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Actress Natalia Trubnikova: biography, personal life. The best roles

Natalia Trubnikova is one of the brightest beauties of Soviet cinema. To the audience she was most remembered as Melisent, this hero played the star in the fairy tale "June 31". Colleagues and journalists dubbed Natalia "actress screen test", as she was often rejected because of the "non-Soviet" appearance. What is known about this amazing woman, her creative victories and offscreen life?

Natalia Trubnikova: childhood

The future of "Melissent" was born in Moscow, it happened in July 1955. Even in her early childhood, the girl was struck by the mysterious world of ballet. Natalia Trubnikova dreamed of being like Maya Plisetskaya, who made an indelible impression on her in the production of The Dying Swan. The girl's first talents were given the opportunity to be assessed by relatives and friends of the family, for whom she danced with pleasure to the accompaniment of her father's piano.

Parents respected the desire of their daughter, the ballet group Natalia Trubnikova with their help began to visit even in kindergarten age. To engage in ballet the child continued in the school years, which had a negative impact on the grades. However, Natasha did not care about school performance, because she did not doubt that she would become a ballerina.

First successes and failures

After graduating from school, the future star easily entered the GITIS, choosing the choreography department. She was gladly invited to dance on the stage of the Moscow Academic Music Theater. In her student years Natalia Trubnikova reflected on the career of the actress, as the teachers spoke positively about her dramatic talent.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the future "Melissa" was too bright, according to the cinematic superiors, convinced that the beginning actress would not be able to create the traditional image of the "Komsomol girl". Natalia always received refusals, she learned to treat this philosophically. Trubnikova could make her debut in the film "Khutorok in the steppe," but had to refuse, because she was going to go to France on tour. Attempt of the beginning actress to play Mary Poppins also did not succeed - she was not taken without explanations.

In the movie "Romance of the Lovers" viewers could also see such a wonderful actress as Natalia Trubnikova. The biography of the star testifies that she long regretted her refusal to star in this film. The role was to her liking, but it seemed too complicated.

Starring role

The creator of the picture "June 31", which gave Trubnikova long-awaited glory, was Leonid Kvinikhidze. The search for actors able to cope with the main roles, the master began in 1978. Of course, he paid special attention to the search for a girl who will be able to embody the image of the beautiful Melissa. The director considered various candidates, managed to deny such stars as Shanin, Alferov. Natalia got this role, as Leonid delighted her "unearthly" eyes.

The musical fairy tale "June 31" told about the love that the artist Sam, living nowadays, experienced to the beautiful Princess Melicente from the Middle Ages. The fate of the painting, which in 1979 made an indelible impression on Soviet viewers, was difficult. Alexander Godunov, who played one of the main roles, did not return from the tour in the United States, appealing to the local authorities to grant him political asylum. Demonstration of a fantastic story in theaters was banned for many years. However, actress Natalia Trubnikova, who played Melicentu, managed to become famous and get thousands of fans.

In addition to "June 31", the actress can be seen in such films as "Death on Takeoff", "The Secret of the Snow Queen", "Fantaser".

Life Behind the Scenes

Of course, the audience is interested not only in the films in which Natalia Trubnikova managed to act. Personal life "Melissent" settled in the student years. Her chosen one was Anatoly Kulakov, in marriage with whom the actress is and at the moment. Anatoly also managed to achieve success in the sphere of ballet, his acquaintance with Natalia was held during the joint performance.

The husband and wife became organizers of the "Russian Academy of Models", in this school they work as teachers. Child Trubnikova did not give birth, which she does not regret, as her life is devoted to her favorite work.

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