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What vitamins are better for taking in the winter

Of course, winter, because of the lack of fresh "fruit and berry" vitamins, is a kind of stress for the body. As a result, a person is overcome by drowsiness, fatigue, bad mood, laziness, and there is a decrease in immunity and, as a result, frequent diseases occur.

The question arises: what vitamins are better for taking in the winter?

Physicians-immunologists believe that in winter it is necessary to take those vitamins that can support the body, help it cope with the dermatological, trichological problems, improve immunity and restore (or preserve) beauty and youth. Let's try to figure out which vitamins are responsible for the "well-being" of these or other organs and systems. This will help to find out what vitamins are important and what we need in the winter.

The lack of vitamins A, C, E and Group B promotes the appearance of dryness, flaking and redness of the skin of the face and hands. Hair loss, their lackluster natural shade, brittle nails - all this indicates a deficiency of B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, copper and iron. Frequent dermatitis is a sign of a deficiency of B vitamins (in particular B2, B3 and B6) in the body, long-term unhealed wounds and abrasions on the skin - deficiency of vitamins C, D, and K. So how to fill the deficiency of the elements you need, what vitamins to drink in winter ? After all, vitamins can increase immunity, which means, to strengthen health. As a rule, natural vitamins in winter are a rarity. Therefore, it is recommended to take vitamins in capsules that are sold in pharmacies.

In addition, in winter, people often do not have enough vitamin C or ascorbic acid. It is a powerful antioxidant, plays a huge role in the metabolism, promotes immunity and participates in the synthesis of "hormones of happiness". The fact that in winter this vitamin is necessary for the body is an indisputable fact: during epidemic situations, with colds and other ailments, doctors always prescribe us ascorbic. Where to find this vitamin? Contains ascorbic acid in kiwi, oranges, chokeberry and in tomato. Well, the most rich in the content of vitamin C product - sauerkraut.

Now we move on to the vitamins of group B. In addition to the previously mentioned consequences of the lack of vitamins of this group, there are also jams in the corners of the mouth, the lips begin to dry and crack and tear their eyes, the person becomes irritable, suffers from insomnia. Find the necessary vitamins can be, if you use foods such as buckwheat, peas, rice, eggs, sour-milk products, heart, liver, nuts. In addition to the necessary vitamins, which are so necessary for a man in the winter, these products contain a record amount of protein, acting as a kind of "building material" for the cells of our body. In the network of pharmacies you can buy vitamins of group B in ampoules, capsules or tablets.

If you begin to notice that your vision leads you more and more often, then there is not enough vitamin A. In addition to vision, it is also useful for strengthening immunity, which is especially important in the cold season, to improve the quality of hair and nails. Of course, in winter many are limited to taking vitamin supplements, which can be bought at pharmacies. But after all, in the fresh products that we are accustomed to stock up from the autumn, these vitamins are also sufficient. Sources - carrots, fish, milk, eggs, parsley, dill and sorrel. In the pharmacy you can ask retinol acetate - this is the very vitamin A.

Does it all fall out of hand? Can not you concentrate on anything? This indicates a lack of vitamin E - tocopherol. He is responsible for immunity, helps to strengthen the supply of cells of the body with oxygen, makes it easier to cope with high mental stress. In a high quantity is contained in cabbage, lettuce leaves, spinach, beef liver, eggs, lean meat, vegetable oil. That's what vitamins are better for taking in the winter, in order to be in full shape. However, if you revise the list of vitamins we need (in capsules or tablets), you immediately understand: for breakfast, lunch or dinner will have to eat a whole handful of pills. In that case, just buy a multivitamin, drink 1 capsule daily.

Now let's talk about vitamins contained in nourishing masks, creams, balms, which are necessary for our skin and hair. What vitamins it is better to take in the winter in order to permanently preserve the youthfulness of our skin and hair and their natural beauty. Even with the right, balanced diet, it will not be possible to completely provide the hair and skin with the right amount of vitamins from the inside. And then various creams come to help. A jar of the right tool will help to change the situation for the better. Favorites of cosmetologists are creams containing vitamins A, E, C and group B. Vitamin A is responsible for the prevention of aging, therefore it forms the basis of anti-aging lines. It has softening effects and is involved in the repair of tissues Vitamin E. Well, the undisputed leader in the fight against dark spots under the eyes is vitamin C, contributing to the fresh color of your face. B vitamins are responsible for restoring vital functions of cells. Cosmetic products, which contain these vitamins, can be found in almost all stores and pharmacy kiosks.

And finally, five useful tips that will help you improve the general condition of your body:

First, proper nutrition - give up fast food, limit yourself to the consumption of sausages, animal fats, smoked products, flour products;
Secondly, the regular intake of vitamin complexes and supplements;
Thirdly, walk more in the open air, actively go in for sports, follow the regime, go to bed no later than 22 hours.
Fourth, give up bad habits, quit smoking, try not to get involved in alcohol;
Well, fifth, keep a good mood, because this is, undoubtedly, a pledge of good health. And what better vitamins to take in the winter you already know!

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