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Try a delicious dough on sour cream

I want to tell you a universal recipe for a very tasty pie. It is easy and quick to prepare a dough for sour cream cake. The resulting baking can be eaten in the form of a cake or cut along, smeared with cream and get an unusual cake.

In order to make a short dough on sour cream, take the following products: 2 eggs, 200 grams of sour cream (it is better to take 15-20%), a glass of sugar, half a can of condensed milk, a couple of teaspoons of soda, vinegar, half a glass of flour.

To make a dough on sour cream , proceed as follows. Whisk the sour cream with soda ash. Then in the resulting mass gradually add the rest of the products, alternately stirring the ingredients. The latter is added flour.

Pour the resulting mass into a greased baking dish and bake at 180 degrees for half an hour.

You can experiment and on the basis of this recipe get a few different cupcakes. Dough on sour cream for pie is perfectly combined with dried fruits and nuts. Try to add crushed walnuts or almonds in the dough - and you will get a delicious nutty pie. Add raisins, dried apricots or prunes - the sweet cake will melt in your mouth. Add candied fruits - and get a bright and unusual cake that kids will really like.

Moreover, sour cream dough is perfect for its harmonious combination with fruits and vegetables. You can, for example, add grated carrots - the pie turns bright orange. Or add chopped apples, pears, bananas - whatever. A delicious cake is obtained if you add berries to the dough, for example, cherries, strawberries or blueberries. Any such pie invariably turns appetizing and useful.

And a biscuit dough on sour cream can be an excellent basis for a festive cake. For example, you can make an original cake like "Ivashka kucheryavy" - an analog of the popular cake called "Sancho".

To do this, prepare the dough for the above recipe. Then, before you start baking the cake, divide the dough into two pieces. Add cocoa to one of them. Both cakes are baked separately, in different forms. After baking light crust cut into square pieces, about 1.5 and a half inches.

Make a cream, the best also sour cream. To do this, take 800 grams of sour cream, a packet of butter and two-thirds of a glass of sugar. To make the cream tastier, replace 200 grams of sour cream for the same amount of creamy cream. Mix all the ingredients well with a mixer until a uniform mass is formed.

The cut pieces of the cake are dipped in the cream and laid out on a dark cake in the form of a slide. The remaining cream is poured on top.

Those who love very sweet cakes, you can advise to try a cream made from butter and condensed milk. Stir well a pack of butter and half a can of condensed milk. But notice, if you decide to make a cake with this cream, then the bottom cake should be soaked with syrup so that the cake turns juicy and soft.

The resulting cake can be decorated with glaze on top. To make it, you need to take half a cup of butter, a couple of spoons of sour cream, twice as much sugar and 4 teaspoons of cocoa. All products are triturated on fire until boiling. When the resulting mass cools down, the cake is poured over it. Glaze can write some greeting that will make the cake even more original.

Here is a universal dough on sour cream for pie can be prepared. In any form and with any ingredients, such a pie will become a favorite for your children. And the cake made on its basis will become an excellent decoration of the festive table for your whole family.

Bon Appetit! Cook deliciously and with pleasure!

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