This couple played a wedding right in the sea!

Planning a wedding is a rather time consuming process. This is due not only to the size of the budget, but also to the choice of the ideal location. The task becomes more complicated doubly if the future newlyweds decide to hold a ceremony on a sandbank in the center of the Caribbean Sea.

Unreal idea

This is how Susanna Zamos decided to marry her young man named Yovani. The lovers lived in Boston and planned the celebration for November 2016. Needless to say, that their close people such an idea seemed not very real. Even the wedding organizer spoke about the complexity of the idea of Suzanne and Jovani, advising the couple to abandon it.

And just at the moment when young people practically decided to change the place, they were supported by wedding photographers from the studio "Del Sol". They convinced Suzanne and Jovani not to abandon the idea and necessarily implement it. In an interview with the Internet edition of the Huffington Post, the main photographer of the studio named Sol Tamargo, said: "The idea to hold a wedding ceremony on the water is simply magnificent." I already know in advance what stunning views there will be. Chance to photograph the wedding, where instead of the altar there will be a surfboard. "

Implementation of the idea

On the site of the studio "Del Sol" were covered all the details of the unusual wedding ceremony. From the island of Cozumel in Mexico, the couple went to El Sielo beach in the center of the Caribbean Sea. To transport there a hundred guests, I needed a catamaran and two motor yachts.

In total, Suzanne had five wedding dresses to choose from. Two of them immediately eliminated Tamargo, as absolutely unsuitable for a photo shoot. Of the remaining three, the girl most liked the pink dress.

Photo and video

The location of the wedding did not become a problem for photographers. On the contrary, they filmed the ceremony with floating boats around the guests, and also used quadrocopters. And Tamargo himself first photographed from the boat, and then donned himself a wetsuit, mask, tube and plunged to the bottom to make underwater photographs.

In total, a team of eight people worked at the wedding. Two conventional cameras, three for underwater shooting and several quadrocopters for aerial photography were involved.

After the ceremony, Suzanne said that the wedding was perfect. After all, the girl has always loved water, since early childhood, when she learned to swim in the pool in the backyard of her house. As she grew up, the girl moved to the nearby sea. And now she works as a diver.

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