The candy-bouquet period - how long it lasts

Many dictionaries give a cruel and low-emotional definition of the word "courtship". It is usually noted that all the feats that a man performs in a candy-bouquet period are aimed not only to get the attention of a woman, but to drag her into bed. In addition, the interpretation says that such a process requires a gentleman to please the lady in all her whims.

Theory of courtship

For several millennia, the rules of conduct during this phase have not changed significantly. The active side has always been a man. His goal was to interest and attract a woman. This distribution of positions is due to the fact that the female is responsible for the offspring, therefore, it depends on her choice whether the couple will have healthy and strong children.

The first step has always remained the prerogative of a strong half of humanity. Even today, in the 21st century, only part of Europe and the North American continent have moved away from these stereotypes. There the privilege of the first to choose a satellite is granted to the lady.

Nature - the foundation, which is embedded in the candy-bouquet period. How long it lasts, in theory, depends on the woman. From time immemorial, the goal of the male was to move to mating as quickly as possible and to search for the next "prey", while for the opposite sex it was important to make sure that the potential partner is better than all other cavaliers.

Therefore, it is not necessary to take offense at men for wanting to find more partners. Their natural task is to pair with this object and move on to the next one more quickly. This system is imposed by nature, and primitive people lived by such rules .

Date - the core of the relationship

For many centuries, from polygamy, society has gone over to monogamy. Advanced civilizations increasingly turned to the institution of marriage. However, until 1700, marriage was perceived more as a business contract, and not a logical continuation of a love relationship. Under the crown went by arrangement, and the girl would leave her father's custody and be transferred to the tireless direction of her husband.

About the candy-buketny period the world learned during the emancipation of women. At that time, their rights increased, and the power of parents and companions of life gradually decreased. It was then that the dates that formed the basis of romantic relationships arose today.

The purpose of such meetings at the present time is not to make sure that the satellite will be a successful party for the continuation of the family, and not find a profitable partner in material prosperity, but to make sure that young people approach each other.

Laws and rituals

The candy-buketny period is a kind of stage of courtship, which is inherent in nature in the character of all sentient beings. The theory of flirting is as old as the history of man.

In addition to natural needs, both parties involved in the relationship must obey certain principles. If the process of courtship in fish does not do without so-called dances, and in insects - without singing, then the person has his own rituals.

One of them is to dress up. The next feat, which, apparently, the man is fully prepared only during courtship, is submission. He demonstrates a woman's willingness to fulfill all her whims. That is why the candy-bouquet period is so sweet for ladies and so unbearable for a strong half of humanity. For her part, the lady plays the role of a defenseless and weak being in order to develop a sense of self-confidence among the boyfriend.

First month - honey

Usually the phase of courtship is divided into several stages. Here it is worth noting that the stage of gifts and bouquets in different pairs continues in absolutely different lengths of time.

The first step can be characterized by the word "caution". Young people look closely at each other, keep their emotions under control and try to present themselves as profitable as possible.

How long can the candy-buket period last and whether it will be at all depends entirely on this phase. If a gentleman does not consider it necessary to present his girl with symbolic gifts and attention, and the young lady is not ready to accept material signs of sympathy, then, perhaps, their relationship will either disintegrate or be deprived of elementary romance notes.

If partners are willing to spend time and energy, then their feelings go to the next stage.

Sweetness of the second phase

On average, the first segment lasts from a few weeks to a year maximum. Then the lovers live in a state of constant euphoria. The sense of shame is dulled, but affection arises. The candy-bouquet period reaches its peak. The partners are absolutely open, nevertheless remain interesting and new to each other. This stage provides everything that will cause a smile on the face of a loved one.

The methods that can help at this time include surprises. It is worth noting that this period implies not only a one-way impact. The guys in the shower are not less sentimental than the girls, so they also want attention, gifts and even sweets.

At this stage, the most romantic dates occur , the most emotional suggestions and decisions that change life. In addition to love, there is a friendship in the pair that becomes a pledge of support and trust. This phase can last from an average of one year to three.

Tour of stress

After the summit comes the difficulties of the candy-bouquet period. As in any phenomenon or occupation, the passion begins to subside. Life becomes a routine. The man ceases to perform feats in the name of his lady of heart, because she already belongs to him. The woman, in turn, stops encouraging the partner in continuing to conquer her. From life bright romantic adventures, bouquets of flowers and expensive chocolate disappear. But as gifts more and more commonplace, but such necessary socks, shaving foam, kitchen sets and shower gels. Unpleasant changes lead to stress.

The further fate of the relationship depends on how the partners react to such climate change in the pair. If the turn is very sharp, then the likelihood that young people will not part, is small. And on the contrary, lovers who will gradually move to another stage will stay together.

The art of gift

There are many secrets of how you can continue the candy-bouquet period. How to start a relationship in which there will be a sea of flowers and gifts, psychology will tell.

First and foremost, you need to teach your partner to understand the essence of presents through the prism of bribery and gratitude. That is, the thing that is handed over at the start of the joint path (on the eve of a trip to a restaurant, a kiss or sex), will be perceived as bribery. And the gift after a successful meeting plays the role of a symbol that will say that the partner is satisfied with everything and he is ready to continue communication, to reach a new level. After all, few people will fork out, knowing that the future can not be.

Chain system

Another, no less important, rule is to learn how to accept surprises, no matter how banal they may be. Phrases such as "why should I do this" or "did not have to buy this" make a partner feel their own inferiority.

The last law of the long candy-bouquet period is the theory of the chain. Do not wait for the holiday to make a pleasant loved one. Give things and emotions regardless of the days of the calendar. And, most importantly, run the chain mechanism, that is, answer any gift with a gift.

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