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How to make housing comfortable and comfortable. Design of one-room 'Khrushchev'

No matter how we criticize one-room small standard apartments in brick five-story buildings built forty-fifty years ago, no matter how we call them contemptuously "Khrushchev", and we live in them and, despite a solid age, these houses will stand on the streets for a very long time . And the quality of their construction is much better and more reliable than many modern high-rise buildings. Therefore, let's turn our attention to a typical one-room apartment and try to equip the space of this largely unsuccessfully planned "old lady", taking into account modern requirements and comfort.

What do we see when entering the apartment? A small narrow corridor from which, on the one hand, there is a door to a combined bathroom, then the entrance to a fairly spacious 18-meter room with a large arched opening, there is also a door to the kitchen. In some apartments, about luck, there is also a pantry or "darkness", which can be converted into a dressing room. The modern design of one-room "Khrushchev" in this case presupposes cardinal changes of the space itself, its redevelopment, aimed at solving two main tasks - visual increase of space and its functional redistribution.

Minor re-planning of one-room "Khrushchev" is reduced to demolishing the partition between the room and the kitchen and the unification of these two spaces. Further zoning of the area is done, a small cooking compartment is allocated, a dining-living room and a sleeping area, a small work area.

Separate the kitchen compartment, where the stove, refrigerator, pendant lockers and work surface are located, from the main room space can be using several methods. For example, in this case, the design of a one-room "Khrushchev" involves the construction of a bar counter, which will unite the functions of a partition, dining table and a real bar for reception and refreshment of guests. The second option is a transparent partition of glazed wooden frame-lattices. In this case, the kitchen compartment will be more isolated, which is much more convenient, say, from the point of view of unwanted smells entering the room. A graceful, light and transparent structure will not look cumbersome.

The design of one-room "Khrushchev" and the division of space into zones can be solved with the help of a low podium located at the opposite wall from the window. The podium will allocate a sleeping zone, and if instead of a bed to place on it a sofa bed and an armchair, a zone of rest. Space under the podium is used to store various things, making convenient drawers. And the opinion that such a structure is too cumbersome and not suitable for a one-room apartment with low ceilings, is mistaken. The main thing when constructing a podium is to determine its dimensions correctly. It should not be above 50 cm, and occupy an area larger than one third of the room.

For visual expansion of space, mirrors and hidden light are used. Hidden lamps, located along the perimeter of the ceiling, visually lift it, the mirror attached to the door or window, prolongs the room, filling it with light.

The redevelopment and design of a one-room apartment - "Khrushchev" - can be more complicated and affect all rooms, including a corridor and a bathroom. For example, to demolish the partition between the bathroom and the room, and instead of it from glass blocks to build a semicircular glass wall. This will expand the area of the corridor, which will turn into a hallway, and rooms. Glass blocks - the material is amazing, they give an excellent play of light, a wonderful texture, original modern decor, while not cluttering up space. However, the stylistics of other rooms must correspond to this bright structure.

The design of a one-room "Khrushchev" with the aim of transforming a typical space into a modern, non-standard and comfortable one is a troublesome business. But living in such a room will be much more convenient and pleasant.

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