How to calm the girl?

It is said that women's tears are the most powerful weapon, especially if the "enemy" is a man. A strong half of humanity is ready for anything, only to not hear sobbing, sobbing and not to see how the eyes of the girl rolling tears. And all because of the fact that men are lost, fall into a stupor and stand aside "like a statue" at the sight of female tears. However, they want that man or not, but sometimes in life there are situations that can upset even the most sedate and calm girl. So, she starts to cry. What can I do to calm the girl down?

First of all, do not panic, do not get nervous, show the lady that her problem is not indifferent to you, hug her, touch her shoulder, kiss. Tell her how much she means to you, shower her with compliments, and then, when the girl's emotions subside, ask her to tell in detail about the cause of the tears. Be sure to listen to the interlocutor to the end, without interrupting and sympathetically nodding during a conversation. Believe me, she will appreciate this and understand that her life, her interests and problems interest you. Maybe she just thought that you began to give her less time, because you do not feel the same feelings for her, in this case you need to try to prove the opposite, suggesting, for example, to go to the store together, and then cook dinner. Then your loved one will not feel so alone.

How to calm a girl, if the cause of tears is poor health or illness? This will require your support and care. With a common cold, prepare a tea with raspberries, go to the pharmacy for medications, and along the way buy an interesting film that you can watch together. Only when choosing choose your taste preferences. If a girl loves comedies - it's just wonderful, because scientists have proved that laughter not only prolongs life, but, as is known, increases immunity and helps fight various diseases. If the health problem is serious, show your beloved that you believe in her strength, convince her that she can overcome all difficulties. This can be done with the help of playing moments, competitions, where it can and must win. Whether it's a "sea battle" or "monopoly", or maybe a competition for the speed of inflating balloons.

How to reassure a girl if her tears are caused by the passing away of a close relative? Here just do not need a lot of words and do not even try to cheer it, otherwise you can run into a fit of rage. Help in this situation can only your patience, participation and time.

If the girl has problems at work, promise her that you will always support your loved one and help her in resolving the issues that have arisen. To raise a girl's mood, it is enough to be at least a little romantic, a noble knight of the present. Order by phone a bouquet of flowers and intrigue her with a mention of the prepared surprise. Prepare her coffee with sandwiches or sweets, and put a romantic note or flower on the saucer. It is necessary to include imagination and you can find a large number of ways how to calm the girl and give her a good mood.

It happens that the tears on the cheeks of your beloved arise at the time of your quarrel with her. And no matter how confident you are, remember, in any conflict, both are always to blame. Do not try to "win", because in this way you will only aggravate the situation. For a moment, step back from what is happening, calm down, do not respond to harsh statements, however difficult it may be. How to reassure a girl, if you feel that the situation is getting out of control? Try to overcome yourself and admit your own wrong, even if inside you are against it. And after you can suggest a walk together, it will help to remove the irritation and tension of your beloved.

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