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Lessons of practical astrology. Month of January: the sign of the Zodiac

Let's remember what the zodiac signs are. These are the same stars, combining which with invisible lines, we get Sagittarius and Capricorn, Gemini and Pisces, Leo and Virgo, as well as all the other constellations that exert the strongest influence on our destinies and life paths. At certain times they occupy the leading place in the circle forming the Zodiac. Signs exactly 12, according to the number of months of the year. Everyone has a set of their own distinctive characteristics, with which the sign and empowers people under him born. From the ratio of the planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc.) with this sign depends on the worldview of this or that person, his habits, motivation of actions and character traits.

Winter signs. Capricorn

The month of January. The sign of the Zodiac, dominant in this period, is Capricorn. And the second one, coming to his place, is Aquarius. What are they characteristic of? Capricorn begins to reign in the sky from December 22, when the day becomes equal to the night, and ends on the feast of Epiphany - on January 19. He is the tenth on the count in the very circle and the third among the terrestrial. That's right: the element that controls Capricorns is Mother Earth. Saturn is one of the main planets of the time when January comes. The sign of the zodiac Capricorn is under the influence of this planet. It controls the core traits of the character of Capricorn people. A Saturnian man is distinguished by a deep analytical mind, he is given secret knowledge. He is distinguished by a cold, secretive, distrustful character. Often such personalities at the lowest level turn into secret ill-wishers, gray cardinals. And on the higher take-off of spiritual knowledge from the same cohort go Teachers, gurus, preaching religious teachings. By the way, the month of the birth of Jesus Christ - January, the sign of the zodiac - Capricorn. However, under the categories of "evil", "morose", "closed", he does not fall at all. But he belongs to the highest personalities! What is more characteristic of the "goat" (the astronomical symbol of the sign), so this is a huge restraint and self-discipline. Capricorn manages in the horoscope the 10th House, which in astrology is considered to be the personification of luck, wealth, accomplished hopes, prosperity. In this regard, and also because of its super-practicality, people of this sign have more chances to achieve their goals in life and to fly higher than others. True, for newborns there is a certain catch in January, too. Sign of the Zodiac Capricorn answers not only for the fundamental properties of individuals, but also for the bone system, the spine of those who were born during this period. They are injured of this kind, serious diseases. Knowing your weak points, Capricorns should beware of dislocations, fractures, sprains, etc.

Winter signs - Aquarius

Which sign of the Zodiac January continues, we found out: Aquarius. Its time comes from January 20, and ends on February 18. He is counted 11th, he controls the same House. The element that guides the people of the sign is air, and the patron-planet is the mysterious Uranus. The symbol of the sign is the figure pouring water from the jug. Therefore, Aquarians - people who give the world their knowledge and strength, ennobling it with their creative potential. They are persistent, persevering, do not focus on minor earthly problems, but are rushing to solve global problems, which, incidentally, is being handled quite successfully. What outstanding personalities gave the world this sign of the zodiac? January 25, for example, all students celebrate their holiday. He was called Tatiana's day in honor of the martyr Tatyana of Rome, who suffered severely, along with other 226 saints, for the Christian faith. Vysotsky was born the same day. And of the modern idols for Aquarius is the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here it is, what, January-month, which includes two such important zodiacal signs.

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