We tell you how to take pictures on your iPhone from your computer

Surely all new owners of iPhone and other equipment from Apple had a situation when I wanted to transfer some memorable photos to a mobile device. Unfortunately, unlike similar devices based on the OS "Android", it is not so easy to do this.

In the latter case, the transfer is carried out elementary, since the smartphone is presented in the "Explorer" in the form of a conventional removable disk. But how on the iPhone to take photos from the computer? Let's find out!

A bit of theory

If you are a little interested in high technologies, you know about the complete and all-consuming love of people from Cupertino to patents and other proprietary topics. That such a company made the transfer of files from your computer to your smartphone simple? Never! So before you drop the photo from your computer on the iPhone, you will have to install the iTunes program, which is called "tuna" in the common people.

However, in the framework of this article, we will consider not only a legal, but not too "legal" way to transfer photos. In a word, make yourself comfortable.

The first method

First, try to remember the path to the folder where the files are located. If you do not have much experience in such matters, you can simply copy it to your desktop - so the risk of getting confused will be reduced to a minimum.

Next, connect the cable to your smartphone, the other end of it is plugged into the USB port of the computer. Since it's impossible to throw a photo on the iPhone without it, you'll have to buy the cable in advance.

Then run the above mentioned iTunes. After starting the program, we go from it to your device. Immediately get into the overview dialog box "guts" of our smartphone. Choose the "photo" section.


And now let's check the option "Sync photos from". Choose the same folder, photo from which should get on the smartphone. If there is also a video in the folder, and you want to see it in the phone, also put the checkbox "Including video". Before you drop the photo on your iPhone from your computer, make sure you do not have too large files in the folder.

The client under Windows sometimes behaves strangely, so it's better not to experiment with large volumes. If you select the checkbox next to "Selected folders", you can only synchronize the files and directories that you need to synchronize.

At the end, you can press "Synchronize", with humility, waiting for the end of the process. When it completes successfully, all your files will appear on your iPhone.

Unfortunately, this method does not suit everyone. Many in principle do not experience particularly positive emotions from iTunes, and the very fact that the user actually does not have any access to the file system of his device inspires a few.

Another variant

Before you drop the photo from your computer on the iPhone in this way, it's important to make a jailbreak. The information on it is complete, so problems should not arise. It should be noted that when it is incorrectly executed, it is quite possible to make a "brick" out of the phone, so that all operations should be performed as accurately as possible.

Unfortunately, even the hacked iPhone is not very friendly to the user, and therefore you will have to install a special file manager on the computer. We recommend using iTools, although now there are dozens of its analogs, the functionality is not inferior to this program.

Also connect the smartphone to the computer by connecting it via a USB cable. Open your file manager, go to the path "/ var / mobile / Media / DCIM / 100APPLE". How do I know if you have opened the correct directory?

If you see IMG _ *** / VID _ *** there, then everything is in order. It should be noted that such "scraps" in the catalog will only be if you have already uploaded photos to the phone earlier. Then everything is simple. Select the files you need, then simply drag them from your computer to the iPhone, using the familiar Drag-and-Drop technique.

Why do not users like iTunes?

Unfortunately, this program for official synchronization of files with Apple's smartphones causes hostility among users not only because of certain inconveniences in use. First, we have already noted some of its propensity for "brakes". But where is the more unpleasant fact that when you transfer photos through iTunes, their quality suffers noticeably. This is due to the fact that the smartphone software slightly compresses the files.

However, if you are unwilling to take risks, flashing expensive hardware with third-party firmware, "tuna" is sometimes the only reliable option.

What features are there in using older versions of iTunes?

And how to transfer photos to iPhone using old versions of "tuna"? In principle, there are no special differences in their work. The only feature: if during synchronization you do not mark any folders with photos that are already on the phone, the program will delete them. Remember this, working with some important and rare photos!

However, this behavior is characterized by new versions of the program, however, in the file of their help about this moment several more are told.

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