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Monument "Katyusha" in the cities of Russia

Katyusha, whose monument can be seen in many cities, is the unofficial name of the bezvolovye systems of field-based artillery BM-13, which made a significant contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. There are several versions of the appearance of such a name. The first one is connected with the popularity of the song Matusovski and Blanter about the girl Katyusha. The second version says that the name came from the polygoners who called the BM-13 installation "Dokuikovskaya automatic thermal", abbreviated CAT. From this it is not far to Katyusha.

Monuments installation can be found in many cities. In some it was made, in others the Katyusha helped win the battle with the fascists.

In the Rostov region

Monument "Katyusha" in the Rostov region is on the farm Dudukalove. Established in 1991 in honor of mortar men, who released him in 1943 from the Nazis.

On the pedestal a three-meter model of artillery equipment was installed, which was used in 1943. The monument is made of gypsum concrete and metal.

In the Chelyabinsk region

In the Chelyabinsk region, the monument "Katyusha" was built in 1975. Few then knew that this legendary artillery installation was produced in Chelyabinsk during the Great Patriotic War. Its production was classified. Ready-made cars were sent at night.

The idea of installing the monument to the Katyusha belongs to the honorary member of the city of Chelyabinsk, the architect Yevgeny Aleksandrov. Funds for the monument were collected by plant workers, conducting subbotniks. And on the anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the Victory over the fascists "Katyusha" appeared at the Palace of Culture of the plant of road cars.

Alexandrov not only proposed the idea of creating a monument, but also embodied it. Together with the deserved artist of the RSFSR Vitaly Zaikov, a rocket launcher with shells was recreated. This required a special construction of the pedestal.

In Volgograd

The monument to the missile system in the Volgograd region is located at the road Volgograd-Elista. Katyusha played a big role in the Battle of Stalingrad (the former name of Volgograd). The initiators of the erection of the monument were Ogureev and Gorbunov, who served in the division in the village of Tsatsa.

The decision to install the monument was taken at the veterans' meeting in 1977 and timed to the 32nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The pedestal is equipped with a real combat vehicle, which was restored at the motor plant. And from it to the place of installation, the Katyusha drove its own way. The car to the pedestal was accompanied by the participants of the Battle of Stalingrad.

The monument "Katyusha" is annually a point of gathering of meetings of memory, the Watch of memory and the All-Russia motor rally.

In the Smolensk region

The architect of the monument was AA Vasilieva. It was installed in the Rudyansky district of the Smolensk region in 1968. It was here that the second salvo of this formidable weapon was produced. Then only the question of mass production of the Katyusha installation was solved.

The monument was restored in 2000. Since the installation, the metal has rusted. For restoration, the monument was transported to the company ZAO "Avtoservis". During the procedure, almost a tragedy occurred. When working with projectiles, one of them was smoking. But no one was hurt. The workers stopped all work and called the Ministry for Emergency Situations. After the visit, the specialists neutralized sixteen shells. In fact, there were no combat charges in the installation, but a little explosive remained. Which, however, would be enough for a serious incident.

Monument "Katyusha" on the Road of Life

Memorial "Katyusha" is included in the "Green Belt of Glory" in St. Petersburg. It was erected near the village of Kornevo in 1966. In this place from 1941 to 1943 there were anti-aircraft units that covered the Road of Life.

The architects of the memorial were L. V. Chuklevich, P. I. Melnikov, A. D. Levenkov. Engineers - L. V. Izyurov, G. P. Ivanov.

The artillery installation memorial consists of five steel beams. Their length is 14 meters. Beams are installed on a concrete base at a slight angle. The memorial represents five steel beams in length of 14 meters.

In Penza

Monument "Katyusha" in Penza is installed on the corner of Bauman and Sverdlov streets, near the factory "Pezmash". The monument was opened in November 1982.

During the Great Patriotic War, a machine-building enterprise was set up on the territory of a former biscuit factory.

Initially, the monument was located near the museum of local lore, but after it decided to transfer to the plant "Penzmash", because it was here that the artillery installations of Katyusha were made.

In Krasnodar

The monument to the Katyusha in Krasnodar was established at the time of perestroika. In 1985, the artillery installation was restored and installed in one of the districts of the city. The pedestal on which the car stands is four meters high. Monument "Katyusha" is located at the intersection of Rostov highway and the Russian street. The monument was erected in honor of the artillerymen who defended the Kuban from the Nazis.

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