"Sonapaks" for children: reviews, instructions for use

For what indications do you recommend Sonapaks to children? The reviews and the purpose of this medication will be presented in this article. In it you will find information about what features are inherent in this medicine, what it represents and how to properly take it.

The form, the description, the composition of the antipsychotic

What is the form of the drug Sonapaks? The reviews state that the drug in question is sold as white round tablets. Their active component is thioridazine. Also in the composition of this agent, gelatin, lactose monohydrate, corn starch, talc, colloidal silicon dioxide, stearic acid, gum arabic, sucrose and color are included as auxiliary ingredients.

Features of the drug

What is the drug "Sonapax"? Instruction (for children, the drug reviews recommend) reports that it is an antipsychotic. Its active ingredient is a piperidine derivative of phenothiazine, which not only has a peripheral but also central effect on the NS.

The mechanism of the central action of thioridazine is due to its ability to suppress certain functions of the brain stem. At the same time, it suppresses to a lesser extent the cerebral cortex. As for the mechanism of peripheral action, it consists of cholinolytic, antihistaminic and α-adrenolytic effects.

The peripheral effect of this drug is more pronounced than that of other types of antipsychotics. At the same time, it does not inhibit motor activity, does not show antiemetic properties and rarely provokes the development of extrapyramidal disorders.

So what should you know before you give the "Sonapax" to your children? The doctors say that the active substance of this medicine has all the necessary properties of neuroleptics. As you know, it has not only a weakly expressed anti-attic and antipsychotic effect, but also shows an antidepressant effect. As for the activating properties, this drug does not.

Pharmacokinetics of neuroleptic

This drug is absorbed from the intestine completely and very quickly. Its highest concentration in the blood is reached four hours after taking the pill. About 95.5% of thioridazine binds to blood proteins. Metabolism of this component occurs in the liver.

Approximately 35% of the active substance Sonapaksa is excreted by the kidneys, and the remaining amount - together with feces.

The half-life of the drug from the patient's body is 10 hours. In this case, its active component penetrates into the mother's milk and through the hematoplacental barrier.

Indications for use

What is the purpose of Sonapaks for children? Instruction states that this tool has the following indications for use:

  • Psychotic disorders, which are accompanied by excitation and increased reactivity;
  • Schizophrenia (as a medication of the second line of therapy in people who are contraindicated for other drugs, or there is no therapeutic effect with other medications);
  • Psychomotor agitation of various origins;
  • Severe behavioral disorders that are associated with aggressiveness, as well as the inability to continuously concentrate attention;
  • Neuroses, which are accompanied by obsessive states, anxiety, psychomotor agitation, fear, psychoemotional stress, sleep disturbance and depressive disorders;
  • Abstinence syndrome (eg, alcoholism or substance abuse).

What other purpose is the Sonapax prescribed for children? Reviews say that in children's psychiatry this drug is actively used for severe behavioral disorders, which are accompanied by high psychomotor activity.

Prohibitions for appointment

When should Sonapax tablets be given to children? The description and reviews indicate such contraindications to admission:

  • Blood diseases, including in history;
  • Depressive conditions expressed;
  • Long period QT syndrome;
  • Comatose conditions;
  • An arrhythmia in the anamnesis;
  • Marked depression of the central nervous system;
  • liver failure;
  • Congenital low activity of such an isoenzyme as CYP2D6;
  • Parallel reception with medications that extend the QT interval;
  • High sensitivity to drug substances;
  • Deficiency of lactase, isomaltase or sucrose, glucose-galactose malabsorption, lactose intolerance or fructose intolerance.

At what age do you use the "Sonapax" medication for children's tics? Reviews, the instruction confirm that this drug is allowed to take babies from 4 years.

Careful appointment

With care, Sonapax is prescribed for renal insufficiency, hemopoiesis, breast cancer, closed-angle glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, epilepsy, cachexia, myxedema, impaired breathing (especially in infants), Reye's syndrome, Vomiting and so on.

Sonapaks: instructions for use for children

The reviews state that the drug should be taken only inside. The mode of dosing is selected individually, taking into account the severity of the existing disease.

In schizophrenia, adults begin treatment with 50-100 mg three times a day, with a gradual increase in the dose to a maximum (800 mg a day). After obtaining the required effect, the dosage can be reduced to a supporting one. In this case, the total daily dose of this drug should fluctuate within 200-800 mg per day in 2-4 doses.

In what dosage should the children give Sonapaks? Reviews (for children, autistics, this medication is prescribed very often), the instruction says that the child should be treated with 0.5 mg / kg per day in several receptions. If required, the indicated amount of the drug is raised to a maximum of 3 mg / kg per day.

In the presence of a psychotic disorder accompanied by excitation or hyperreactivity, as well as with severe behavioral disorders that are associated with aggressiveness, psychomotor agitation of various origins and inability to continue to concentrate, this medication is prescribed in a dose of 150-400 mg per day in outpatient settings and at a dose of 250 -800 mg per day in the hospital.

The therapy is usually started with small doses, gradually increasing them to the optimum. Antipsychotic effect after taking this medication is observed after 10-13 days. The course of treatment is several weeks.

If maintenance treatment is required, then the daily dosage of the drug should be 75-200 mg (before bedtime, once).

The drug should be withdrawn gradually and only under the supervision of the treating doctor.

Side effects

Can the Sonapax drug have a negative impact on a child's health? According to experts, this medication has many side effects. Let's consider them right now:

  • Thrombocytopenia, confusion, skin allergic reactions, late dyskinesias, agranulocytosis, agitation, leukopenia, agitation, eosinophilia;
  • Insomnia, ejaculation disorder, dystonic and extrapyramidal disorders, pirouette tachycardia, parkinsonism, aplastic anemia, emotional disorders, dysuria;
  • Violations of thermoregulation, dysmenorrhea, decreased convulsive threshold, weight gain, syncope, exfoliative dermatitis, malignant neuroleptic syndrome ;
  • Erythema, hyposalivation, decreased libido, anorexia, gynecomastia, increased appetite, bronchospastic syndrome, dyspepsia, pancytopenia, nausea, paradoxical ishuria;
  • Vomiting, visual impairment, diarrhea, priapism, paralytic intestinal obstruction, hyperprolactinaemia, hypertrophy of the papillae of the tongue, photophobia, cholestatic hepatitis;
  • Rash, decreased blood pressure, false positive pregnancy tests;
  • Tachycardia, angioedema, ECG change, nasal congestion, dose-dependent prolongation of the QT period, melanosis of the skin, granulocytopenia.

Does Sonapax help children? Reviews of parents and doctors

Unfortunately, the reviews about the tool are few. However, of those that are available, it can be safely concluded that this drug is a mild and weak neuroleptic, which is ideal even for children from four years of age. According to the parents, this remedy is well tolerated by the kids and very rarely causes negative phenomena. However, one can not help saying that many adult patients report that this neuroleptic causes impotence in men.

As for the opinions of doctors, they are often positive. However, some experts believe that the drug in question has long been obsolete. Moreover, it affects the heart muscle rather badly.

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