Candles "Neo Anuzol": instructions for use

Vascular diseases are increasingly affecting the young population. If women are more prone to varicose veins, then the problem with the male character becomes hemorrhoids. It is worth noting that representatives of the weaker sex can also face this phenomenon. Most often this occurs during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby naturally.

Pharmaceutical companies produce a variety of different drugs to combat unpleasant symptoms. Some of the drugs are taken orally, others are applied topically and have the appearance of patches or ointments. Also do not forget about rectal suppositories that act directly on the problem area. One of such preparations are the candles "Neo Anuzol". Instructions for using the tool will be described in this article.

What is the composition of the medicine?

About the preparation "Neo Anuzol" instructions for use says the following. The active substances of the drug are such components as bismuth nitrate, zinc oxide, resorcinol, tannin, and also iodine.

The drug is a suppository for rectal administration. They have a color from white to yellow. The carton contains 10 capsules, divided into two spikes. Also included in each package of the drug "Neo Anuzol" instructions for use.

What is the medication for?

What are the indications for using Neo Anusol medication? Instructions for use indicate that the medication is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids. In this pathology can have a different appearance: internal or external.

Sometimes the drug is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of anal fissures. It should be noted that the correction should be accompanied by a dietary adjustment and sometimes requires an integrated approach.

Contraindications and restrictions in use

Those patients who use the drug Neo Anuzol for correction, the instruction for use informs the following information.

Medication can not be used in the presence of an allergic reaction to iodine. It is also worth giving up treatment with hypersensitivity to one or more of the components of the drug. Abstain from the use of it is necessary when there is a neoplasm in the intestine or obstruction is diagnosed.

The drug "Neo Anuzol": instructions for use

Reviews this drug has only good. Doctors and instructions for use suggest that the use of suppositories is necessary after a preliminary cleansing of the intestine. If you perform the procedure before defecation, the effect of the action of the medication may be incomplete. In the case when a person has constipation, it is possible to clean the intestines with an enema or some quick-acting medicines, such as, for example, Dufalac, Gutasil, and so on.

A single dose of the drug is contained in one candle. At the same time, up to three suppositories can be used per day. The drug should be administered with clean hands only. Otherwise, if there are anal fissures, infection may occur. It is necessary to open the suppository immediately before administration. The drug must not be stored. After the introduction of medication, you can not immediately go to the toilet for bowel movement.

Adverse reactions to the drug

You already know what "Neo Anuzol" (candles) has. Sometimes, after using the medication, side reactions may occur. However, more often the treatment is well tolerated and has no negative consequences. It is worth noting that if side effects occur, you should interrupt treatment as soon as possible and consult a doctor for new recommendations. The unexpected reactions include the following:

  • Upset of stool and digestion;
  • Burning and hardening of the itch in the anus;
  • Allergy to constituents.

Some drugs may eventually acquire new side effects that have not been studied before. These include increased gassing, nausea, the appearance of an unpleasant eructation. Such cases that occurred after using the described drug are single. However, they have a place to be. The patient should always be warned by a specialist about the possibility of such unpleasant symptoms.

The drug "Neo Anuzol" (candles): instructions for pregnancy

In the period of gestation of the baby many representatives of the weaker sex are faced with the appearance of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. These unpleasant phenomena are almost always accompanied by a delay in the stool. The described preparation can be prescribed for the purpose of correcting the condition. However, only a specialist should do this.

Instructions for the use of the drug and medical practice indicate that the drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not enter the body of the child. This is why this drug is prescribed for future mothers even in the first trimester. However, it is always necessary to consider possible risks for crumbs and compare them with the benefit expected from the treatment.

During the gestation period, the candles "Neo Anuzol" are used once a day. It is recommended to enter the suppository immediately after bowel movement. If there are difficulties with this process, then first you need to correct it. Remember that during pregnancy, you can not clean the intestines with enemas. This can lead to the threat of premature birth.

The effect of the drug on pathological formation and the organism as a whole

How do rectal "Neo Anuzol" act on the patient's body? Immediately after the administration of the drug, the dissolution of the suppository begins. As you already know, the medicine is not absorbed into the intestinal wall and does not enter the bloodstream. It acts locally.

Suppositories have analgesic effect. This becomes apparent already from the very first minutes after use. Also, the agent has an astringent and drying effect. If there is bleeding from the hemorrhoids or cracks, then it is stopped. Spasmolytic action is due to a unique composition. Also the preparation is an antiseptic. Candles have a quick anti-inflammatory effect on the affected area.

Doctors say that the effect of the drug is quite long. You do not have to regularly enter suppositories. The effect occurs immediately and lasts for several hours. However, treatment should not be completed in one day. Otherwise, unpleasant symptoms will return again in full. Physicians show that the average correction course has a duration of five days to two weeks.

Summing up the article

You met a drug called Neo Anuzol (candles). Instructions and feedback are presented to your attention in the article. Remember that, despite the safety of the remedy, it is a medicinal product. It is always necessary to consult a doctor before the correction begins. It is especially dangerous to engage in self-medication during childbearing and breastfeeding. Take care of yourself, good health to you!

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