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"Vomit and Mechet": the meaning of the saying, history and examples of use

When a person is in a strong degree of excitement, and if to speak easier, he is angry as hell and angry, people about him can say: "Petr Petrovich today is not in the spirit, he is tearing and throwing." The meaning of the saying will be discussed today, and also we will consider examples, suggestions and a rather curious story of the occurrence of the phrase.


In the preface we have already revealed the meaning of the expression. And now let's talk more about history. No one, probably, will guess where this expression came from. In the Russian literary language, it penetrated from the dictionary of gamblers. The person who banked, that is, handed over cards, tore up - unpacked a new deck, and metal - handed over. Even a person, far from card games, can imagine the heat that usually prevails at the table. Therefore, we can assume that both operations (printout of the deck and delivery) were very emotional. Therefore, the expression has taken root and firmly associated with the state of ultimate excitement - anger, anger.

It is difficult to say when exactly the expression entered the language, but one can be stated quite accurately: in the 18th century it was already in the poem of P. P. Sumarokov. Expression became popular because the nobility at the end of the 18th century fell in love with gambling. And in the 19th century, the connection with the roots, the environment from which it came, was already lost.

This expression was also used by Saltykov-Shchedrin. This, in turn, speaks about the literary nature of the phrase in question.

This is the meaning of the expression "tears and mews". The meaning of the proverb becomes clearer when we understand its source.

The girl and the furious father

Let us give an example of the use of the phrase in question.

The father says to his daughter:

"You'll come exactly at 10 pm and not a minute later."

- All right, Dad.

But the girl did not keep her word and appeared at 12 noon. On the threshold meets her troubled mother and says:

"Go quickly, father vomits and swears."

The meaning of the proverb does not need an explanation.

Teacher and students who did not do anything all quarter

Everyone knows that at all levels and forms of training (in school, at the institute, at various courses) there are people who manage to stay in the saddle, not doing the tasks or almost not doing homework. For the sake of justice, for example, in school, this is the hardest way to learn, because very much depends on the personality of the teacher and his opinion about the student. In addition, if it is a school, then immediately a child appears, because even high school students are by and large children who depend on their parents not only financially but also morally.

And now imagine a fantastic situation: schoolchildren boycott the teacher and for a quarter did not do any homework at all. Can you imagine the spirit in which the teacher was? The expression "tears and mews" (the meaning of the proverb can not be deciphered, it is time for examples) to characterize the behavior of the teacher as best as possible. Although a true teacher should always behave in the hands.

Modern sense

Each time makes its own sense in well-known expressions, so we considered it did not escape this fate. Some sports commentators use the speech turnover to "tear and mesh" as a characteristic for the athlete's current shape.

It is known that this season Messi did not hold very brightly. No matter how skillful the player may be, they take their own year, especially since it's impossible to shine all the time, even Leo can not do it.

But there was a year when the Argentinean broke, it would seem, the eternal record of Gerd Müller. The German in 1972 scored 85 goals at the opponents' gate, and Leo in 2012 - 91. And this kind of context for the expression in question is completely new, and it makes no sense to search in dictionaries for the meaning of the saying "tears and swears." Make a proposal all the same in this case is not difficult. For example, "Messi in a stunning form, he just tears and swears." Despite the fact that there is no such meaning in dictionaries, the meaning is intuitively clear. If it is necessary to illustrate the traditional meaning of the saying "tears and mews", it is not difficult to make a proposal. It is necessary to be guided by those examples which are given above, and to think by analogy, knowing the basic maintenance of a steady word combination.

The above positive meaning of the saying is not so often heard. Nevertheless, this is a rather curious and noteworthy shift. The most interesting thing is that the "sporting" meaning of the expression, one might say, comes back to the source. After all, it's hard to imagine that the banker, gripped by rage, gave cards. Rather, he did it sharply and masterovito, demonstrating perfect preparation and form. In other words, there are "strange rendezvous" and after many, many years.

If we sum up and answer the question, what is the meaning of the saying "tearing and mushing", then we will have to say that there is no single meaning. The phrase can express both the extreme degree of irritation and anger, and the peak of the athlete's form or the state of high professionalism of a person.

But when dealing with stable phrases you have to be careful. If a person is not too sure that an expression is appropriate in this context, it is better to be safe and not use it or check with the dictionary. If we are talking about a meaning that is not displayed in the dictionary, then it's better to think carefully before flashing with erudition, otherwise it is not even an hour to sit down.

Hopefully, we managed to catch the definition, the meaning of sayings. "Vomits and Mechet" is now a phrase understandable to the reader. Not only classical but also modern meaning of expression is considered.

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