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Roll-cake "Fairy Tale"

The abundance of sweets on the shelves of the confectionery shops pleases, bakes, cakes, rolls and biscuits are presented. Sometimes I want to cook something from what I saw in the store, but many housewives stop the laboriousness of cooking.

Roll-cake is such a kind of delicacy that inexperienced housewives are afraid to cook on their own due to the alleged complexity of this process. But after reading this article, you can understand that everything is not so terrible and quite feasible. The dream of making guests and family happy with baking their own cooking will become a reality.

Ingredients for biscuit

In order to create such a confectionery masterpiece, as a roll-cake, you need to bake a biscuit.

Before you start preparing a biscuit test, you must first turn on the oven at a temperature of about 200 degrees, and also get a baking sheet for the future roll.

Prepare a biscuit is not difficult, it is necessary to have in the refrigerator:

- eggs (four pieces);

- granulated sugar (120 grams);

- flour (120 grams, better sifted).

Cooking sponge cake

Particular care should be exercised in the process of separation and whipping of egg particles - protein and yolk.

We try to prevent the yolk from getting into the protein, otherwise the proteins will not rise during whipping.

Also an important rule when whipping the proteins is that they need to be placed in a dry clean container.

In the yolks, add half the sugar and whisk at high speed until a homogeneous light yellow foamy mass.

Further mine and dry the corolla. Let's start whipping the proteins.

Add the remaining sugar in them and whisk at the maximum speed until a thick foam forms, which will not drop out when turning the vessel.

It's time to mix the beaten parts of the eggs.

To do this, take the silicone scapula and carefully add the proteins into the yolks.

Sifted flour should be combined with the egg mass with a silicone scapula, gently but at the same time rapidly mixing, so that there are no lumps, floury islets on the dough and the squirrels did not have time to settle.

We bake a biscuit

We cover the baking tray with butter or vegetable oil, cover with parchment paper, which is also generously spread with the same fat.

The prepared dough is poured onto a baking sheet and gently leveled with a spatula.

We put in the heated oven for no more than 13 minutes, and it is forbidden to open the oven door during baking because the dough will fall due to a sudden change in temperature.

At the end of the set time, we take out the pan, cool the biscuit, without removing it from the mold and parchment. The cake is covered tightly with a film and placed in a refrigerator for 8-12 hours.

Cream "Charlotte"

Biscuit is a kind of pie that "plays" well with many types of creams and impregnations, especially with their fat options. Cream-cake is perfectly combined with butter custard. The recipe for one of the most delicate and delicious we will consider.

To prepare it you will need:

- butter (200 grams, oil should be bold and high quality);

- eggs (two pieces);

- Milk (125 milliliters);

- granulated sugar (170 grams);

- vanilla sugar (one sachet);

- cognac (one tablespoon);

- cocoa powder (one teaspoon).

We begin to prepare the cream

To do this, we first take the butter from the refrigerator and let it soften.

Next, we separate the proteins from the yolks and mix them with milk. The resulting mass percolate, in order to get rid of the yolk film. Add sugar and vanilla.

The resulting mixture is put on a small fire, bring to a boil, cook until thick, while constantly stirring.

Turn off the fire, cover the resulting mass with a film and cool it down to about twenty degrees.

Next, take the butter and whisk it blender at high speed to a lush, almost white mass. Periodically add a spoonful of cooled syrup and whisk, the last spoon should be with cognac.

The resulting cream should be divided into equal parts and one of them added cocoa, mix and beat. The white part of the cream can be divided into several parts and dyed in the right colors with dyes.


This is the simplest stage that requires a roll-cake.

It will take:

- water 115 grams;

- granulated sugar (100 grams);

- cognac (one tablespoon).

Sugar is mixed with water in a saucepan, brought to a boil, cooled and add cognac.

The syrup for biscuit impregnation is ready.

We collect roll-cake

We take out a biscuit cake from the refrigerator, remove the film and parchment from it, cut off the edges evenly.

The remains of the cake are three on a grater and add cocoa powder (about one teaspoon) to the mass. The resulting mixture is spread on a dry baking sheet and dried in the oven.

We return to the cake, which waits for it to be saturated with syrup. Do it better with a spoon or a brush.

Next, starting from the edge from which we will twist the cake, we put a lot of white cream. Carefully turn off.

Apply the chocolate cream to the top of the resulting roll. We cover the sides of our masterpiece with dried biscuit crumbs.

If desired, you can decorate the surface of the confectionery with colored creams.

The resulting beauty is sent to the refrigerator for several (five to six) hours for better impregnation.

Cake-roll, with a photo you can see in this article, is ready.

Bon Appetit!

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