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Fury is ... Dragon Night Furies is truth or fiction?

Furia is a word that has many lexical meanings. His history of origin is quite interesting and goes back to the deep past. Who is this and what does dragons have to do with this definition - we find out later in the article.

Etymology of the word

Furia in translation from the Roman language means "furious", "insane." In turn, these words come from the verb furire - "rave".


In the myths of ancient Rome, Fury is the embodiment of revenge, a deity that persecutes a person if he has committed a terrible crime. In ancient Greek mythology, these goddesses (several of them) are called Erinium.

Their power is high, and even the demigods, such as the great Hercules, could not escape their punishment. They are not interested in whether or not a person has committed a crime, he will be punished in any case. Hercules killed his children and nephews, when Hera, hating him with all his might, sent madness to the hero. In this state, blinded by terrible visions, he committed a monstrous act. The Furies did not forgive him, for Hercules had innocent blood on his hands, and pursued wherever he went. Only the redemption of guilt through the performance of famous feats and cleansing from the spilled blood saved the hero from the goddesses of vengeance.

The number of furies in different sources varies from one (from Homer) to nine. In the poems of the later authors there are three erinias. They are the sisters of Alecto, Meger and Tisiphon. According to legend, they were born as a result of the first crime - when Kronos, in the struggle for power, oskopil his father Uranus. Drops of divine blood and turned into furies (erinium). There are other versions of the origin of these deities: they are the daughters of Nyukta (night darkness) and Kronos.

The appearance of the goddesses of revenge is also ambiguous. They were depicted with snakes instead of hair on their heads, with dog-like muzzles and wings, like bats. In many works of ancient authors, they act as hunters armed with whips and with torches in their hands.

The place of their dwelling is indicated in different ways - this is a cave near the Athenian acropolis or the underworld of Aida.

So, according to mythology, the fury is a synonym for the word "erinia", and denotes the goddess of vengeance. The number of them can be different, and they pursue the criminal, torturing him and full of madness.

The second meaning of the word

If you look in the reference books or encyclopedias, you can learn one more interpretation of the word "fury" - this is the designation of a grumpy, angry woman. In this case, the term is used in a figurative sense. Most often it is used in fiction and rarely enough in ordinary speech.

A fantastic cinematic world is the third source of the word "fury"

Connoisseurs of fiction, of course, know such a character as Riddick. He is the hero of several films and computer games. The possessor of exotic appearance - he has supersensitive eyes, allowing to see in complete darkness. Because of this feature, he is forced to wear sunglasses during the day.

As an adult, he learned about his origins. He is the last of the inhabitants of the planet Furies, whose inhabitants were destroyed by a race of necromongers. It happened because of the prophecy, in which it was said that the power of their lord would be overthrown by one of the Furians. To permanently eliminate the threat, the necromongers killed everyone on the planet. How could survive Riddick, it is unknown, but one day the prophecy came true. Now he is possessed by one idea - to find his native planet Furia.

Dragon Night Furies - truth or fiction?

After the release of the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon," which instantly became incredibly popular among both small and adult audiences, interest in these legendary mythical creatures reappeared . Many wondered: "Does the Night Furies really exist?"

To find the answer, let's return to the original source - the cartoon, and consider the character of interest to us carefully. Night Furies are one of the rarest species of dragons living in the world of the young Vikings Vikings. Very smart, has an unusual color - the skin is almost black. The eyes are bright yellow, with a change in shape depending on the mood of the pupils. On the head of the Night Furies, there are eight processes that play the role of ears. With a modest body size has large wings, which allows this kind of dragons to fly unusually fast and deftly maneuver.

Night Furies are an unrivaled master in marking shooting. The main feature of this cleverest creature is the ability to shoot a bunch of blue flame that explodes when it hits the target. It can easily adjust the strength and speed of your fiery breath.

The night Furia is a dragon who prefers to hunt and attack at night, when it is impossible to see against the background of the dark sky. Therefore, it is so called.

On the one hand, I would like to believe in the possibility of the existence of dragons. Probably, everyone would give a lot to see them live. On the other hand, these are extremely dangerous creatures, so let them better remain mythical characters. However, dragons still exist, though not quite in the guise that legends paint us. There are giant Komod dragons (lizards) and flying lizards, which are fitted with leather folds on the sides. They can be straightened into a kind of wings and allow you to plan in the air. In addition to these species, there are many more lizards, very similar to small dragons.


Furia is a word that has an ancient origin, but has not lost its relevance in our days. It passed a long way of development - from the goddesses of vengeance in Roman and Greek mythology to the name of the beloved cartoon character.

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