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Treatment for ticks. Defending ourselves

With the onset of the summer period, the most favorite entertainment is trips to nature and moving to the warmer months of the country houses or summer cottages. Greenery, sun, clean air - it's all fine, but the danger of a bite of ticks is great . And this means that before handling shish kebab, fishing, picking mushrooms or moving to your house closer to nature, treatment from ticks is necessary.

Trips to nature

Before you go to nature, you must carefully prepare. Countryside territory is not treated from dangerous insects, therefore personal safety measures should be followed. First, you should wear closed clothing, especially on your feet. The head should be covered with a panama, kerchief or other dense headdress. Secondly, it is necessary to use means of protection against ticks, which in stores abound. It can be an aerosol or a pencil. Antifungal agent is applied to clothing, as well as to exposed areas of the skin, while avoiding them entering the mouth, eyes and nose.

Protecting Your Site

Treatment of the territory against ticks is quite a difficult task, but feasible. It is impossible to just come, etch, and then live peacefully. Handling of the ticks of their territory is a whole complex of measures that must be carried out in order to feel full of confidence in their safety and the safety of their dear people.

First, it is necessary to clean the site of old branches and dry grass. It is best to collect everything by rake and burn it. Also, to prevent subsequent insects from entering the site, a small ditch should be dug along the perimeter, into which the preparation for pest control is to be filled.

If the site is cleaned, then the next step is processing it from the mites. Destroy dangerous insects by chemical or mechanical means. Etching is performed with the help of special preparations, and it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and observe the safety measures. The best time for etching is considered to be the period when snow melted, because the tongs were still lethargic and did not become active. After spraying the antifungal agent, it is not recommended to walk around the site for about 3 days, because under the influence of toxic agents, the mites become active, which increases the risk of bite.

If, for some reason, there is no way to etch the site and the surrounding territory, you can simply collect the ticks that are on the site. To do this, take a stick and tie a white linen to one end. Then walk along the site by traversing the grass on the canvas. All mites that were on the rag must be burned. This is how the mechanical treatment of ticks is performed.

Even after cleaning the site of ticks, it is necessary to take care of preventive measures. Firstly, it is necessary to limit access to the site of stray animals. Most often, mites fall on the site with rodents, so you should set traps and poison for them. If there are pets that go abroad the treated area, then it is strongly recommended to purchase protection against ticks and for them. These can be drops that drip onto the withers of an animal, or a special collar. If this is not done, then the treatment for ticks can be a waste of time and, most importantly, lead to undesirable consequences.

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