Land plot: when the radish is planted?

Radish is a vegetable with a bitter specific taste and characteristic odor. When you grow it you need to know and follow some recommendations. Especially it concerns the question of when they plant a radish. There are two main varieties of this useful plant - summer (otdoletnik) and winter (perennial). The latter is distinguished by round fruits. These species are similar in the way they are grown, but there are some differences in this plan.

Before considering the question of when they plant radish, we will find out how to choose the right place for it. This culture feels great after plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, etc. Do not plant it after turnips, radishes or cabbage. Also, the shaded areas are not well tolerated by this culture.

So, when they plant a radish? In this respect, this plant is not very similar to all other crops. The summer radish should be planted as soon as possible. This culture is absolutely not afraid of frost. The optimal landing time is April. In the event that this is an early-ripening variety, you can even get two crops. The first is collected at the end of June. At the beginning of July, radish can be sown repeatedly. In this case, harvesting as the fruit grows.

But this raises the question of when the radish is planted, it is impossible to consider it exhausted. In the event that you did not sow it early in the spring, you can do it in the summer. At the same time, the most optimal time for landing may be the second half of June (15-20). Thus, winter varieties are grown. Seeds of both varieties of this culture are planted in rows (row spacing - 30 cm). After the first leaf appears on them, the shoots are thinned, removing all the weaker plants. Between the seedlings it is necessary to leave a distance of about 4 cm.

The second time, this procedure is carried out in about twenty days. In this case, the distance between the radish bushes should be approximately 15 cm. Both thinning is carried out after rain or plentiful watering. About when to plant a black radish, now you know. Regardless of the color of the peel, this culture is sown exactly at the time specified above. Like all root crops, the radish likes watering, especially at the first stage of growth and during the formation of tubers.

If you do not know about when to plant a radish margelan, then it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of this variety. This plant belongs to early maturing, and therefore it is necessary to sow it in the second half of June. The landing can also be carried out in rows, or in a nested way. The second method is considered more priority.

Often this plant is planted not on separate beds, but in combination with other crops. In this case, it can act as a soil compactor. Often similarly combine radish and potatoes. This applies to all varieties of this plant. Feed this culture not too often. You can use for this purpose both mineral fertilizers and ordinary manure. When harvesting, as already mentioned above, it is worth paying attention to the size of the root crop. If you overstay it, it can become hollow, cracked and lose its taste. Radish should be harvested when it reaches medium size, and the pulp will remain crispy and juicy.

So, we hope, we answered the question of when they plant a radish. Optimal are two terms - the end of April and the end of June. In this case, you can get an excellent harvest, provided, of course, the right care.

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