Afobazol: composition for improving the quality of life

It is hardly possible to find a contemporary who would not have experienced tension, a strange, impassable irritability, at least once in his life. Insomnia, anorexia, nervous breakdowns are constantly haunted by the vast majority of working people around the world. People of the older generation often experience bad forebodings, may be whiny or overly shy.

Some of the scientists blame this for the ever-increasing flow of information, others shift the blame to a bad ecology. But the fact remains - more and more people can not live comfortably, suffering from a variety of irritants. To help this category of people, scientists have developed a number of drugs designed to restore mental equilibrium, to bring harmony into the inner world of people. One such drug is Afobazol.

This is a relatively new sedative medicine, which in 2000 began to produce the Russian company Pharmstandard. The drug is an anxiolytic drug. However, unlike almost all synthetic or natural tranquilizers, the agent does not cause drowsiness or inhibition.

How does the drug Afobazol? Instruction, expert reviews, discussions of patients taking medicine, unanimously state that after taking the drug, working capacity increases, feelings of anxiety and fatigue disappear, sleep and appetite normalize. Moreover, the problems associated with digestion disappear (if they are caused by stress), convulsions, dizziness go away. Improves attention, memory becomes more distinct, breathing normalizes. In a word, all the problems caused by nervous overexertion go away.

And all because "Afobazol", the composition of which is described in detail in the manual, has not only a sedative, but also an easy stimulating effect. For this action is the main therapeutic substance of the drug, bearing the same name. "Afobazol", the composition of which is rather simple (cellulose, starch, povidone, magnesium stearate), combining the activating and anti-anxiety effect, is not addictive.

To whom do they designate Afobazol? Indications for the use of the drug are very diverse and difficult to enumerate in one article. The medicine is prescribed for

  • Alarming states, panic attacks, neurasthenia and loss of adaptation
  • Asthma, seizures, arrhythmias, lupus erythematosus, other diseases caused by somatic disorders
  • Neurocircular dystonia
  • Sleep disorders
  • For relief of conditions before menstruation, with refusal of smoking and withdrawal symptoms
  • Cognitive Disorders

Why does Afobazol help? The composition of the drug, more precisely, its active substance is able to stop the development of membrane-dependent changes in the GABA receptor. Simply put, it oppresses the production of substances that cause all of the listed phenomena.

However, do not think that the improvement occurs after taking one pill. The course of treatment should take from a week to several months, depending on the diagnosis and its severity.

Why should we not wait for an instant reaction to the drug Afobazol? The composition of the tablets is selected in such a way that only a certain concentration of the substance in the body can bring relief. There are certain precautions when treating "Afobazol".

First, it does not fit all categories of patients. It is forbidden to pregnant women, young people under 18 years, nursing. Naturally, individuals with an individual intolerance of the constituent drugs are also included in this group.

Secondly, a careful dosage of the drug should be observed. An overabundance of it in the body can lead to insuperable drowsiness, and sometimes (at an extremely high overdose) to a coma.

That is why it is best to take the medicine only on the advice of a doctor.

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