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Biography of Evgeny Leonov - the most kind and charismatic Soviet actor

For most of us, one of the most beloved cartoons in childhood was the Soviet "Winnie the Pooh." Only a few years later we watched pictures with the participation of a man who voiced an amusing bear. Actor Leonov Eugene was and remains a recognized national artist in the USSR. About his life and will be discussed below.

Biography of Evgeny Leonov

He was born in 1926, on September 2 in Moscow. Leonov's parents were ordinary people. Father Pavel Vasilievich - engineer, mother Anna Ilinichna - housewife. In the family, besides Eugene, there was also an older brother Nikolai. The four of them lived in two communal rooms. Father often told his sons about heroes-pilots, so Eugene and Nikolai wanted to serve in aviation since childhood. By the way, the big brother's dream came true.

And the biography of Evgeny Leonov was different. As a fifth-grade student, he enrolled in a drama club. Children themselves wrote the play, rehearsed for a long time. However, the premiere never took place, as soon the war began. But it was at that time in Evgenia that a sincere love for the theater, the stage arose.

Throughout the war, Leonov's family worked at an aircraft factory. In those years, Eugene had to forget about the career of the actor. But I remembered the dream of early childhood - and he entered the Aviation Technical School. However, even there he spoke at student evenings, did not forget to take part in amateur performances. During his studies he read Zoshchenko, Chekhov, Blok, and Yesenin. Many works of favorite authors knew by heart.

Therefore, in the third year, Evgeny Leonov decided to enter the Moscow Theater Studio. As the actor later recalled, he was very worried. At the exam put on his brother's jacket, looked very ridiculous. After much debate, the commission still accepted him. The course, which studied Leonov, was led by Andrei Goncharov.

Eugene really liked his new life. Often, he disappeared in the studio for 17 hours a day. As you can see, the biography of Evgeny Leonov is very interesting. In 1947, when the training was over, the young actor became a member of the troupe of the Moscow Theater.

For a long time he was entrusted with exclusively episodic roles. In the same year, because of the difficult financial situation, Leonov decided to try himself at the cinema. At first he acted in extras. Even the first episodic role he played only after 2 years.

And only in the mid-fifties Leonov began to act in film "on a large scale". For example, in 1955 he played in the film "The Road", and then - in the "Rumyantsev Case". In the theater, his first serious work was the role of Lariosik in the production of "Days of Turbins."

In 1957 Leonov met his future wife. In the same year they registered a marriage. And in 1959 their son Andrei was born.

In 1961, Leonov starred in the famous film "Striped Flight". After the release of the picture on the Soviet screens, came, as they say, the starry hour of the actor. Then followed a few more films. In 1964, Yevgeny Leonov plays the main role in the film "The Don's Tale." It is here on the role of Jacob you can determine the depth of the actor's talent. He is perfectly given not only comedic, but also dramatic characters.

Then came a series of interesting works in such films as "Thirty-Three", "Zigzag of Fortune", "The Elder Son", "Gentlemen of Fortune", "Ordinary Miracle" ... There is even a monument to Yevgeny Leonov, and not one, or rather - to his heroes Films: tutor Kindergarten Troshkin, locksmith Kharitonov, plaster Kolya.

In 1994, the actor passed away. He was buried at Novodevichy Moscow Cemetery.

Such is the biography of Yevgeny Leonov, the most kind and charismatic Soviet actor.

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