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Russian folklore: proverbs about respectful attitude of children to their parents

Proverbs about the respectful attitude of children to their parents is in any culture. Their prevalence indicates the moral priorities of the people - respect for family values. Comparing the age-old wisdom of the family way of life, the role of the father, mother and sons in the family, one can make a full impression of how people lived in Russia when folklore began to gather.

About parents

Most of the statements about the family are based on the idea of respect for parents, honoring and realizing the importance of their role in life:

  • He who honors his parents never dies.
  • You can buy everything, but you can not buy your parents.
  • Father and mother are two sacred words.

Other proverbs about children and parents emphasize the unconditional love of the father and mother for their children:

  • Maternal affection has neither end nor edge.

This gives the child the opportunity to understand that he is loved regardless of any factors, inspires confidence in himself and his strength:

  • The child is crooked, but the mother and father are marvelous.

The child who has grown up on such sayings will learn from childhood the correct pattern of behavior and relationships between children and their parents. In the future, he himself will treat his offspring with no less love than the one he received in his father's house.

  • At father and mother in the bosom and in the frost is hot.

About mother

Mom is the first word spoken in a baby's life. According to psychologists, until the age of three, the child does not feel himself to be a separate subject, perceiving it as one with his mother.

  • The bird is happy in the spring, and the child is the mother.

In light of this, it is not surprising that proverbs about the respectful attitude of children to their parents include a large number of sayings about mother.

In folklore, the mother appears as the embodiment of tenderness, protection, care and love.

  • With the hand of the mother given, it will benefit.

Russian proverbs and sayings about parents fully reflect the family way of life in Russia:

  • For a mother, a child is under 100 years of age.
  • Native mother can not be replaced by anyone.

Proverbs about father

Father in folklore is an authoritative figure. For the son, he acts as an example for imitation, for the daughter - a reliable defense.

  • What kind of father, such and well done.

The patriarchal model of relationships in the family is emphasized by the veneration of the father.

  • Ahead of the father in the hell do not climb!

The formation of folklore, to which, of course, proverbs relate respectful attitude of children to parents, is based on the mapping of the real picture.

  • Who has not been a father, does not know the prices to his father.

In Russia, the man was in the full sense of the word the head of the family, on it lay all the basic hardships and troubles. Therefore, sayings emphasize the need not only to love your father, but also to be a reliable help, support, help.

  • Who pities his father, he also prepares a good portion for the children.

Obviously, more proverbs about the father are focused on sons than on daughters, because it is for them that the father should become an example for imitation.

  • A good son's father's order does not break his back.

Saying of education

The process of raising children is hard work, and proverbs about children and parents emphasize this. In some of them it is said about the need for the formation of personality, polishing character and moral qualities. In others, the futility of educational measures is confirmed because of the uniqueness of children. Compare this with the following proverbs about parents and family:

  • Mother and father are caring, and children are not working.
  • A stupid son and father of the mind will not sew.

In contrast, they sound the following sayings.

  • Not the father who gave birth, but the one who fed, fed, the mind and reason taught.

Such a contradiction is very characteristic of folklore, because its goal is not to form a single image of the culture of a people of a certain epoch, but to emphasize the entire versatility of judgments, opinions, and situations.

  • That the parents flies off the tongue, the child jumps to the tongue.

For one person, the lines about the impossibility to inculcate the mind, the strength of character, decency even through upbringing will seem more correct. The other, on the contrary, will like proverbs that emphasize the need for parental influence, demonstrating on a personal example correct behavior, attitudes toward work, leisure, study.

  • Mother and father are industrious, then the children are not lazy.
  • Whom in the childhood you will bring up, on that and in an old age you will prop up.

Thus, proverbs about the respectful attitude of children to their parents - a huge layer of folk culture. All the mentioned sayings are still relevant, which once again emphasizes the purpose of folklore - to convey through time the truth.

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