Yana Raskovalova: from the model to the jewelers

What kind of woman does not like accessories ?! Some can not live without purses and reticule. Others are delighted with new hats and gloves. The third does not leave passion to buy glasses and belts. Well, the fourth will not pass by beautiful ornaments. And it does not matter whether they are a work of art of ancient masters or made by modern craftsmen. It is noteworthy that, at the moment, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity turn their attention to jewelry that exists in single specimens. So to speak, exclusive jewelry that no one will repeat.

One of the masters, whose work amazes imagination and reduces the size of the purse, is Yana Raskovalova. Even yesterday's it-girl today is a famous designer and jewelry affairs maestro. Let's see how the girl, whose life was filled with lights of night clubs, suddenly changed her role and became the owner of the claimed brand.

It-girls promote girlfriend's products

The decorations of Yana Raskovalova are popular. It's not a sin to remember the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, who at the annual International and the most prestigious award "Oscar" appeared before the public in a stunning white dress. And her back and neck were decorated with a necklace made by a Russian jeweler. It is noteworthy that the actress received a cherished statuette, and Yana Raskovalova - fame throughout the world.

In addition to the Hollywood star, which appeared on the red carpet under the Yana brand, the admirers of the young jeweler's creative work are Ksenia Sobchak, Ulyana Kovalenko, Natalya Vodyanova, Veronika Belotserkovskaya and many others.

Student and model

Before the first collection of jewelry, the girl had to make her way from the model to the wife of a businessman. St. Petersburg is the place where Yana Raskovalova was born. Biography of the girl begins her story in a fairly rich family: her father is one of the leaders of the organization called "Spetsstroy of Russia." As a child, the little girl not only studied at school, but also attended a musical institution in the piano class. Then she seriously took up the study of art history and the history of design development.

As a student, Yana Raskovalova participates in the Miss St. Petersburg competition. The girl's amazing resemblance to Brigitte Bardot did not go unnoticed, and the title "Vice Miss" won the bright beauty. The girl's father was in shock. However, she herself was very pleased with the comparison with the French actress.

From Russia to Europe and back

After a while, Yana Raskovalova wins a design competition, which was held at the institute, and leaves for Italy. There she will have to develop clothes for a large knitted brand. The beauty of a Russian girl was appreciated abroad: a rather adult Turkish businessman falls in love with him without a memory. However, she had already given her heart to the Petersburger Vadim.

With a businessman from the northern capital, Yana Raskovalova met at one of the parties. Vadim at first sight fell in love with a bright beauty. On her return from Italy, he offered Yana a hand and a heart. And the young people got married. Then they had one after another children: Veronica, Vadim and Vasilisa. The latter was born a few years ago.

The origin of the jewelry brand

Yana Raskovalova's husband became the impulse that spurred the woman to create her first collection. He initially helped her financially, and, more importantly, morally.

The first collection of jewelry Yana was released in November 2011. Since that moment its products are manufactured under the Yana brand. The venue of the exhibition was the Podium Concept Store, located on the Kuznetsky Most. The debut collection was dedicated to the younger daughter of the jeweler - Vasilisa. That is why the whole hall was decorated with large and small vases with field cornflowers.

Materials used by the girl

Almost in each collection of the jeweler there are cameos, which are decorated with diamonds and other precious, and also semiprecious stones. This is her original card. Cameos are made from various materials: precious stones and even seashells. These elements adorn rings, pendants and even hairpins. And, of course, all products are strictly exclusive. Each accessory is the result of painstaking handmade craftsmen from all over Russia. At the moment, the Yana brand employs more than 100 young talents from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and other cities.

Yana Raskovalova works with many materials: here and gold of various alloys, and platinum, and precious, and semiprecious stones, and so on. Jeweler believes that turquoise, sapphires, tourmaline, corals carry no less energy than diamonds. That is why in the collections of Yana you can find jewelry with such elements. It is noteworthy that she plans to soon release a book on the value of semiprecious stones, in order to help customers make a choice appropriate to astrology. The mixture of different techniques and the rich imagination of women give an amazing result: the decorations are really amazing.

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