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Wise statements about children

At all times, parents with special trepidation took care of their own child. The wisdom accumulated by centuries gradually formed aphorisms about growing up and bringing up children who can help their surroundings. The statements of great people about children allow today to recognize the problems in education in time and eliminate them with the help of constructive methods of interaction. These aphorisms in themselves are of extraordinary value. This article contains statements about children that may seem interesting and meaningful to their parents.

"He who offends the child neglects the shrine" (Cato the Elder)

Since ancient times, it is believed that inflicting pain on a little man is tantamount to a serious misconduct. Children are by nature pure and open, like angels. As it is inadmissible to blaspheme over an icon, it is absolutely impossible to offend a child. It does not matter whether he is big or just a kid.

Sayings of great people about children like this, teach us humility, kindness, responsiveness, the ability to appreciate what you have. If an adult allows himself to harm a small child, humiliates his personality, then he plays with fire. According to the belief that every child in childhood is looked after by angels, who will certainly take care of restoring justice.

"Every child is to some extent a genius, and talented people always remain children" (Arthur Schopenhauer)

It is known that a little man tries everything in his power. He does not doubt for a moment that he will have a great success in the future. If he draws, he does it with the greatest self-oblivion and ease, enjoying the process itself, rather than becoming attached to the momentary result. Children do not have to go to work and earn money every day, so they can do what they want, but at the same time feel completely free and happy.

We must admit that every child is a great master, in whose hands is the harmony of the whole world. He is the creator and artist, for him nothing is impossible. How often do we, adults, suppress cognitive activity in children, do not allow them to manifest their own individuality. And then the kid learns to dissemble in order to avoid our parental displeasure. Statements about children are always accurate and wise.

"Watching children means seeing yourself" (Jan McEwen)

Many parents are genuinely surprised and wondering why their babies grow capricious and disobedient. It seems that they are surrounded by everything necessary: warmth, attention, care, caress. But in fact, in addition to the above, it is of great importance with what sense all these actions are carried out: with a kind (sensitive) heart or simply as needed. Children very well feel the true attitude to themselves, they easily recognize slyness. When we look at our own children, we always see ourselves and what our personality lacks. The statements of the great about children are worthy of listening to them.

"If children do not love, they grow into adults who do not know how to be kind" (Pearl Buck)

The essence of the statement is that only the love of the parent forms the child's confidence in the future and overall well-being. Whatever events occur in the world, the kid is always important to know that he is loved and protected from any misfortunes. The attachment of the mother and father to her child forms the latter's sense of subjective perception of reality, openness to the world.

This condition affects the development of his own individuality, helps the child to overcome difficulties and move in a given direction. In the event that parents do not spoil the child with their care, they do not say kind words to him, alienation and distrust to everything around him is formed. Statements about children help adults to realize the colossal degree of responsibility and their role in the education of a small person.

"The first child is the last doll, and the grandson is your child" (folk wisdom)

In youth, we often can not appreciate all the true charm of motherhood and paternity. At this time, each of us poses certain tasks that need to be addressed, and sometimes the child is inadvertently perceived as a barrier to the realization of the desired.

Only by becoming mature enough, a person is able to truly appreciate the immense joy of one's own status as a parent and the very principle of "fathers and children". Statements on this occasion are always fair. Often, only with the advent of grandchildren comes a special understanding of the essence and meaning of life.

Thus, statements about children contain an age-old wisdom that can not be understood only by reason, but it is necessary to learn to perceive with an open heart. From the way we raise our children, depends on both ours and their future.

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