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Contour face plastic: reviews, price, contra-indications

The development of new technologies in cosmetology allows modern women to look perfect at any age. Unfortunately, the years give the woman depth and wisdom, but do not adorn her face at all. Get rid of age-related skin changes will help contour face plastic. In this procedure, surgical intervention does not occur, all manipulations are fairly harmless and do not bring harm. This correction allows you to smooth out facial wrinkles, creases in the lips, nose, correct the oval face and possible skin defects. It is performed with drugs, the basis of which is hyaluronic acid. It is also found in the cells of the skin, but over time, its synthesis decreases, and the rate of destruction increases.

Contour plastic face hyaluronic acid

The main component of preparations for contour plasty of the face is such a substance as hyaluronic acid. It belongs to the group of polysaccharides, it is necessary to ensure the vital activity of cells, participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, has a great ability to bind moisture: one molecule of acid can hold up to 500 water molecules. That is why hyaluronic acid was chosen as the basis of anti-aging drugs, which give the skin tone and tone.

It is also important that gels for correction are not allergens, and for the organism their application is not dangerous. Completely this substance is excreted from the body throughout the year, leaving no traces. Of course, wrinkles will return later, but it is important to understand that this acid not only fills wrinkles, but also activates processes in the skin cells, thus being also a means of preventing premature aging. To maintain the effect, it is recommended to repeat the procedure at the end of this period.

Technology of contour plastics

Since the correction procedure is not a surgical operation, but only cosmetic manipulation, it is almost painless. The duration is about half an hour. Intradermal injections are used as the main instrument. First, the skin is cleaned and applied to it with a special cream with the effect of easy anesthesia. The specialist makes a series of injections in the problem area (under the wrinkle or crease). If you need to change the shape of the lips, then injections are carried out along their contour. After the procedure, the effect will not be long: the results are visible right after the manipulations. Basically, the flow or redness does not occur, you can immediately return to normal life. Of course, there is an individual intolerance to drugs, with itching, irritation. But all these symptoms quickly disappear (about a week). During this period it is necessary to protect yourself from visiting the sauna, solarium, swimming pool, as well as avoiding mechanical damage to the area that was amenable to correction.

Intimate plastic hyaluronic acid

Unfortunately, not only the face loses youth and elasticity. Because of age changes and natural processes (for example, childbirth), the skin in the intimate area becomes flabby, loses its tone and saggers. This gives considerable discomfort - both physical and moral. But modern drugs based on hyaluronic acid can change this. With their help, you can correct or correct the shape of the labia, the area of the clitoris, eliminate postpartum defects. Injections will help to increase the tone of the muscles of the vagina, and will also help moisturize the mucosa. Well and most importantly: the plastic not only improves the appearance of the genital organs, but rather significantly increases the sensuality and brightness of sensations.

Contraindications for the procedure

Contour plastic facial hyaluronic acid contraindications still has, although it is, in fact, a cosmetic procedure. It is forbidden to adjust during pregnancy and lactation. Another obstacle is the presence of diseases in which blood clotting is impaired. This procedure is not carried out during the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases. Contraindications contour face plastic also has in the presence of inflammatory processes or other rashes in the area of the procedure. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of moles and other neoplasms in the correction zone - puncturing them with a needle is unacceptable.

Preparations for contour plastics

All preparations for the skin correction procedure are created on the basis of hyaluronic acid, which has passed the stabilization process. All biological gels have different degrees of viscosity. They are selected depending on the condition of the patient's skin and the desired result.

When introduced, the filler fills the voids, giving the skin the necessary volume and contour. One of the most well-known and widely used drugs are "Belotero", "Belkontur", the French remedy "Surjiderm", "Radiess" (based on calcium, under the skin creates a semblance of a framework that builds up cells that produce collagen). They differ in the degree of efficiency and, of course, at the price. Penetrating into the skin, the drugs are combined with its own hyaluronic acid and together contribute to retaining moisture in the cells. To combat deeper wrinkles, gel "Perlayn" is used. Contour plastic facial (drugs "Radiess", "Perlayn") gives an effect for quite a long time - up to two years. Means that have a relatively low price, maintain a tone of 8-12 months.

Cost of the question of beauty

Contour plastic facial filler reviews are mostly positive. It is carried out in many salons and clinics by experienced specialists who have the appropriate education. The price of this procedure depends on the drug, which will be selected by the doctor, taking into account all the features of the skin and the desired duration of the gel. The cost of plastic starts from 9000 and comes to 30,000 rudders (this drug is more effective, mainly used for patients over 50 with deep, pronounced wrinkles). Contour plastic lips will cost from 10,000 rubles, the genital area - from 18,000 to 45,000 rubles.

Complications after correction of the skin of the face

First of all, to avoid the emergence of any unpleasant situations, special attention should be paid to the clinic and directly to the doctor, who will perform contour plasty.

Among the complications of a mild character, the emergence of bruising, leakage. There are also sensations, as if the skin is bursting from the inside. All of them are temporary in nature and quickly self-eliminated. For prevention, it is recommended to apply cold immediately after injections.

If the rules of disinfection and hygiene are not observed, an infection can develop. In this case, therapy with special drugs is necessary. If the patient was sick with the herpes virus, its aggravation is possible. Therefore, before the contour plasty doctor will recommend a preventive course for taking special medications. If the gel is incorrectly administered, embolism of the vessels develops (very rarely). This is a rather complicated condition, in which the filler squeezes the vessels. The risk category includes smokers, people with diabetes mellitus, and those with whom the procedure is not done for the first time.

Advantages over other types of rejuvenation

Compared with other procedures aimed at maintaining the tone, youth and elasticity of the skin, contour face plastic has the main advantage - the absence of scars and scars that remain from surgical interventions.

Accordingly, the price of cosmetic manipulation will be comparatively lower. This means that more and more women can afford to be young and beautiful. Correction does not take much time and does not detract from the usual rhythm of life. Despite all the simplicity of this procedure, the spectrum of its action is really wide: from eliminating wrinkles (both small and rather deep), correcting the shape and volume of the lips, and ending with the rejuvenation of the neck and neck area.

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