Evening dresses 2011 - stylish and attractive

Evening dresses of 2011 are not just stunningly beautiful. Any dresses, whether long flowing like a sparkling waterfall of sun spray, with various cutouts of the most bizarre shapes, with drapes, original prints and decor, they can literally make girls fantastically irresistible and all-conquering in their beauty.

Many designers of fashionable clothes presented evening dresses of 2011 of considerable length, reaching to the very floor. Such dresses, especially in a competent combination with flowing fabrics and slender silhouettes will allow girls of small stature to look tall and charmingly slender.

At the fashion shows, evening dresses of a short, knee-length and even higher were quite widely represented. Such outfits can perfectly suit for cocktails. Presented and mini-dresses that are rapidly coming into fashion.

For holiday dresses, it is important to choose the color scheme. So evening dresses in 2011 use a variety of shades, of which deep black and red colors, as always, are considered classic and do not lend themselves to fashion. But the white color this year is presented very sparingly, as the designers considered it best to replace it with pastel gentle tones - these are the fashion trends that are absolutely independent of the desires and aspirations of designers. This year, especially preferred are peach, pink, beige, cream and gray-blue colors. For the festive evening, the preferred set of colors will most likely not change. As always, this year there are no special changes: dark shades of burgundy, wine, dark blue and brown are again considered preferable.

Purple, bright blue and yellow Pauline evening dresses, as well as long silver or gold dresses also look great and differ, like any other Pauline collection, with their completely unique charm.

Designers from Pauline use only the most modern and best-selling fabrics, which allows them to realize all the most original ideas. All Pauline evening dresses, each of them, can be regarded as the most real work of art.

Evening dresses of almost all collections of the year have a varied cut. So for long dresses is characterized by a fitting fit silhouette or slightly flared down. Dresses with high waist, lush skirt or skirt-year are encountered this year a little less often. But this does not mean that dresses that are rare in fashion shows are bad: so long evening dresses with a train, despite their unpopularity among designers, looked very attractive and even luxurious at fashion shows. And, it is worth noting, the corset again enters into fashion.

It is also interesting that the remarkable fact that this year's fashion is a complex asymmetric cut. This summer there are asymmetrical cutouts, neckline, a cut on the skirt. Unexpected can be the appearance on one side of a long sleeve, it looks fresh and cuts on one shoulder. Sleeves and straps can both be present in the cut of the dress, and be absent, and the top can be both open and closed ...

This year's dresses are made of the most common fabrics - nothing particularly new here. Used satin, silk, chiffon, velvet and organza, and the fabrics can be combined, skin, lace and inserts of transparent fabric are allowed. So perfectly can look a dress from satin and guipure with hand-painted beads and Swarovski crystals.

The variety of evening dresses of collections of 2011 is extremely diverse. Fringes, beads, artificial flowers, rhinestones, embroideries, ruffles, draperies, flounces and frills perfectly complement the design of the dress. But accessories for decorating evening dresses are again considered unnecessary.

To finish the review, it should be noted that evening dresses of this year remain exquisite, luxurious and elegant. As it was always.

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