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Ilya Legostaev: biography, personal life, photo

In addition to the stars, there are many people in the domestic show business, on which the image of the artists depends. They decide how and in what form to present this or that information about musical executors, actors and other celebrities. Ilya Legostaev is one of such specialists who knows everything about music and criticism. Who is he? What does he do? And where could you see him?

Who is Ilya Legostayev?

Ilya Stanislavovich Legostaev is a popular Russian journalist, TV presenter and fair music critic. At the moment he is the editor-in-chief of the well-known domestic publication MK-Bulvar.

Brief biographical note on Ilya: school and institute

Ilya Legostaev was born on May 30, 1970 in the Moscow Region. His native city is Reutov, with the origin of which many legends and legends were associated. Some thought that the name came from the word "howling", as it was here that relatives of the Decembrists stayed, who shed tears, sending their loved ones to Siberia. Others spoke of the presence of beehive bears, etc.

In Reutov, Ilya graduated from secondary school № 4, and then went to enter the Moscow Engineering and Construction Institute. V. Kuibyshev. It was here that the future journalist submitted his documents, successfully passed the exams, and later graduated from the university with a diploma of an engineer.

Service in the army and a sharp change of course in the profession

Despite the existence of a higher engineering education, Ilya Legostaev never began to work by profession. After graduation, the young man went to the army, where he served for a year. It was there that the future TV presenter became interested in journalism. According to him, he had to conjure a long time over the local wall newspaper and with a notebook in his hands to go in search of new army news.

Returning from the service, in early 1992, Ilya submitted a resume to the publication "Moskovsky Komsomolets" as reporter. According to him, he did not expect success, but "on that day the stars came together successfully" and he got a job. That's just taken him as a columnist for a column called "Sound Track". By the way, in "MK" Legostaev has been working for over 20 years. Despite his current position, he continues to publish his notes and articles.

Debut Legostaeva on television

Who would have thought that a sharp change in course in the profession would lead to excellent results. Ilya Legostaev had no time to get used to his new position, as fate brought him with new people who opened the way for him to television.

According to the journalist himself, in early 1993, in search of additional earnings, he went to casting for Demidov and got a job as a correspondent in the Muzoboz project. There he worked for more than a year, and after he was invited to the TV company "VID". As the journalist says with a smile, the company had problems with financing, that's why they "took someone who got it". So Legostaev began to conduct daily "POST-musical news".

"Sharks of the pen" in the life of Legostaev

About a year later, Ilya Legostaev (the biography of this journalist, as you see, is filled with bright events and unexpected turns in his career) was invited by the representation of the TV-6 channel. It was here that he was offered the role of not just a journalist, but the leading modern scandalous talk show under the promising title "Sharks of the Pen." And it raced ...

From this moment the transfer began to occupy a huge place in the life of the presenter. She brought him popularity, allowed to get acquainted with new interesting people, and also grow as a person. By the way, it was this project that enabled Ilya to receive the award in the "Ovation" nomination.

For all time of existence of the show at different times here came such stars as Vanessa May, Pet Shop Boys and Ace of Base. From domestic celebrities to the questions of the journalist answered: Valery Leontiev, members of the group "Ivanushki", "Chaif" and others.

"The patient is more likely to be dead than alive"

Approximately in 1998, the project "Sharks of the pen" was closed due to a lack of funding and the maturing crisis of the genre. As a result, Ilya was forced to return to the good old "MK". However, his calm was short-lived, as in the middle of 2009 the program decided to revive. This time the revival of the legendary show took place on TV Jam, where again they invited to the role of the leading Legostaev.

But it was not possible to restore the former image and the rating of the TV show to the organizers. And the project was closed again. In 2012, the above-mentioned television channel once again made an attempt to regain fame. However, it is not without reason that they say that it was twice impossible to enter the same river twice, and even more so three times. Therefore, the resuscitation of the project "Sharks of the pen" failed miserably.

Further career of Legostaev

Later the following works were added to Legostaev's coin box:

  • In the talk show of the TV-6 channel Le-Go-Go;
  • In the program of TVC "Silver disc" channel;
  • In the project RTR "Good Morning, Russia!";
  • In the TV program "Morning" from NTV;
  • In the project "About cinema" from TV-3;
  • In the project "Afisha" and others.

Ilya Legostaev: personal life

Despite all the talents of the journalist, many admirers of his work were interested only in the intimate life of the presenter. For the same reason, Ilya tried hard and did not advertise his status.

And since he hardly showed himself to the cameras with his family and talked about her a little, rumors spread in the press that Ilya Legostaev was gay. Ill-wishers, from whom, in fact, this information came, referred to his feminine figure, pretty face and the absence of any photographs with his wife.

However, appearance is deceptive. Some stars are also saying this, tired of proving their correct sexual orientation.

That's only rumors were just rumors. And in one of the interviews Ilya Legostaev, whose family does not appear in public, only briefly told about the most intimate.

The interview shows that the journalist has a wife and daughter. According to him, he wakes up, takes his daughter to school, accompanies his wife to work and goes "to earn his daily bread."

And although Ilya Legostaev with his wife does not appear anywhere, which is what the lack of photo is widely available, from such interviews we can get short information about the personal life of the legendary journalist.

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