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Actress Ekaterina Travova: biography, personal life. Best movies and TV shows

Ekaterina Travova is a talented actress, who was remembered by the audience thanks to the TV series "Sklifosovsky". In this television project she embodied the image of a nurse Tatiana Tretyakova. "Black cat", "Pearl", "Bluebird", "Bluebeard", "Sect", "And the ball will return," "Bride of my fiancé" - famous movies and serials with her participation. What more can you tell about this girl?

Ekaterina Travova: the beginning of the road

The star of Sklifosovsky was born in Arzamas, it happened in September 1985. Ekaterina Travova was born in an ordinary family, the professional activity of her parents was not related to the world of cinema. The girl grew active and mobile, she had many hobbies.

In her childhood, Katya seriously engaged in sports, high growth helped her to achieve notable successes in volleyball and basketball. She also attended a music school, where she acquired the skills of playing the guitar and piano. However, the girl's main passion was dramatic art, which helped her to choose her own way in life.

Education, theater

After graduation, Ekaterina Travova went to the capital. A girl who already had experience of playing on stage thanks to school plays, easily managed to enter the theater school of Sergey Melkonyan. This educational institution the future star graduated in 2007.

Even in the student years, Catherine began to play in the theater. The young actress made her debut on the stage of the theater "Harlequin", on the basis of which the school was formed, in which she studied. "Profitable place", "Francois Villon", "Bald singer", "King Harlequin" - just some of the productions with her participation. However, the popularity of the newly-baked Muscovite was presented not by theatrical roles.

Movies and TV shows

For the first time Ekaterina Travova was on set during her student years. The beginning actress received an episodic role in the comedy series "My Fair Nanny", her character appeared in the episodes "Little Smoker" and "New Work". The next achievement of the girl was filming in the series "Detectives", she embodied the image of the pianist Masha Medieval. In this TV project she was shot about six years.

The first roles helped actress Catherine Travova attract the attention of directors. The girl began to actively offer roles in the series, some of the suggestions she took. For example, Katya starred in TV projects "Equation with all known", "Bluebeard", "Whisper of orange clouds", "Native and near," "Terror with love," "How to be the heart," "Without a trace."

The girl from Arzamas waited her golden hour in 2012. Travova was invited to the medical series "Sklifosovsky", which tells about the heroic everyday life of those who daily saves human lives. Her heroine was charming nurse Tatyana Tretyakova. The character fell in love with the audience, so the creators of Sklifosovsky did not let go of the actress until the end of the story. Catherine can be seen in all five seasons of the soap opera.

What else to see

"Only about love", "My favorite genius", "Talk to me about love", "Forget-me-nots", "And the ball will return" - serials in which the actress starred in parallel with work on Sklifosovsky. In 2013, the filmography of Catherine Travova acquired the melodrama "Bride of my fiance". The picture tells the story of a girl who achieved success in her career, but could not arrange a personal life. She decides to return to the guy who once left for work. Her former young man was about to marry another lady, but the heroine was not used to failing.

Further, Catherine starred in the series "Stronger than fate," "Stepmother's Tales" and "Thresholds." One can not fail to note the most recent television projects with her participation, among them "Pearls", "Shuttles", "Black Cat", "Vasilisa" and "Mitigating circumstances". On the further creative plans of the actress while the information is not present.

Life Behind the Scenes

The personal life of Ekaterina Travova interests her fans as much as her films and TV shows. Unfortunately, the star flatly refuses to discuss this topic in an interview. With certainty, it can only be asserted that she is not legally married and has no children.

About her hobbies the actress tells with great pleasure. Free minutes Ekaterina spends on visiting good performances, reading fascinating books. She has a wide range of contacts, many friends, in the company of which she likes to rest from work.

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