Samsung GE83XR Microwave Overview

Now almost everyone except a standard hob gets a microwave oven. Why? Such a device is compact in size, easy to install on any surface, performs a large number of functions. It is in the microwave that you can quickly warm up any dish without using oil, for a few seconds to make a hot sandwich, grill a delicious grilled chicken, and if there is a mode of "convection", then even bake a sweet pie.

Samsung has been engaged in the manufacture of various household appliances for a long time. These are TVs, vacuum cleaners, laptops and, of course, appliances for the kitchen. Microwave ovens in Russia are represented by a large assortment. There are the simplest models that are equipped with only a microwave function, with a mechanical control (time and power switches), without a display. Their cost starts from 3 thousand rubles.

However, you can purchase a more functional model. It is equipped with a grill, has a mode of "convection", electronic control, bioceramic coating. Also there is a LED display. The prices for them start from 8 thousand rubles. These devices include a microwave oven with Samsung GE83XR grill . You can buy it on average for 9000-10 000 rubles.

Short description

Model GE83XR trademark Samsung is a stylish modern device. The device is quite functional, has a large number of modes. Its maximum power is 850 watts. Microwave oven Samsung GE83XR is designed to easily and quickly prepare various dishes, unfreeze food or just warm up the food.

Dimensions of the device: 48,9х27,5х36,9 cm. It can be installed practically anywhere on the working surface. If the kitchen is very small, then you can additionally purchase special brackets. During operation it consumes electric power equal to 1300 W, operates from 220 V network. The chamber volume is 23 l. The inner coating is bioceramic. It is smooth, therefore it is very easy to wash the camera. This type of coating has many advantages:

  • Preventing the development of bacteria;
  • High level of strength;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage,
  • Presence of a non-stick layer.


Samsung GE83XR - a model that can decorate any kitchen. Its design is modern and original. The front panel is smooth, having a mirror surface. The case is black. Under the control panel is a large rectangular button that is responsible for opening the door. On the same side, only at the top, is a display with a nice green backlight.


The control panel in the Samsung GE83XR is touchscreen. It is of high quality and reliability. It is thanks to her that it is easy to work with a microwave oven. It is divided into two sectors. At the top there are automatic programs and defrosting, in the bottom - modes, hours and on / off buttons.

For preparation, one of six radiation power levels can be used. By default, the highest is turned on, to switch it, click on the selected mode again. Thanks to the rotating dish, microwaves are evenly distributed over the products.


Samsung GE83XR is a microwave oven in which you can quickly defrost any product. For each semi-finished product there is a special mode, for example "Beef", "Chicken", "Vegetables". Before turning on the defrost program, you need to enter the correct weight of the product. The time is set automatically. During the process, the oven reproduces a signal indicating that it is necessary to flip the contents.

The presence of the grill allows you to give the dish a beautiful ruddy brown. The cooking power is changed by double pressing the button of this mode. If necessary, you can use the option "Grill + microwave". During this process, the dish will not only be fried, but also prepared under the influence of microwaves.

An important option is the timer. In this model you can set it up to a maximum of 99 minutes.

Additional Features

Samsung GE83XR - the device equipped with a special system of protection from children. In order to block all the functions of the microwave oven, you will need to simultaneously press the "Start" and "Clock" buttons. Pressing the combination again will turn this mode off.

The device is equipped with a backlight. It automatically turns on during operation and when the door is opened.

In order to make the operation of the device as convenient as possible, the manufacturer has set alerting beeps. If for some reason it is necessary to disconnect it, you must simultaneously press two buttons - "Start" and "Stop".

Samsung GE83XR: reviews

Buyers have already been able to appreciate this microwave model. Many consumers have allocated a large set of automatic cooking programs, the function of defrosting, high power. Beautiful design is like everyone without exception. Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that almost all devices work without breakdowns for more than two years.

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