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Status about myself, my favorite, with the meaning: a compilation for all occasions

Who does not like to write status from time to time in social networks: funny, sad, angry - it all depends on the mood and the situation. And so the status of a favorite (with a sense or funny) post every first. After all, even the aphorisms of the great Faina Ranevskaya are now perceived precisely in this vein.

For the envious

If you want to "snap on the nose" of your ill-wishers and look for a status about yourself, your beloved, with a sense, then see a small selection below. Maybe there is something suitable.

  • If you are discussing me, then you do not care. I do not care, and I do not discuss you. Once, you know.
  • Nothing motivates you better than your envy: I read - and the mood rises, and I want to do great things again.
  • Yes, beautiful, yes, smart, yes, sexy. With a fur coat, a car and a tough guy. And who prevents you?
  • Before you throw a stone in my garden, take a good look at your own. Looked closely? That's the same.
  • I like to upload photos, so many new and interesting to myself, my favorite, I find out.
  • For those who visit my page more often than their own, I can only say one thing: I'm clever and beautiful, and you just confirm this.

With humor

Are you in a good mood or do you want to fool around a bit? Then the status about itself, favorite, with sense, but comic will approach or suit.

  • I'm not a princess or a queen. I am a goddess. Worship.
  • I'll wake up and look in the mirror: my hair is on end, my eyes are swollen, my cheek marks the cushion ... Is not it a miracle?
  • They say that wherever we are not, it's always good. But there, where I am, is always awesome!
  • Rare view. A single copy. Exclusive tuning. Unique firmware. True, there is no guarantee. Only for those who are not afraid to take risks.
  • I the present girl: say one, I think another, I do the third, and I dream ... Oh, about what I only do not dream!

  • Let the horses stop at a gallop stop, and I'm a girl. So give me coffee and a pie.
  • Today I'm white and fluffy, just an angel. Because I forgot my broom.
  • I'm not vindictive, I just have a good memory.
  • I do not have cockroaches in my head. They have long devoured some terrible monster.
  • I'm all so sudden, contradictory. Already most scary.
  • Do not awake the beast in me. Wake up - just do not get laid so easily.
  • Blonde, clever and beautiful. Not looking for anyone. Just bragging.
  • I'm like a convertible. The same steep and without a roof.
  • I easily get started, quickly start, slowly cool down.
  • Professionally I attack the same rake. Maybe it's time to give master classes?
  • I'm kind, very kind. When I get enough sleep.

Add poison

Do you want something special? Then the status about itself, favorite, with sense (stinker) will approach or suit.

  • If a bitch is a woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve it, then yes, this is about me.
  • Today I wanted to be a nice and kind girl. Until my inner bitch woke up and sent this venture to hell.

  • Bitchiness is not a defect, it is a state of mind.
  • I'm not a hamster, but a virtuoso of the word: I do not swear at math, but I send it beautifully.
  • Why did we break up? I was bored. Yes, this also happens.
  • It's difficult to be a princess when the crown slips.
  • I will not run after you, wait for calls or SMS. Do not like me - the door is there.
  • It's not me that I allow myself too much, it's you who allow yourself too little.
  • To communicate with a man you need only two fingers: you point the mouse, the middle one - you send.
  • To be respected, first learn to respect yourself, and not whine, that someone has a better life.

Status to myself, my beloved

With the meaning you may like these phrases:

  • Yes, I am strong, purposeful, I can and can do everything. But sometimes you want to wrap yourself in a plaid or ask for a pen.
  • If you leave, you can return a million times. If I leave, it's forever.
  • I'm not alone. I'm self-sufficient.

  • Even the strongest women have the right to weakness.
  • Each "vanilla Barbie" also has a heart. And while I portray an impenetrable bitch, she cries for your rudeness and anger.

In verse

If you want to be original, then you should try to post the status about yourself, your favorite, with the meaning in verse. For example, such.

I'm quiet, bold, sad,

Playful, tender, fatal.

Cheerful, pretentious, serious,

Silly, clever, clockwork.

I'm timid or bitchy,

A rock of granite, a lady of nervous,

An angel, then an evil witch,

But the main thing is always by yourself.

Looking for a status about yourself, loved one, with meaning, playful and at the same time in verse? You are welcome!

On heels or in sneakers,

With make-up or without,

I'm equally pretty,

Well, it's a miracle from miracles!

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