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Business idea. How to With Small Investments Engage in Serious Business

Excellent business idea has visited the owners of the auto portal After looking at all sorts of coupon sites, sites of collective purchases, they noticed that, not filled with the niche of this business! Among the millions of discounts on goods and services, the majority of the adult population of the whole world - financial well-being - has not been attracted to it. Let's start in order!
From my youth I dreamed of owning my own business, but somehow everything did not grow together, mainly because of a lack of finance, but wandering around the Internet, I came across sat and realized: The business idea is close to me, the theme is the same .
What was proposed there: gather in a team of 20, 50, 100 people, open a joint-stock company and buy an operating, profitable business. Then it was a car service worth 150 thousand dollars. At that time I had about eight thousand and I immediately decided. I was bribed by the fact that no one asked me to pay $ 1500 per share and wait for the weather at the sea, bribed the full openness of the whole scheme.
I bought 5 coupons (1 coupon-one share) that was a guarantee of my desire to participate in the project. Activated the coupons and waited. About 10 days later I got a call from a employee who told me what documents I needed to take with me in order to become a co-founder of the joint-stock company and we agreed on the place and time of the meeting. It was the center of Moscow, the office of the company, which deals with the registration of legal entities. I must say that in addition to me, there was still a man of 35 who also came for a dream)
Passed documents, we quickly enough and went home to expect information and a new life! About three weeks later I received a call from Harto and was invited to come to the bank, and an hour before that I received the statutory documents, the bank details and a copy of the contract of sale of the desired car-care center! I did not expect anything in life with such impatience as the next day! Trips to the bank. I came to the bank, paid $ 7500 to the account and again began to wait, I could not find a place, so two days passed when I finally waited for the call. Two days it took all shareholders to deposit their sums into the account in order to pay the full cost of the car service. At 11 am the next day we agreed to meet already on the spot in the car service, which was 5% owned by me !!! Greater happiness, I could not imagine. Everything, cherished 10.45 am, I'm standing at the gate, everything is trembling with excitement, people are coming up, some I already saw when I applied for registration, some saw in the bank, they are just as worried as I gathered 37 people , Although the shareholders were 41, four could not come. Exactly at 11 the meeting began, we discussed the business development plan, the strategy so to speak, got acquainted with each other, signed some voting protocols and happy and satisfied, almost the whole company went to the nearest cafe to mark and wash the acquisition.
I must say that the "Khartovtsy" did everything competently and organized, everything was fine-tuned. After about a couple of weeks, my car was busted and I decided to go to my service, first check and see, and secondly, as a co-owner, I had a 30% discount on the work (cost price) and 15% for spare parts. What I saw, I was amazed!) In a good sense of the word, in the repair room on the lifts there were 4 cars (there were only 4 lifts), just in the shop I counted another 12 cars made or waiting for repair and 15 cars stood in the yard.
When I introduced myself, I was serviced out of the queue as the owner, although I still had to wait 20 minutes and made it to glory, I can not say anything.
The first number has come (only 3 weeks have passed since the purchase), SMS from the bank comes to me, that I received 6913 rubles on my account, for a long time I thought it was for money. Only then it dawned on me that these were my dividends. With me again contacted "Khartovtsy" and invited to the meeting of shareholders, it turned out that for all the convenient time Saturday 12 am.
For a friendly tea party, we decided that we do not have enough production capacity, there are many orders, but there are few boxes and masters. We decided to expand.
For two months none of us received notices from the bank about unexpected receipts)) we unanimously voted for it, but these two months the work was just boiling, we made an extension, put up two more lifts, bought another spray booth ..
I will not bore you with a long story, but the fact is that the service began to bring a really very good income, from my invested $ 7500, a month I received 500-550, and sometimes it came to eight hundred (This is the season of the tinsmith))
Now we are going to buy the second service with the whole team, only now I will try to buy more shares.

The idea of business is amazing, one in the field is not a warrior, and together we are power, we and "Lukoil" can buy on the shoulder)
Thank you guys, you helped me find myself,
PS Now I work at my service as a sales manager of spare parts and in addition to monthly payments I also receive a salary. Http://

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