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Nigmatullin Elbrus: biography and personal life

Elbrus Nigmatullin, whose photo before you, for his life has set many records, including the Guinness record. The name Elbrus suits him, as it seems, most of all. This person is unusually strong, maybe because of this, all his life is drawn to people, especially those who need support. Elbrus, like a rock, solid, large and indestructible, is ready at any moment to every needy to come to the rescue.

Nigmatullin Elbrus: childhood

In the Chelyabinsk small village of Chubary in 1974, on March 30, a Russian hero was born - Elbrus Khamitovich Nigmatullin. His father was also notable for his remarkable strength, he worked in the smithy. Mom was the keeper of the hearth and worked as an animal breeder. In a simple village family, no one could have thought that a little boy would become a world famous strongman.

From the age of twelve Elbrus Nigmatullin began to seriously engage in sports. In a small village, without gyms and gyms, it was quite difficult. But if there is a desire, then the output can be found from any situation. The guy found this way out - he made his gym at home from an improvised material, the blessing that there was always enough iron in the yard of the Nigmatullins. First Elbrus is engaged in basketball, but then realizes that his vocation is wrestling and weightlifting.

The village was too small for a boy who aspired to world knowledge. He used every opportunity for self-development. While studying in primary classes, Elbrus helped the village postman to lay out magazines and newspapers. Of these, he learned a lot of interesting things about sports and sporting achievements, soon he began to dream that he would become better known to the world's strongmen and be able to achieve excellent results in power sports.

Nigmatullin's parents really wanted his son to stay in his native village, but the guy was already unable to keep. In 1991 he graduated from the school in Chelyabinsk and seriously began to work on armwrestling. In 1996, the already mature strong man graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture in the same Chelyabinsk and received the specialty "trainer-teacher of physical education."

Way to glory

If you want to learn how to achieve the impossible, ask Elbrus - he knows exactly how to go to the intended goal, despite the obstacles. Despite the healthy appearance, Nigmatullina was not taken into the army. He was commissioned because of high pressure. Sending the guy home, strict doctors said that his illness was so serious that without proper treatment Elbrus would not live to see his thirtieth birthday.

To say that the guy was upset by this news, it's nothing to say. He really wanted to serve in the army, he was ashamed of his countrymen, as if he did not specifically attend the service. But then Elbrus set himself a great goal and began to go to her, regardless of the disease. The illness recoiled before such a pressure of will power, at 19 years the guy became a master of sports in powerlifting.

The great athlete all his life very much appreciated the opinion of fellow villagers. When he appeared to them with the first master badge, he was just blown away with happiness and pride. At the age of twenty, Elbrus Nigmatullin received the title of the champion of Russia.

Achievements in sport

At the age of 21, Nigmatullin Elbrus recalled his illness only with a slight grin, the strong man was no longer threatened with hypertension, he advanced with leaps and bounds up the ladder of glory, seeking new achievements in sport.

All his victories can not be listed here, but some of them I would like to note:

1. Four-time winner of the title "Russia's Most Strong Man".

2. He was awarded the title of the master of sports of the Russian Federation for powerlifting (1997) and armwrestling (2000).

3. Vice-champion of the world in 2005 in Strongman, paired with M. Koklyaev.

4. The winner of the All-Russian strongman tournament for prizes of the company "Tolstyak" - 2001.

5. Russia's record holder in the trawl bullet (2006): the draft of the riverboat is 186 tons by 10 meters, the linkage of the two buses is 29.4 tons per 10 meters.

Cinema in the life of the strongman

Nigmatullin Elbrus - a personality that could not ignore the cinematographers. Strong was offered to star in the project "Yellow Dragon". Elbrus with pleasure agreed to play in the series the role of master of martial arts. It was not his only work in the cinema, Nigmatullin became known to the audience on the historical documentary film "I was not dead, Bashkirs!", In which he played the national hero Salavat Yulaev.

Elbrus Nigmatullin: biography, personal life

The achievements of Nigmatullin Elbrus are undeniable, his life is worthy of respect and imitation. But how was his destiny outside of sports and social activities? According to the sportsman himself, he had absolutely no time for personal life, but the arrow of Cupid pierced the heart of a man-rock.

In 2013, December 7, Elbrus married the thirty-one-year-old beauty Maria, who after marriage took the glorious name of her husband. The wedding took place in Chelyabinsk, where the family of the world famous athlete now lives. Maria Nigmatullina has a daughter Valeria. When the mother leaves for business trips abroad, to which she needs to go 2 times a year, the girl is engaged in Elbrus. The role of the father is quite suitable for him, now he can pay much more attention to his native people.

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