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Some tips on how to make French fries

Crispy French fries are especially popular with children. This mouth-watering side dish is popular in many fast-food restaurants, but due to the increased amount of oil and salt, the benefits of it are questionable. It is quite another matter - homemade French fries in the deep fryer.

This is a much safer option for the body, which can be offered to the child. You just need to learn how to make French fries at home.

Choose a potato

First of all, you need to choose the right products. The recipe for cooking French fries involves the use of a special form of tubers. They should be long and even, with a high content of starch. Try to pick up potatoes of approximately the same size. Selected tubers should be thoroughly washed, peeled and cut into strips. Blanch them in hot water, dry with paper towels and proceed to frying. There is another option of how to make French fries. Just buy a ready-made frozen straw. Slices will be the same size and shape and cook them quickly and conveniently. The main thing is to choose a quality product.

Cooking potatoes in the oven

If you are looking for a way to make the french fries as safe as possible, try cooking it in the oven. Preheat the oven to two hundred and twenty degrees, place the potato straw on the baking sheet in a thin layer. If you put it thick, the potatoes are not fried properly. Send the baking tray to the oven and fry the fries for about seven minutes, then flip it all over with a spatula and wait for the same amount. A useful version of crispy potatoes is ready to serve. Pick her delicious sauces and enjoy the whole family.

How to make potatoes in a frying pan

If there is no oven, the frying pan is suitable for cooking. Dip the potato slices in a small amount of warm vegetable oil and fry, spreading one layer and turning regularly. Do not cover the frying pan with a lid to make the dish crunchy. Now you know how to make potatoes and in a frying pan. Of course, this method is a little more labor intensive, but the efforts will be justified when you try their result.

How to make deep-fried potatoes

Finally, the easiest and most obvious way is to fry in the deep fryer. The cooking will take a couple of minutes. The only secret is to load the basket only half, so that the potatoes are fried evenly.

Shake the potato a little at the end of cooking to remove excess oil and serve it to the table. This method is not as useful as the others, but it turns out very tasty. How to make French fries from a deep fryer is not as greasy? To get rid of excess oil, try to shift the finished dish to paper napkins. They will absorb excess fat and make the calories of fries a little lower. In addition, do not make large portions, you can simply serve crispy potatoes as an appetizing side dish. In combination with vegetables and low-fat fries, it will not be a bad dish at all, and the taste of potatoes can be enjoyed without any remorse.

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