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The meaning of Christina's name is "dedicated to Christ," the freedom-loving girl

"Congratulations! You will have a girl! "- and immediately a huge wave of unimaginable emotions rolls on future parents. Girl! This is happiness! And then the couple has the most important question about how to name your angel. Maybe look for the name that lies at the root of the emergence of Russian history? Or turn to the east and its names, as stringy as honey? Or direct the stream of search into a modern channel, awarding the child with the famous name of a popular person? Or maybe ask God, who is the only one that truly helps to find the answer. Sometimes it is the name that is the very mark that determines the person's life path. One of the popular enough names for the girl is Christina.

"Belonging to or dedicated to Christ," a Christian is the main meaning of Christina's name. Having a very strong energy, the name pushes the girl to strength, elitism and chosenness. The absence of these qualities will turn the possessor into a timid creature. Its roots originate in the name of Christina goes to distant Ancient Greece. It is in the translation from the Greek language that it means "united with Christ". Christina from childhood is the father's favorite. Accumulating its features of masculinity and strength, it harmoniously combines them with the mild nature of the mother. Sometimes it is the excessive love of the pope that develops in the girl egoism and permissiveness. A born leader, Christina behaves with peers slightly arrogantly. Easily overcoming the thorns of school, she thinks about her future career from an early age.

Christian - this is another additional value of the name of Christina, embedded in it with Latin roots. Therefore, the analogue, or rather the ancestor of this name is the name of Christina, popular in Ancient Rus. Silence, thoughtfulness and seriousness - this is the main characteristic of the name Christina, who was born in the winter. Spring girls, who own this name, hide under a touch of romanticism a predisposition to illusions. A mysterious and good-natured temper is enjoyed by the summer Christina. Pedantry, rigor and accuracy - these are the main features of the nature of autumn girls.

The meaning of Christina's name leaves an imprint on the character and the main features of the woman's behavior. For the most part, the owners of this name quickly converge with people, but prefer a narrow, chosen circle of friends. Making the impression of a shy, sometimes even shy girl, she hides under her shell a stormy bright temperament.

Fast falling in love, the girls also quickly cool off under the influence of any, even minor obstacles. Surrounded by crowds of fans, Christina is guided exclusively by reason and chooses the most promising man, not succumbing to minute temptations. Completely giving herself to family happiness, a woman demands tireless care, love and encouragement. It often happens that Christina is married several times. In this case, they, in most cases, are born girls and very rarely - boys.

There is also a symbolic interpretation or letter meaning of the name Christina:

Alphabetical interpretation of the name

Name letter



This letter hides in itself endurance and strength, the ability to stand up for oneself, and also the main motivating principle - "all or nothing"


Means the ability to see the main thing even under a peel or a beautiful wrapper


This letter - as a pragmatic screen, under which hides a soft and kind nature


Striving for a good status and a solid financial position. At times, under the irritability, caprice and imperiousness


A sort of symbol of the cross. Relentlessly reminding his owner that one must live every moment


This letter - as a pragmatic screen, under which hides a soft and kind nature


Lays in the name of "note of protest", helping the carrier to extract from the pile of information only what is really valuable


Aspiration for spiritual comfort and thirst for accomplishment

Famous bearers of this name are: Christina Ricci, Christina Hendricks, Christina Aguilera, Christina Orbakaite, Christina Nilsson and others.

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