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Topaz (stone): the sign of the Zodiac, properties and meaning

Now it is fashionable to acquire semiprecious and precious stones that correspond to the sign of the Zodiac, because many believe in their magical and healing power. Do not stay away and topaz - a stone, the sign of the zodiac for which - Scorpio. It is assumed that a person born in November and bearing this mineral has exceptional honesty, decency, generosity. But first a little about the stone itself.

Origin and color spectrum

There are several versions of the origin of the name of this semiprecious stone. The first - the name was given in honor of the island of Topazios, where this stone was first discovered. The second - "topaz", in translation from Sanskrit means "fire". In Russian there is a synonym for "heavyweight" - because of the high specific gravity of this rock: weight up to 20 kg is not considered a rarity, and in Norway, specimens from 60 to 80 kg were found. Topaz belongs to a group of minerals and is famous for its variety of shades. Its color spectrum is relatively wide: from brown, wine-yellow, golden, orange, to blue, pink and even red-orange. There are stones that combine several colors at once. Although colorless topaz - a fairly common phenomenon.

Reasons we are looking for in nature

The reasons for the different coloring lie in the radiation nature of the mineral, which causes deviations from the parameters considered ideal. With prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, topazes with a yellowish-brown tinge may lose color. Radioactive radiation from colorless minerals causes intensive acquisition of a color range from wine-yellow to brown with an orange tint. He is also characterized by a strong glass shine on the internal cracks and adhesive surfaces with a touch of pearly. This stone is considered a reference on the Mohs scale, because it does not dissolve in acids and does not change under external influences.

Cold finesse - blue topaz

The most refined among all the color variations of topaz is blue. Its purpose is to reign and bear beauty, perhaps, therefore, it does not happen in nature alone, it is always accompanied by a suite - tourmaline, morion, fluorite. Topaz is considered a stone fulfilling a special purpose. With the help of him, confused cases and problems are solved. This is the amulet of people who want to develop the ability to intuitively guess lies, make the right decisions and always be in a good mood. Want to know who the blue topaz (stone) symbolizes? Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio. It cools the unbalanced, overly emotional, explosive nature of the representatives of the sign and brings inner harmony, giving tranquility and balance. The daily wearing of the sky-blue topaz ring (except Monday and Friday) will channel energy into the right direction, develop the ability to thrive in rhetoric, politics and diplomacy.

Yellow only for truthful

The mineral of yellow color varies from transparent to intensely golden, rarely occurs in brown. Yellow topaz is a stone, which is also called the yellow citron, because it has a bright lemon color. This is a real talisman for honest and decent people who can not lie and cheat, because they have such a life credo in life. The yellow topaz successfully fulfills its purpose as a talisman, protecting energy and allowing more fully reveal its creative potential and talents. He helps maintain an even family relationship, giving the person kindness, warmth and sincerity. The ancient Greeks believed that he gives endurance and awakens additional strength. In the Egyptians, the mineral personified the symbol of service to the god Ra, and decorations with him were considered the highest value and were considered a sign of the protection of the deity. Numerology associates the yellow topaz with a unit. People born on the first day, he protects and protects from all troubles. It is also recommended to be worn by Libra and Gemini.

Topaz (stone), properties, sign of the zodiac

This mineral has never been deprived of people's attention. Crafts from topaz found during excavations of ancient sites in the Urals. In the East, he personified the symbol of spirituality. The Greeks believed that stone gives a man wisdom and discretion, and a woman - beauty. In many countries, he served as a guard against evil spirits and her tricks, a talisman for luck in travel. Topaz was rewarded with unique properties and abilities, believed that the "fiery stone" helped to expose the intrigues and secret thoughts of others.

Someone praised him, someone was disowned in his power, but all unanimously agreed on his miraculous magic and medicinal properties. The main thing is to decide: topaz - the stone of which sign of the Zodiac? Believed that if the mineral is "your" on a horoscope, then a person who has it, always in a fine mood, serenely enjoys life, has reliable friends and true love. He is immune to causeless anger and fury, depression, fears, obsessions. Moreover, the stone will help to reconcile the quarreled, to eliminate the cause of misunderstanding and hatred.


The category "Topaz (stone) - the sign of the zodiac" is not confined to an unambiguous definition. Jewelry adorned with it helps to get ready with the spirit and make the right decision, because the stone carries wisdom and peace. So which sign of the Zodiac is topaz? In addition to Scorpio, these signs are Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries. A particularly effective effect on its owner of apotropes is in the home. November Scorpions, he brings good luck and luck in business, love and loyalty in relationships. Martov's Aries he will reward an exuberant fantasy and an opportunity to prove himself in creativity.

Ayurveda refers topaz to the category of precious stones, capable of energetically charging intellect, overcoming fear and phobias, fomenting people's passion.

Medicine folk and traditional

Healers of ancient medicine treated topaz with myopia and other eye diseases. How they managed to do it is not known, but if people recovered, then it worked. Apparently, the placebo effect worked. Until now, healers are treating this stone with nervous disorders, relieve insomnia, expel nightmares. Topaz helps to accelerate the regeneration of tissues, relieve stress, exacerbate taste sensations, improve the digestive system, liver, gall bladder, spleen, restore energy and nervous systems. With it, the immune system is strengthened, new forces are being awakened to fight infection. If you look long and hard at the mineral, you can heal madness. To present a stone framed with gold in a ring or pendant means to show one's friendly attitude towards a person and wish him luck and happiness. To all this come true, the gift is worn on the index finger of the right hand or neck.

Feel the heart

Poplar and movie stars, politicians, lawyers, and businessmen are not indifferent to ornaments with topaz. This is not surprising, because a stone can attract not only material well-being, but also the attention of the opposite sex. And yet, first determine the talisman, and a horoscope under it is not difficult to find. The main thing is that the amulet is liked personally by you, and you need to treat it without fanaticism and blind faith. When choosing a mineral, show a healthy sense of humor, irony and self-criticism. Listen to your heart and inner voice, assess your attachments and personal tastes. Because topaz is a stone. The sign of the Zodiac, to which it refers, will help to choose the right "own" talisman. You will surely feel that it is yours when all energy vibrations coincide. Yes, yes, not only people are capable of emitting energy vibrations. Minerals too! True, not so often - just once a day. Moreover, this is an additional reason to visit jewelry stores more frequently in search of your own private pebble ...

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