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The most flexible people in the world: who are they?

Get the tips of the fingers of the floor, without bending the knees, it seems quite a simple task. But it's worth trying to do this in reality - and it turns out that the years spent without stretching made themselves felt. And, strictly speaking, few can boast of having excellent plasticity before.

Another thing is those who devoted themselves to gymnastics and yoga. After all, there are such people whose ability to bend can drive into the stupor of any viewer. Those who without any problems throw their legs behind the head and bend back more than 90 °. They are the most flexible people in the world, and about them this story.

Incredible plastic: innate talent or years of training?

Initially, almost all children have good plasticity. This is due to the fact that at a young age their bones have not yet formed, so they are more elastic. The same applies to their tendons and muscles. And yet in most cases, the most flexible people in the world even during this period showed superhuman abilities.

Of course, any talent needs to be developed. Gymnastics or the same circus art does not tolerate dilettantes, and it's not enough just to bend well. To become the best, you need to work hard on yourself, work every day, honing your skills and abilities. This is the only way to ensure that one day, in response to the question: "Who are the most flexible people in the world?" - to hear your own name in response .

In the meantime, consider those who have already won this title. Those whose efforts and efforts have already brought the desired success.

The most flexible person is Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev

If there is a limit to human capabilities, then Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev clearly forgot about it. This person is able to do this with his body, why others have hair standing on end. For example, he can fit into a box measuring 60 x 60 cm, and this despite the fact that his own height is 184 cm!

Mukhtar was born in the city of Izberash, which is in Dagestan. A special talent for him as a child did not notice, and there was no time for it. Almost all of his free time was spent on work - Mukhtar sheep.

After serving in the army Gusengadzhiev gets into an unpleasant situation, because of which he is put in jail. It is there that he begins to study yoga diligently, in the hope that one day she will change his life. In principle, it happened in the future.

Another predilection of Mukhtar was kickboxing. At one of the championships it was noticed by Jean-Claude Van Damme himself. It was he who contributed to his move to Los Angeles, where Gusengadzhiev got the title "The most flexible person on the planet". Now Mukhtar is just over 50 years old, but he does not think to give up the career of a professional acrobat and actor.

Young man-snake from India

It's no secret that the most flexible people in the world live in Asia, as here many practice yoga and martial arts. For example, in India there is a guy named Vijay. Once in his childhood he saw a film with Jackie Chan. The guy was amazed at the ease with which the actor performs tricks on the screen, while not forgetting to smile. And now young Vijay decides to enroll in the lessons of karate, in order to become like his idol.

What was the coach's surprise when he saw the guy's stretch! From that day, they began to diligently develop Vijay's talent, so that he could show himself to the world. And they succeeded. Now the guy can easily climb into the neck of a tennis racket or drink "Coca-Cola", holding the bottle with one foot.

Julia Güntel is the most flexible girl

It should be noted that the most flexible people in the world are not just men. Among them there are girls, for example, such as Julia Güntel. This actress-acrobat was born and grew up in Russia, here she first opened her talent.

At the age of 16, Julia moved with her parents to Leipzig, where she managed to get a job in the circus. Glory quickly came to the girl who took the stage name of Zlata. And yet the circus did not become her life calling.

Having set several records, she decides to change her role and go to a movie, so she allowed it. And soon in the world there are several films with her participation. Now Julia is the owner of the title "The most flexible girl of the planet".

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