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Spanish defender Bartra Mark

Bartra Mark is a Spanish football player now playing for the German Borussia from Dortmund. He turned 25, but spent most of his career in Barcelona, where he waited his chance to gain a foothold. Bartra Mark plays in the position of the central defender, but can also act as a right-back.

Period in Barcelona

Bartra Mark was born on January 15, 1991 in Spain, where at the age of ten he got into the football academy of the club Espanyol. However, his talent was so great and impressive that a year later he moved to the academy of one of the strongest clubs in the world, the Catalan "Barcelona". There he spent seven years, after which he signed a professional contract with the club.

However, in the "Barcelona" for him so far there was no place, so Bartra Mark played mainly for the second team. In total, in the double for Barcelona, he played 81 games, scoring two goals. But in the main team, he periodically received calls. During these three years he played eight matches, after which he was completely transferred to the main team, although he remained practically all the time in reserve.

For four years, Bartra played 95 games for Barcelona, scoring five goals. Together with the club, he won five championships in Spain, three Spanish Cups and two Champions League. However, in the summer of 2016 it became clear that Bartre did not shine in his own club - this was clearly indicated by the purchase of the young French talent Umtiti. Therefore, for eight million euros, he was sold to the German "Borussia" from Dotmund.

Going to Borussia

This is how cardinally decided to change the situation Bartra Mark - "Barcelona" was an impossible dream, so he decided to go downgrade. In "Borussia" he was taken as a substitute for Matsu Hummels, who returned to the Munich "Bavaria". In the current season, Bartra has already played 12 new matches for the new club, which scored one goal and gave two assists, so while he copes with his tasks quite properly.

National team appearances

In the Spanish national team, Bartra debuted in 2013, when he was only 22 years old. However, as in the "Barcelona", the national team did not have a place for a prospective defender. Therefore, since Mark played only 12 matches. He was called to a much larger number of games, but almost all of them remained on the bench during the entire playing time. Bartra even went to the European Championship in 2016, but all four matches also sat on the bench, never getting a chance to prove himself.

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