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Phrases of Gopnik. How to understand them?

In modern society, each person is a member of different groups. It can be at the same time a work collective, a circle of knitting, a company of friends and a meeting of neighbors. Entering into such groups implies the acquisition of a social status, and at the same time a social role. But there are representatives of society whose position is not always pleasant and understandable to people. For example, gopnik. Their behavior makes us wonder if they are ready to be part of society at all? Often they are rude, ill-bred and do not cause the slightest approval or sympathy. Phrases of gopnik are introduced into a stupor, because their meaning is not always clear to everyone. To find out what they are talking about, you need to disassemble their slang.

Who are gopnik?

Gopnik is a certain group of people who do not always cause positive emotions. They are poorly educated, devoid of concepts about culture of people (more often teenagers), who behave rudely, honor their "laws" and are engaged in the fact that they "run into" others. Gopnik and the criminal are not identical concepts, although the former is close to the criminal world.

The lack of money in combination with the origin of low-income families is the reason that the "goal" for passers-by is to "confiscate" small money, watches, phones. At the same time they introduce their victim into a trance, under pressure, she gives herself values to him. A special role is played here by the phrases of Gopnik.

What are the gopniks talking about?

It is useless to guess what they talk about with each other, since all attention should be focused on what the Gopnik phrases are, the "attacks" of which are frightening and stifled. Their main goal is to "let" the victim, to show that they are the ones who "decide everything" and "are responsible for their bazaar" and, if possible, take away material values. To address the people gopnik use different reasons. The slang of gopnik, the phrases they use to engage the victim in a dialogue, can boil down to: "Hey, man, is there a living thing?" Pss, where are you going? Girl, does your mother-in-law need you? ", Etc.

How say gopnik?

In the manner of what a person says, one can draw a conclusion about how he is brought up, what his level of intelligence is and how he can behave in society. This can be determined by the dialect of uneducated and coarse groups of people, because the way Gopnik speak, phrases and slang words immediately demonstrate their level of development. With the goal of "hit", all of them said will be in a tough, brutal form, because they have to show themselves as real men.

"The boy said - the boy did," "Brother for a brother is taken as a basis," "A clear-cut boy in life in the subject" - these are the original mottos of gopot that are often used by them to show that they have their own principles that should be respected From other people. But in practice this does not occur.

Phrases of Gopnik

Gopnik are different, each such "gang" can have its crown phrases, but one can distinguish those to which each of these classes resorts. They often call their homies "Vasya", which on their slang is equated, to put it mildly, with a fool; They ask each other deep philosophical questions such as "Who are you in life?"; They take care of the health of passers-by and check their hearing with the phrase "Hear, you". Without jokes, Gopnik's phrases are a phenomenon that is both ridiculous and terrible. Their most popular statements are:

  1. "You Th, lured? / You Th, fraer? "- Outrage.
  2. "You're so cheeky?" - A reaction to an attempt to protest Gopnik.
  3. "Come here, boy! Listen, you Th, do not understand? Come here, said! "- Involvement in conversation.
  4. "Are there 50 copses (kopecks)? To travel is not enough "- a request for help.
  5. "The arrow at five? I'll come any way, "- a promise to be at a meeting that is scheduled for five hours.
  6. "Do you drive cha?" - the interlocutor says sheer stupidity.
  7. "Well, I'm a deer, I forgot my home." "I'm a fool, because I forgot the cash at home."
  8. "Bro, what color are you?" - "Tell me about yourself."
  9. "Zachichanite, what I admonished". - "Look, what sneakers / sneakers Adidas I bought."
  10. "From whitefish, I'm generally numb. Stuck tough "- a strong action of tobacco products.
  11. "Maybe on the courts we'll talk?" - "Maybe we'll sit down?"

All this is accompanied by obscene vocabulary, which is used, they say, "for a bunch of words." This, first of all, makes people feel sharply negative feelings at the sight of such citizens. Phrases of Gopnik are a separate language, which can be understood only by those who "squeeze out the cache" and who "all nishtyak".

How to behave with gopnik?

When such a "raid" is introduced by such a group of people at a disadvantage, it is not worth using their own weapons, namely, the words of the Gopnik. Any dispute can be resolved diplomatically, even if this is difficult. When they say to you, "Ah, there's a Che?" - it's hard to understand what is at stake. It's equally difficult to behave with restraint when behind your back yelling: "Why the hell are you so hairy?"

But even in such situations it is worth choosing those words that will give a chance to avoid such contact, but they will not touch the main opponent, which can lead to sad consequences.

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