Metronidazole. Reviews about it are justified

The name of this drug is known to very many. Antibiotic "Metronidazole", reviews about which are positive in most patients, is better known by the synonym "Trichopol". This drug is a broad spectrum of action in relation to the simplest. Many people are wondering what kind of medicine is "Metronidazole", what helps and how to take it? It suppresses the growth of Entamoeba histolitica, Trichomonas, lamblia and is effective in anaerobic infections.

This medicine is a white or greenish crystalline powder, which is hardly soluble in water and alcohol. It is released in the form of tablets (0.5, 0.25 g), as well as vaginal tablets and suppositories (0.5 g). Orally take the pill without chewing them. For intravenous injections, the antibiotic is released in a special dosage form.

To treat chronic and acute trichomoniasis appoint "Metronidazole." The responses of the patients taking this medication are, in this case, mostly good. Scientifically proven that from the urethra of men Trichomonas disappear in the first day of admission, and from the vagina of women - to the second. An important feature of the antibiotic in the treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis is its high activity when ingested. "Metronidazole" is rapidly absorbed and accumulates in the blood. Then he enters the liver, stands out with bile. In the small intestine, the drug is reabsorbed into the blood. With urine, it is secreted partly unchanged and in the form of metabolites. The metabolites excreted in the urine color it red-brown.

In many other diseases, Metronidazole is also prescribed. The doctors' comments on this drug testify to its effectiveness in the treatment of amoebiasis, acute ulcerative gingivitis, perioral dermatitis, cutaneous leishmaniasis, rosacea. You can prescribe this drug with other antibiotics and sulfonamides. Few antibiotic has such a spectrum of action, as "Metronidazole". What is it used for yet? There are data on the effective use of the drug in the treatment of gastric ulcers, anaerobic infections (gastrointestinal tract, internal organs, urinary tract, anaerobic septicemia), endocarditis. "Metronidazole" has the ability to cause sensitization to alcohol, so it can be used to treat alcoholism.

With trichomoniasis, the drug is taken 7-10 days twice a day for 0.25 g. You can take the medicine differently: in the first 3-4 days three times a day for 0.25 g. The total dose for the entire course is 5 g. Sometimes such a scheme is prescribed 1 day - twice for 0.5 g (interval - 12 hours), 2 days - three times for 0.25 g (interval - 8 hours), the remaining 4 days - twice for 0.25 g (interval - 12 hours ). The total dose is 3.75 g. Along with taking the pills, women are often prescribed one vaginal tablet or a candle for the night. Children prescribe medication in smaller doses, according to their age. For treatment of other diseases, the doctor prescribes the appropriate schedule and duration of treatment.

As side effects when taking the drug there are: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, unpleasant taste and dry mouth, loss of appetite, itching, urticaria. As a rule, these phenomena occur at the end of the drug intake. There are rare cases of leukopenia.

During pregnancy and lactation, you can not take "Metronidazole". The patients' testimonies indicate that after the administration of this antibiotic, fungi often develop (candidymycosis). Such consequences of the treatment force the patient to take antifungal drugs during or after taking the medication. "Metronidazole" can not be taken with diseases of the nervous system and hematopoietic disorders. During treatment, alcohol is not allowed. Before and after treatment, a blood test is recommended.

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