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And why do Americans walk in shoes at home?

In Hollywood films, we follow the life of the characters and do not always understand why Americans walk in shoes at home. They are the norm for what we were scolded for as a child, for life fixing in our minds the thought that such behavior is unacceptable. So why they can, but we can not?

Features of mentality

Residents of the United States really do not often wear indoor slippers. Coming from the street in sneakers or shoes, they can lie on them on the bed with their feet. Residents of the post-Soviet space such manners and traditions seem strange. Perhaps this is just another distortion of reality, which often take place on TV screens? It was not there.

Moreover, taking off your shoes at the entrance to the house is a display of bad taste in the Americans' view. It seems that everything turned upside down, if people live on the opposite side of the globe. Room slippers, in their understanding, are antihygienic, because you do not know who put them on before you.

Walking around the house in the same shoes, moccasins, sneakers, sneakers, and even boots that are worn in the street is a common thing. They are lying on the couch, even if those are light colors. Of course, all this affects the state of furniture and carpets. For example, a bright flooring is immediately spoiled in places where it is most trampled. Europeans (Germans, Spaniards, Britons), Australians (it was from these boots that Ugly boots are now fashionable), Latin Americans also often behave in this way. However, in these peoples everything depends on the weather and the way of life adopted in this or that family.

What is the reason?

Answering the question about why Americans walk in shoes at home, it is worth noting that among them there are very few fans of walking. For the movement is mainly used their own cars and taxis. Pedestrians are not so much. Even when their feet touch the ground, a clean street does not so much stain them.

There, the order in the city is very strict. If at us roadways and roads sweep and a maximum splash water, there apply special substances as though wash the floor at home. Therefore, in general, the street is not much dirtier than at home. Going on a visit or in your house, people do not have time to collect dirt during a walk.

Another reason explaining why Americans walk in shoes at home is their love for floor coverings, which are quickly cleaned and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. After a while, they are replaced and recycled. Carpets are laid, as a rule, only in the bedrooms.

Clean yard and street

Watching American films, many residents of high-rise buildings note with envy that there are a lot of private houses in the US. Having a private territory and living there permanently, people care about cleanliness. It's hard to stay in the house all the time and not go out into the yard, but it's extremely inconvenient to change your shoes all the time. If there are few people in the family, it is easier to clean up once more on the site, then the dirt will not get into the dwelling.

Curious as to why Americans walk in shoes at home, we approach the issue from the point of view of our own realities, where the purity of the streets is monitored, let us say, in a rather mediocre manner. In the US, it's all a bit different.

The state pays much attention to this issue. In addition, citizens have a sense of patriotism, a desire to follow family traditions and foundations. They understand that for this land they will have to walk to them and their children, so there is no point in littering. To themselves they will do worse. So care about the environment here is carried out on a voluntary basis.

High level of culture

The streets are clean, neat and always cleaned. Many have heard about the fact that American dogs are walking with a spatula and a sachet to remove the fruits of their life after their pet. At us such natural fertilizer you meet at every step: lawns, a grass and platforms. For some reason, the Americans do not fall from the head with a crown and they avoid pollution without any problems.

If our person often complains that around is dirty, US residents understand that it is purer than anything where they do not litter. Such habits should be inoculated from the youthful nails. In the framework of our mentality it is extremely difficult to reverse the established patterns of behavior. If you say to a Russian citizen that he is cleaning up his dog, the answer is most likely: "Why should I, if others do not?". But it's just that you need to start with yourself. A clean American can also afford to walk around the house in street shoes.

Another reason is that busy businessmen, who are quite numerous, do not have time to clean the house and delegate these powers to hired housekeepers. So they do not really think about purity.


An important role is played by a warm climate. In Russia in winter, snow, dirt and chemicals, which sprinkled the street in addition. Even in transport it is difficult to keep the shoes clean. Often it not only gets dirty from below. It is likely to come from above. Especially it is characteristic for the rush hour, when everyone goes to work or from it.

Due to the lack of high curbs with rain water, dirt flows onto the road, and we safely walk along it. Of course, the house does not feel like carrying it. In the United States, wood chips are used that absorb moisture, and after decomposition it becomes a fertilizer. Residential areas remain clean and dry, so that the same comfortable shoes are worn at home and on the streets.

Features of local roads

If we have roadsides on the same level with the road or higher, in America they are, on the contrary, lower even for a couple of centimeters. So the rain and wind remove the debris from the roadway and passerby parts. To bring the dreg to the house becomes much more difficult, even considering that in some states slush and snow are not weaker than in Russia.

So we can conclude that the Americans have created quite sufficient conditions for street comfortable shoes to replace them with room slippers, although in some families, where it is accepted, they are still used.

Care for the cleanliness of the streets allows you not to worry that from there the garbage gets into the apartment. Conscious attitude of citizens to the order in the streets and state programs to control this issue allowed once again not to think about the possible dirt.

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