastructure for housing are built.

History of the University

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University was originally called the Industrial Institute and was founded in 1963. The university was opened at the time when the government of the USSR decided to quickly develop the resources and resources available in Western Siberia. Therefore, in Tyumen, a specialized institution appeared whose purpose was to train specialists who will serve the oil and gas industry.

Initially, the institute was divided into two faculties, as of 1979 they were already eight, now their number has grown several times. In 1994, the institution acquired its current name, which still retains. The university continues to expand, in the last ten years the number of specialties has increased substantially, but on some of them only extrabudgetary education is available.

A little bit about teaching

As of 2015, the Oil and Gas University of Tyumen is capable of annually training about 35,000 students in various educational programs. Today, the institution is the leading engineering and technical university of the country, where you can get training for more than 100 programs. Bachelors and specialists are trained here, master's and postgraduate courses work, and courses are also available where secondary vocational education and other working professions can be obtained.

In 2007, the University managed to achieve international recognition, its teachers and graduates have the right to formalize an appendix to the diploma, which will operate in Europe and around the world. As of 2015, there are about a thousand doctors and candidates of science working here, as well as academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laureates of various prizes, honored scientists of the Russian Federation.

Specialties of the University

Oil and Gas University (Tyumen), whose specialties are very diverse, offers applicants to choose future professions based on their needs. Here you can study undergraduates, specialists and graduate students, and also students from other countries are allowed to study. Especially popular are the specialties of the Institute of Geology and Oil Production: "Oil and Gas Business", "Land Management and Cadastres", "Technology of Geological Exploration", etc.

Also, the specialties of the institute of industrial technologies and engineering are very in demand among applicants: Instrument making, Quality management, and Chemical technology. Competition for these specialties is usually higher than usual, so if you do not have too high results in the USE, think carefully about whether it makes sense to submit documents here and waste time.


If you still decided to go to Tyumen, the Oil and Gas University, whose faculties are few, will be happy to welcome you to the ranks of its students. All faculties are part of larger formations - institutions. As of 2015, there are four largest institutions - geology and oil production, management and business, transport, industrial technology and engineering.

A special case in this case is the center of distance education, where one can get education in a limited number of specialties. Especially popular is the oil department, the number of students here is always much greater than in other faculties of the university.

Cost of education

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, unfortunately, has a limited number of budget places, so those who do not have enough points will have to think about paid training. In particular, the cost of annual training at the Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Production ranges from 52 to 115 thousand rubles, provided that it is a question of obtaining a bachelor's degree. At training in the magistracy the cost of training will be from 52 to 130 thousand rubles for the year.

The cheaper thing is to study at the Institute of Management and Business, for the year of training you will have to pay from 52 to 80 thousand rubles. Such prices are far from affordable for everyone, so first decide for yourself whether you are available such training, and only after that file documents. If you file documents in several universities, it will not be superfluous to find out the cost of training in each of them.

University ratings

Oil and Gas University (Tyumen), whose rating is very high, is constantly expanding. According to the latest polls conducted in 2015 by the labor market research center, the university is on the 34th place in demand among all Russian universities. According to experts, such a rating allows to see the real situation in the sphere of employment of all graduates of Russian universities. In total, more than 450 universities of the country participated in the survey.

Such a high result is due to the specialties of the university, which are in great demand on the labor market. According to the leaders of the institution, with the help of such a survey, yesterday's schoolchild can choose the profession that will allow him to successfully continue to move up the career ladder, as well as receive a good salary.

Prospects of graduates

Tyumen Oil and Gas University has long cooperated with the largest Russian and foreign companies specializing in oil and gas, service and transportation. Thanks to this, graduates of the university can hope to get a job immediately after the delivery of diplomas on higher education.

Among the partners of the university are OAO Lukoil, OAO Gazprom, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and many other enterprises. The university diploma works abroad, so the student will only have to tighten his knowledge of a foreign language if he wants to work abroad. As of 2015, more than 180 agreements on cooperation between the university and various enterprises have been signed. Thanks to the arrangements, the graduate will simply need to contact the employment center to get a job.

Selection committee

If you have not yet decided on the choice of the university, the Admission Committee of the Oil and Gas University (Tyumen) will help to do this. It is located in the building of the institution, located at - ul. Republic, 47. There is also a contact phone - +7 (3452) 685766, where you can get all the necessary information on admission. If you live in another city on the territory of Russia, it is better to use another phone - +7 (800) 7005771, the call to it will be free.

Admission committee works on weekdays from 9 to 17 hours, lunch break from 13 to 14 hours. It will be much easier for foreign citizens to apply to the admissions office using e-mail -, the specialists check the box daily and promptly respond to incoming requests. Remember that the university has several branches located in nearby cities, be sure to specify exactly where the training is conducted in the specialty that you are interested in.

What documents are needed?

If you enter the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, whose address is ul. Republic, 47, you will need to provide a standard package of documents - school certificate, 2 photos 3x4, certificates of passing the USE, passport, medical certificate on the form 086-y. It is also recommended to submit additional documents indicating that you are valuable to the university staff (certificates of participation in sporting events), etc.

Please note that the university has control figures for the USE, which are the minimum threshold for admission. At admission it will be necessary to take exams in Russian language, mathematics, physics, history and social studies. To specify the minimum threshold of points for the USE and the documents necessary for admission, it is possible at the university admissions office.

Where to live?

When entering Tyumen State Oil and Gas University or TGNU (Tyumen), non-resident students ask about their place of residence. On the territory of the university there are 14 hostels, places in which are given first to orphans, students with HIA, low-income students, as well as those who demonstrate positive academic performance and actively participate in university activities. All other students can get a place in the hostel if there is one.

If you came from another city, you will need to submit an application together with the documents, in which you indicate that you need a hostel. You need to do this in the first days of August, at the same time you will be asked to provide a copy of your passport, a certificate of your family composition, 2-NDFL certificates of income for your relatives, and documents that confirm your eligibility for benefits (if any). The settlement takes place at the end of August.

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