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Ivan Kaspersky: biography, photos and interesting facts

Today Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the most famous brand in Russia, which is used by millions of people who use computers for various purposes. It's not hard to guess that he came up with a product designed to destroy worms and Trojans, a man named Kaspersky. And his name is Eugene. Having created Kaspersky Anti-Virus, it turned into one of the country's main virus viruses. Naturally, the once developed program, which is regularly updated, brought him a huge profit. Often well-off people fall into the sight of intruders. The scheme of their crimes is as old as the world. They kidnap their relatives for ransom. Did not escape this fate and the son of Eugene - Ivan Kaspersky. The young man was estimated by criminals in 3 million rubles. This resonant illegal act became the topic number 1 in popular periodicals.

But, before moving on to the manner in which Ivan Kaspersky was abducted and who is guilty of this high-profile crime, a few words about the very son of a millionaire.

An ordinary youth

It is known that he is the youngest child born in marriage with Natalia Kasperskaya. Ivan was born in 1991, and at the time of the kidnapping he turned twenty. He lived the usual life of a modern young man. I spent a lot of time with my peers, I spent hours talking in social networks. In addition, Ivan Kaspersky, whose biography is not widely known, met with a girl who subsequently married. In general, this is how millions of young people live.

Inadvertence was costly

All would be nothing but one detail. Ivan Kaspersky, who spent a lot of time in the virtual world, did not see anything shameful in leaving his coordinates in the network.

This is what the attackers used. With the modern development of technology today you can learn not only the address and phone number of a particular person, but also the place of work of his parents.


After some time, Ivan Kaspersky, a photo of which immediately got to the press after the news of his abduction, was chosen by attackers as a victim. They were the son and father of Savelyev, Oleg Mayukov and Semyon Gromov. In addition, an accomplice in this resonant case was ex-employee of the security agency Alexei Ustimchuk. The latter, however, went to cooperate with the investigating authorities, for which he was also relaxed. So, the criminals began to collect information about the son of a millionaire, who was a student at Moscow State University (Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics). The kidnappers conducted regular monitoring of the young man, who at that time rented an apartment together with the girl Catherine in the north-western district of the capital. Soon they already knew in detail the entire daily routine of the young man.

Ivan Kaspersky, whose personal life was under surveillance, and could not imagine that he was going to be kidnapped in the courtyard of his own house.

Criminals change the plan

But the perpetrators changed their mind about committing a crime in the yard. They were alerted, first, the police stronghold nearby, and, secondly, outdoor surveillance cameras . Yes, and in the courtyard constantly to and fro people. As a result, it was decided that Ivan Kaspersky would be abducted elsewhere. Where exactly? The criminals chose an industrial area, located near the office of Info-Watch. It was a relatively deserted place, from which it was a stone's throw to the Moscow Ring Road. Calculation of intruders was simple: if the OMON will calculate them and begin to pursue, it will be easier for them to get lost in the suburbs.

Goal Achieved

Now the attackers did not doubt that they would have the son of a millionaire - Ivan Kaspersky. The kidnapping took place in the morning when the young man went to work (mother's office). The abductors, namely Mayukov and Gromov, blocked the way for the young man and forcefully pushed him into the car.

Ivan drove for a long time along the streets of the capital, so that the police could not reach the trail of criminals. Then they transplanted the young man into another car and headed towards the exit from the city. Then the attackers demanded from young Kaspersky that he called first his mother and then his father and told them that he was kidnapped. Ivan's parent was at that time in the British capital, and news of his offspring forced him to fly to Moscow urgently. Yevgeny Valentinovich, despite the categorical prohibitions of intruders, immediately appealed to law enforcement agencies and said that his son, Ivan Kaspersky, was a victim of a crime.

In parallel with this, the Savelievs along with accomplices came to the Sergiev Posad district of the Moscow region (the "Grove" garden association), where they rented a private house in advance and forcibly placed the kidnapped youth in a building that served as a bathhouse. The victim was kept in handcuffs, and in an unheated room.

The Humanism of the abductors

And what did he feel when he was kept in a bath, Ivan Kaspersky? The young man himself reported interesting facts about his stay in captivity. He noted that the criminals treated him with amiability. The young men were given food and even brought him a book, so that there was something to be done.

At the same time, the kidnappers reassured the young man that, he said, he was temporarily in the bathhouse and, after some time, he would be returned safely and unharmed. But for this to happen, they demanded a ransom of 3 million euro from the creator of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. As long as five days spent in confinement Ivan Kaspersky, interesting facts from whose life after his release, many newspapers in the capital relished. But the kidnappers could not get the money, because the special services worked competently and professionally.

Detention operation

Guardians of the law and order took several days to reach the trail of the kidnappers. They repeatedly called mother and father Ivan, reminding them of ransom. It is not hard to guess that the location helped to determine the signal of the mobile phone. After that, it was decided to carry out an operation to free the son of a millionaire, in which representatives of the Moscow threat and officers of the FSB took part.

After the next call of criminals at the insistence of the police Evgeny Valentinovich agreed to pay a ransom for his son. They were handed over to the courier, who was to meet with the intruders. The detention occurred at a time when the entire gang went to buy. The car, on which the kidnappers moved, was stopped by traffic police officers. At the same time, another group of operatives was engaged in the release of Ivan, who was left to guard one of the criminals, but the victim was not injured. As a result, the criminals were handcuffed and already in the department they were charged with extortion and kidnapping.

Distribution of roles

The detectives also found out how the roles were distributed in the gang. The organizers of the crime were the son and father of Savelyev. Their accomplices were the acquaintances of Savelyev, Jr.: Semyon Gromov, the former Chekist Alexei Ustimchuk and his neighbor Oleg Mayukov. During the preliminary investigation, the senior Savelyev and Semyon Gromov confessed to the kidnapping of Ivan Kaspersky. As for Mayukov, he said that Ustimchuk inclined him to a crime. The role of the latter in this criminal history is quite significant. It was the former intelligence officer who entered into an agreement with the Savelievs. He was instructed to buy three foreign cars and two dozen mobile phones with anonymous contracts of operators.


The consideration of the criminal case of the kidnapping of the son of the developer of Kaspersky Anti-Virus was held in the summer of 2013.

All members of the criminal group were sentenced to real prison terms. In particular, Saveliev the elder received 11 years, his son - a year less. Oleg Mayukov will sit for 7 years. Semyon Gromov will go to jail for 9 years. But Alexei Ustimchuk received the least of all - 4,5 years, because at the preliminary investigation stage he agreed to actively cooperate with the investigation.

On the question posed to Savelyev the elder, about why he needed such a large amount, he answered: "Money was needed for treatment." But, as it later turned out, no serious health problems caused the organizer of the crime to suffer. The tactic of criminal conduct by the younger Savelyev was explained simply: "I was forced to be near my father because I did not want him to be prosecuted." All the convicts went to serve their sentence in a strict-security colony.

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