Perfume for women "Gerlen": description of fragrance, composition and reviews

Perfume for a woman is perhaps more important than a beautiful dress or expensive silk underwear - after all, they stay on her when all the clothes are thrown off. Therefore, the choice of this main accessory is a fine sex with special attention. Almost all fashion houses and cosmetic corporations produce their own flavor lines. But in this line, the Guerlain women's perfume takes a very special place. This brand has almost two hundred years of history, the work of its founder was passed on to the family from generation to generation. Today, "Gerlen" is the same business card of France as the Eiffel Tower or the Marseillaise.

History of the house Guerlain: perfumery for the crowned persons

It all started with a small soap factory, which was opened by the beginning chemist Pierre Guerlain. In his store you could buy scented soap, lavender lotions, weightless powders, perfumed water and much more.

Experimenting with different compositions, Pierre-François-Pascal managed to win the love of not only ordinary Parisians, but also famous personalities, such as O. de Balzac. But the real popularity of Pierre brought the perfume Eau Imperiale, which the perfumer presented Napoleon III and his wife Eugenia on the day of their marriage. A bottle of dark glass, specially created for this fragrance, was decorated with the emblem of the house of Bonaparte - bees. From this moment the honeycomb has also become a trademark and home of Guerlain. Subsequently, Pierre-Francois-Pascal created a number of fragrances for other crowned dynasties: the Romanovs, the Habsburgs and Württemberg.

Up the ladder leading to success

Virtually every perfume female "Guerlain" was an accurate shot in the hearts of his fans. In 1889, the son of Pierre Aimee produces a new flavor of Jicky. In its composition was first used a synthetic ingredient - coumarin, reminiscent of the smell of freshly mown hay. Initially, this perfume was addressed to men, but the movement of emancipated women that was gaining at that time immediately expropriated it, practically creating a precedent for the "unisex" fragrances. The combination of warm shades of sandalwood and marjoram reduced the desire for equality with the strong sex of women from the mind, and its creator again made the world famous. In addition, another novelty of the perfume Jicky has become a three-stage odor detection system - this is the first fragrance that has an initial, medium and basic notes.

Families First

In 1910, Eme Gerlen died and left the case to his son Jacques, who brought the oriental notes to the perfume of female Gerlen. Mitsouko clearly sounded mysterious motifs of distant Japan, and the luxurious fragrance of Shalimar and still has great popularity. It was in him that one of the key tricks of the Gerlen house was a return to the already created fragrances and their transformation. In the basis of these spirits, Jacques put the aroma of Jicky. Such continuity and fidelity to family traditions is typically French quality.

Another family feature of the house "Gerlen" was the tradition of dedicating perfumes to famous personalities. So, for example, Vol de Nuit (which means "night flight") was dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Legendary Flavors

The last fragrance of Jacques Guerlain was created in conjunction with his grandson Jean-Paul. Ode became a vivid proof of the fact that the family business will receive a worthy continuation. The new owner was constantly in search of new ingredients, mixing synthetic materials with natural ones. But what he never changed, it is strict adherence to traditions. Almost every three or four years he blew up the perfume market with novelties that instantly become legendary. In 1959, Jean-Paul released the fragrance Vetiver: fresh, bright and dynamic - he became incredibly popular with active men.

Secret ingredients

But not men inspired Jean-Paul - the greatest number of masterpieces was given the female perfume. Guerlain released spirits dedicated to his second wife. Samsara in Sanskrit means "eternal rebirth". This is the first ever wooden composition. Jean-Paul has visited India many times, from where he always brought sandalwood and jasmine, which were used in religious rituals of Buddhists. It is worth inhaling this seductive fragrance, and you will immediately begin to envelop the sensual scent of jasmine, passing along the bridge of ylang-ylang into the fragrance of sandalwood. The perfume line consists of beans, iris, vanilla and thin, giving this exciting chord a charming sound.

Perfume "Guerlain" for women is not only impeccable adherence to traditions, but also endless experiments with the composition. In 1969, the fragrance Chamade came out, timed to the release of a new film based on the novel by Françoise Sagan with Catherine Deneuve in the title role. In it, fruit notes of the black currant buds were first used. It is the scent of passion, love, burning all bridges with the real world. It is not for nothing that its bottle is made in the form of an inverted heart, and the cork is in the form of Cupid's arrow. A piquant note of the hyacinth harmoniously shades all the splendor of this fragrance.

Opinions differ

In 2009, the fragrance La Petite Robe Noir, the most ambiguous perfume Gerlen (female), came out. Comments on his first version in a pink bottle were rather ambiguous. The combination of black cherries, roses and patchouli, which forms the basis of the composition, seemed to many customers to be excessively sweet and sugary. Women, accustomed to the fact that the brand produces classic perfume, allowing you to feel like a real queen, were surprised to find that this smell is more suitable for a schoolgirl at the prom. Many noted his obsession. This made the creators thoroughly rework it in 2012, which did not, however, reduce the comments. But the new version of the fragrance also had rave fans. Perfume "Guerlain" for women ("Black dress" in a blue bottle) differs not only in the other style of the element of the wardrobe itself, but also in the composition. The subtle notes of blueberries are revealed through the sweet aroma of cotton candy, roses and patchouli, and sandalwood and white musk give perfume a daring finish.

Perfume for women ("Gerlen"): a unique classic and traditions ... in the past?

It's no secret that today large corporations absorb small firms, depriving them of their individuality and identity. Everything is unified, the modern market can not wait for several years to come out of the new fragrance - in order to retain the unstable attention of consumers, new items must be released at least annually. In 1994, Jean-Paul Guerlain sold a controlling interest in his family business to Bernard Arnault, who already owned the brands "Jivanshi", "Christian Lacroix", "Kenzo" and others. One of the strict rules of the Guerlain family was the use of at least 80 percent of natural ingredients in the creation of their products. At the present time they are practically not used, they were completely replaced by synthetic materials. The last brainchild of Jean-Paul was the famous series Aqua Allegoria, in which the famous perfumer was able to reconcile innovations and traditions. Today perfume Gerlen women's and men's creates a team of professionals who are ready to quickly launch a new flavor on the market, but not able to create a masterpiece that will go down in history forever.

Nevertheless, every woman desires to possess the precious bottle of precious liquid. Despite the development of technology, new owners are trying to preserve the traditions of the house Guerlain. The perfume of this brand remains to this day one of the most desired and sought-after.

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