How affectionately is it to call a beloved girl, so that she would like it?

As you know, all women and girls, unlike men, "love ears." Men are quite beautiful appearance of the lady. Express the feelings that overwhelm you, all the tenderness and love for a loved one, but with just one magic word - the task is not simple. Especially if you come from all over the world Seriousness to this issue. Also you want to think up something especial and madly pleasant. The most beautiful words for a beloved should be the best for your chosen one. Sometimes, it's not so easy to come up with! Many young people in love spend days thinking about how to affectionately call their beloved . To help solve this problem, we are happy to give you a few ideas, and most importantly - we will caution against the most common mistakes.

Suns and bunnies, and with them fish and seals - the most unsuccessful affectionate nicknames for the only and beloved. These standard-faceless "names" have become rather shabby. And today they cause the young lady not very pleasant thoughts. At best, a woman will count these words as the echo of previous relationships. After all, calling a beloved hare, a guy not only will not get a gentle look in response, but, most likely, will immediately be under some suspicion.

How affectionately is it to call a beloved girl to make her happy? One of the good opportunities is to "grab" that image that lies on the surface. For example, if your woman is a tall brunette with an independent character, call her a panther. If you go crazy with the shock of her hair, you can call her a lion cub. The red-haired beauty is unequivocally supposed to hear the nickname Lisichka (Foksik - as an option). It is not necessary to stint on suffixes of diminutive-caressing type, it's just charming.

However, there are associations that keep better with yourself. For example, if you are satisfied with the delicious forms of your girl, do not call her Kolobok or Pyshechko. The lady will necessarily take these words incorrectly.

Very beautiful words to a beloved girl can be derived from her name. This option is considered the easiest and most effective way to express your feelings. For example, the name of Olya can turn into a deer, Alla - in a scarlet little flower, Lena - in the beloved Alyonushka, the name Angelina - in a tender Angel.

How affectionately is it to call a beloved girl so that she feels truly loved? Try to choose the most affectionate epithets from the list that we have prepared for you. We are sure that some of this is sure to please both her and you:

- my unsurpassed queen;

- Princess of my dreams;

- the queen of my hot heart.

Be sure, this treatment is sure to please any lady. No less impressive are the "fairy-tale characters and magical" names: Goddess, Fairy, Sorceress, Little Mermaid, Sorceress, Sorceress. The main thing - do not get carried away. Nickname Witch is another opera.

We hope that the question of how to affectionately call your beloved is fully covered. Now you know what it is necessary to say to your chosen one, and how to make her happy!

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