Accelerator games on PC Windows 7, 8

Often, after installing a new game, the user faces the main problem of all gamers - not enough computing power of the graphics processor. However, not always this kind of incapacity of the video card acts as an excuse for its replacement. Before you run to the store, try installing the game accelerator on your PC. In some cases, such utilities help to give some play to the "tired" GPU. However, there are other, more radical ways to improve the performance of the video adapter, with which we will certainly introduce you in the framework of the article.

Accelerator games on the PC: what is the essence of its purpose?

Speaking generally, the most important advantage of such utilities is their simplicity and ease of use. As a rule, such programs work on the principle of "stopping everything and everything," and release released system resources to solve gaming problems. Do not pay attention to the rumors of "seen kinds" of avid gamers that all GPU software optimizers are not capable of anything, and their use is absolutely useless by definition. Speaking frankly, there is a grain of truth in the displeasure of gamers, nevertheless, let's be objective, and before weighing all the pros and cons, we'll see in practice what a game accelerator is capable of doing on a PC installed.

Free Game Booster: a modest gift from the developer IObit

As noted earlier, this utility is really easy to manage. The minimalistic design of the application includes only a few navigation buttons, through which the user can make a number of changes to the program, and with one click to activate the game mode. In the primary block of the Game Booster (main window), ticking off the corresponding items, you can disable unused Windows services and services, as well as the processes involved.

Click on the "Game Defragmentation" tab. You will be asked to optimize the gamer data on your computer's hard drive. As you can see, everything is quite simple. But how useful is such a game accelerator on a PC (Game Booster), to judge you, dear reader.

Another free product - Game Fire

Again, compactness and comfortable management are inherent in this class of utilities. True, the functionality of this application greatly exceeds the limitations of the above-mentioned competitor. However, the large button for running the automatic optimization script Switch to Gaming Mode is also conveniently located in the main window of the program. Perhaps it is still difficult for you to understand this, but the alignment of the main Windows tools for setting up and optimizing the OS in one place is quite convenient, let it be a trifle, but the developer can be thanked for the foresight.

In the Game Advisor tab, the beginner will be given "high-speed" recommendations that can be applied in practice by activating the checkbox at the bottom of the window (in the description block). Pay attention to the Games Defragment section. This game accelerator on a PC, or rather, on its hard drive, is able to defragment the area in which the folder with the favorite strategy or shooter is located - just specify the path using the Browse button and start the process of ordering files. Despite the absence of a Russian-language translation, the interface of the utility is quite friendly and supplemented with clear navigation icons.

Aggressive record holder: Game Accelerator

Unlike the software products described above, this program-accelerator games on a PC is capable of maximizing the GPU of any type. Functional stuffing of the program allows not only to optimize the basic Windows-components, but also to adjust the equipment that your computer is equipped with. The database integrated into the Game Accelerator (large enough) stores the keys with which you can "twist the high-speed nuts" in popular gaming applications. The script for setting up the game mode is very simple: the program automatically determines the hardware installed on your PC and adjusts the OS according to the selected acceleration plan.

Ashampoo Core Tuner: install an effective game accelerator on a PC

For "Winds 8.1" a more suitable tool for optimizing the OS for resource-intensive toys and can not imagine. Only in this utility is implemented a universal mechanism for tuning multi-core and multiprocessor systems for the game process. Just a few clicks, and the performance of your PC will grow at times, at least, so say the German developers. To you, dear reader, it remains only to be convinced of this personally, having installed and tested the program in action. It is worth noting that the profile of Gaming is activated by default, so after the initial launch of Ashampoo Core Tuner, the user can count on the full support of this software during gaming battles.

Everything under control: Advanced SystemCare

Despite the promising abilities of the utility described above (the accelerator of PC games for Windows 8), this software product from the already known IObit firm with its mega-arsenal of functionality simply shakes the imagination ... Perhaps some of the critics will say that the aggregator is not referenced in the context However, the special section Speed Up and the Turbo Boost tab (the Advanced SystemCare interface) that is ambiguously present in it are a kind of proof of the opposite.

Optimizer settings and recommendations

Perhaps, one of you will find the following statement an advertising trick - so be it! However, this software product is the best game accelerator. On the PC, you can install a lot of different applications, trying to achieve the maximum performance effect, but such a diverse and multifunctional toolkit, which is equipped with Advanced SystemCare, can hardly boast of any software.

  • Are viruses able to slow down the OS and deprive the video card of the required system resources? The answer is obvious: yes! Click the Scan button, having previously checked the All checkbox, and the full process of optimization will not keep you waiting.

  • Switch to the Speed Up tab and activate the Turbo boost key - the released potential will become a kind of "second wind" source for the central and graphics processors, as well as RAM and hard disk.

After you install this game accelerator on a PC, IObit assures: the effect will be astounding. Anyway, it's better than if you used any other utility, including in the competitive list the above products.

A bit about overclocking

Yes, with the help of various optimizers, you can increase both performance and performance. However, significant changes, and we are talking about the computing power of the video processor, in the GPU can be achieved in the event that the user resorts to a more radical method of overclocking the graphics subsystem. This is the so-called software overclocking, the success of which depends primarily on the knowledge and experience of the user himself, as well as on the technological characteristics of the video card. In the event that the methods described above will not contribute to the satisfaction of gaming needs, then the process of studying the technical documentation for the GPU simply can not be avoided. In addition, you need to have accurate data on the overclocking potential of your graphics module. However, everything is realizable, even if you are new to the computer field.

Practical advice and valuable advice

Want to know when and under what circumstances it is advisable to install a game accelerator on a PC? Perhaps the answer seems a bit late, but ... only when the user feels not quite confident in the friendly embraces of Windows. We want to encourage you, dear reader, and at the same time make it more experienced. And also to protect you from unnecessary waste of time and give confidence in your own abilities.

  • Open the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel", then "System". In the left part of the window click on the link "Device Manager". If conflicting equipment is present in the list, the OS marks it with a special warning sign. You can fix this kind of problem by reinstalling the damaged driver.
  • Before you install any game application, you need to familiarize yourself with its system requirements.
  • Download a small utility CPU-Z and conduct a kind of familiarization with the installed equipment.
  • Update the video drivers to the current version.
  • Scan the PC for infected objects.

Let these five important points be the first contribution to the overall coin box of your gaming experience.


You decide whether or not to install this or that game accelerator on the PC. Windows 7, by the way (it's time to open secrets), like the previous version of Vista, as well as the subsequent eighth and tenth OS, have some standard tools with which you can more correctly optimize the OS. By the way, in the BIOS firmware it is also possible to control the graphic parameters of the computer. However, this is a topic of a completely different article. Good speed for you on the game routes and stable graphics!

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