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Clothing skinheads, symbols, hairstyles. youth subculture

Skinheads are a common subculture, attracting mostly urban youth. A distinctive attribute of people that associate themselves with this social phenomenon is a special, specific style in shaping the appearance. Let's find out what kind of clothes skinheads are, what hairstyles and symbols are worn by representatives of this subculture.

A short excursion into the history

In the late 60s of the last century, representatives of the working class from the English cities of Liverpool and London began to resist the ideology of the hippies, whose main slogan was "Peace and Love." The skinhead's long hairdos of the latter began to contrast the naked nape of the head. Fluff and loose shirts were not recognized as representatives of the new subculture and were replaced by neatly fitted clothing in a militaristic style.

Soon hippies and skinheads from English cities began to engage in regular skirmishes. The reason was not the racist views of skinheaded young people, but the desire to convey to the opponents the need to honor their proletarian origin. A huge impact on the behavior of skinheads had an impending economic crisis that made the supporters of the movement behave more aggressively. Soon they began to listen to "wild", heartbreaking music, to organize mass brawls in the streets and football stadiums. All this was done to draw the attention of the authorities to the problems of poor, useless youth. Later, some skinheads began to publicly announce their fascist principles for the sake of fear.

In the 80s, fashion, ideology and tattoos of skinheads spread across developed European countries. Representatives of the subculture increasingly began to notice in protests and demonstrations. At this time, several neo-Nazi groups were formed in Britain, which took the skinhead appearance as their own style. However, the phenomenon did not find mass support. Very soon, organizations of skinheaded young people began to be formed, which called for resistance to the Nazis.


Before we consider the style, clothing and symbolism of skinheads, let's find out which factions the representatives of this subculture share:

  1. Red Skins is a movement, especially common among Italian youth. Like the Nazis, the "red skinheads" view violence as the only true solution for stimulating low-activity social masses to act. Members of the group declare the need to fight capitalist views. Their distinctive attribute is the presence of red laces on rough military boots.
  2. Traditional skinheads differ in their apolitical views. Representatives of the movement promote an ideology that is closest to the notions of the first British skinheads of the mid-1960s. Despite this traditional skinheads are quite aggressive personalities. They demonstrate open hatred of street beggars, people of non-traditional sexual orientation, as well as personalities that have a manner of shockingly dressing.
  3. SHARP - skinheads (girls and boys) who advocate the elimination of racial prejudices in society. The movement began to develop in the United States in the 1980s.
  4. RASH - skinheads are anarchists. The movement originated in the 90's in Canada. Local skinheads expressed dissatisfaction with their own identification with extremely aggressive representatives of the Red Skins subculture. Therefore, they created an alternative, more liberal current.
  5. Gay skinheads are skinheads who openly advocate for the rights of sexual minorities. Representatives of the group are engaged in organizing public initiatives against homophobia. Such views among skinheads are prevalent mainly in Western Europe.


At the dawn of subculture development, skinheads stood out from the crowd with a carefully shaved head. However, far from all the ideologists of the fashion movement were inclined to this style. For example, skinheads-girls preferred to get rid of hair only in the nape of the neck or over the ears, leaving long locks on the crown and on the forehead. Some guys created high Iroquois, which were painted in various colors of the rainbow in protest against the existing foundations in society.

As for modern skinheads, most of them shave their heads with an electric typewriter. It is allowed to wear mustaches, whiskers or thick beards.

Pants and skirts

Clothing skinheads involves the use of straight jeans with tucked cuffs. This is done to create an emphasis on powerful army shoes, which should frighten ill-wishers. Skinheads are often treated with a bleach by a bleach so that there are stains on the surface that are somewhat reminiscent of a camouflage pattern.

Among the girls-skinheads are popular short shorts with sloppy trimmed edges. Also they can be seen in checkered or camouflage skirts. Combine these outfits with fishnet stockings on the garters.

Outer clothing of skinheads

Most skinheads prefer to wear coarse coat of military cut. In the warm season, representatives of the subculture switch to strict jackets, popularly known as "bombers." The latter must be black or olive shade.

Girls-skinheads like to use worn leather jackets, sheepskins, and also checkered coats. In combination with coarse shoes, a thick-colored sweatshirt or pullovers look like a worthy reflection of the style.

Under a jacket or a coat is usually worn knitted shirts with checkered motifs. It is allowed to wear a knitted sweater with a cut in the form of letter V or all the same hoodies with a zipper over this shirt. As an alternative to such clothing, skinhead girls often prefer cardigans with buttons.


Clothing skinheads are often complemented by suspenders. Many skinheads wear them over a shirt or sweater. Preference is given to suspenders of black or red, as well as combinations of these tones.


As already noted at the beginning of our material, the first skinheads were ordinary laborers, representatives of the working class. For this reason, rough leather shoes with a massive sole remain to this day the traditional footwear of youth, which associates itself with this subculture.

To buy suitable shoes, today it is not necessary to visit a specialized skinhead shop. It is enough to pay attention to boots or boots of such brands as "Doctor Martens", Steel or Camelot. Among some factions, wearing old shoes for bowling is also welcome. In the case of shoes, there is no difference between the male and female variants.

Symbolism of skinheads

Next, I would like to consider the main symbols with which the subculture of skinheads is associated:

  • Posse Comitatus is a sign that confirms the willingness of a man to take up arms to assist law enforcement officers in capturing criminals and establishing public order. The symbol looks like a star of the American sheriff, which contains the corresponding inscriptions.
  • Anarchy Sign (red letter "A" on a black background) is a symbol of skinheads and anarchists fiercely opposed to power, as part of their ideology is the belief that the secret Jewish organizations rule the world.
  • Boot Symbols - a symbol in the form of a rough boot with a metal insert on the toe, which skinheads are often used as a weapon capable of causing injury. It is a sign that should frighten off enemies.
  • Crucified Skinhead - an icon in the form of a crossed on the cross skinhead, which is an attribute of traditional representatives of the subculture.
  • Hammerskins - two crossed hammers placed on a contrasting background, which symbolize the pride of the working class. A sign is often seen as the logo of a racist trend in a subculture.
  • American Front - the letter "A", encrypted in the crosshairs of the optical sight. Acts as a distinctive sign of American skinheads from the state of Arkansas, who openly propagandize communist ideals.

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